Posted by: tsubaki | June 29, 2007

Yakisoba Policies

I’ve written out a series of policies that Yakisoba will uphold and have created a special forum for it here. All members are expected to read and abide by these rules. The last thing I would want would be conflicts between members due to the lack of understanding of how Yakisoba works, so please use these policies to come to a conclusive direction.

I will be revising these policies for the next week or so, and as soon as we have set them in stone, it will be published on our faction site. During this time, all members feedback on these policies will be greatly appreciated.




  1. well i am atm in a no gvg guild and most of the time when someone pk me or a mate for nothing or to get a boss when they are not the first, its a yakisoba.

    Your policies are realy “nice” and i’m happy to not be in such a faction anymore ^^. killing people you are in war with ok, but other from factions who will never do anything agaisnt you, i dont see the meaning except to want to be the bad guys everone hate 😀 i think you are good for that 😉

  2. lol 😀 . to be nice to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself

    lets just say the one who has the power has the say

    in an….

    online game… LOL….

    dont take it too hard though

  3. Hello Catti,

    I am deeply affected by your comment, and I can assure you that kS-ing was never part of my policy. If you may, please kindly name the person and describe the accident to me, so that I can get to the bottom of this problem and find a solution to it.. However, as to regards to your issues about PK-ing, I have to say that this is a PK server after all and we all have our own share of getting pk-ed without any reasons, or sometimes even the most silliest of reasons.

    I thank you for your feedback, and I also wish to express my deepest apology that you have to experience such a rather unpleasant incident with my members.



  4. Hello Yakis,

    I would like to say how nice it is the way the most of you carry yourselves and represent your faction. Notice I said most, all of the iteractions between myself and Yakisoba members have been good, with the exceptions of a few pks here and there, but that is just the risk you take playing a pk server, and I accept that. But, I would also like to express how disappointed I was with TeamEviL, we were both on the same channel, in the Prison, level 2. I saw him a few times, running around.
    When I was fighting the boss of that level, I believe it was the Jabberwock Captain, I got it all the way down to like 10% hp. Granted KSing exists in every MMO. TeamEviL proceeded to try and pk me and KS the boss, I can’t tank both boss damage and his, so I warped off.

    I pmed him, asking why if I offended him in anyway, he said “No, I always do that”. So I asked why, and he said “I felt KSed, I was hunting the boss for a long time.” Well, that is a kinda messed up reason, but hey, if he just asked me if he could have the boss, I would have gladly given it to him, cause I was there for the exp anyway.

    I hope that this is not the general attitude of your members, as I have had pleasant interactions with them as I previously stated.
    I’m just bringing this to your attention, because I read the post above mine.

    Best Regards,

    P.S. Love the blog, I look at it often, just to see the latest news =).

  5. Dear Fiasco

    I’ve looked into the situation and have spoken to TeamEviL regarding this issue. Apparently this boy here has got the wrong idea when it comes to bosses. I’ve straightened him out, and he shouldn’t be giving any more trouble.



  6. Thanks Tsubaki, I’ve spoken to him regarding some items that he was selling and he was very pleasant.

    Once again, thanks and sorry for any inconveinces

  7. fiasco sounds like tiesto.
    spin spin spin*

    lalala 😀

  8. lol, Fiasco means a complete or humiliating failure, especially of a pretentious undertaking. In ordinary American usage, a “fiasco” is some blundered effort especially indicative of human error or misjudgement.

    Taken from wikipedia =)~

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