Posted by: tsubaki | June 30, 2007

Yakisoba is now Recruiting


Yakisoba is a lvl 51 faction with 71 members, with an active rate of 50 members on at a time. We have a core of dedicated, experienced and very goal driven players and we strive to be the best at everything we do, as well as have fun together as a family.

Most of our players hail from Singapore and Malaysia, but we do have a number of international players. We also organize monthly gatherings in Singapore where members get to meet and talk to each other in real life, fostering a stronger bond with each other in not just the virtual world, but in reality too.

As a result of Yakisoba’s culture, we have produced many titles and achievements under our belts, ranging from bagging the 1st and 2nd prize award at the recent Granado Espada Zouk PVP Competition, to being the first faction to achieve level 51 status and to being the only faction in the whole of GE to conquer 10 colonies.

We have rules and regulations that each members are expected to uphold. Despite being a very competitive faction, we practice a very open policy of sharing and distributing items within the guild. Members help each other grow to become even better players.

And right now, we are opening our doors again to accept a small limited number of players to join us. Players with at least Lvl 84 main characters are welcomed to apply for Yakisoba. Before you decide to choose to join us, take some time and read about us and understand how we work.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Yakisoba member, please leave your application on our forum here. We do not accept requests via PMs.

When your application has been accepted, you will be contacted in game will be recruited into Yakisoba as a Recruit. Recruits do not have special privileges and have no access to the guild’s forum. You will be observed and if we feel that you do not have what it takes, you will be asked to leave.

Once we feel that you are ready, you will be promoted to being a Member and you will share the same rights that every Yakisoba member has.



  1. Do u guys for a 2nd guild for lvling lv50+, and join the main guild once they are lvl80+?

  2. yucky~~~ soba is recuiting ~~~

  3. Yakisoba beside my family name is an invitation for being PK-ed. Pass.

  4. hihi fans.
    lol like to read our faction blog.
    thanks for the support.

  5. hi fat ass..
    we would like to see ur fat picture.
    sure we surport u… be prepare to be dlvled if u join yucky suxba

  6. cheer KenB

  7. This is insanely hilarious.

    Instead of spending your time here trashing the clan, why not spend it on leveling up, then trashing them in the game?

    Its kids like you who make every enjoyable game out there unplayable.

  8.’s because they are too lazy to work their way up to try to fight back

    So what they’ll do is just curse and waste time on dissing other people thinking they’re “far greater mentality” over others

  9. They just love making fun of my nick don’t they ? 😦

  10. excuse me? prepare to be delvled? LOL..

  11. omg. delvling contest.
    i bet 50 bucks on ravana.

  12. I want to join, and here are my account details:
    1. Nick(lol): LianYL
    2. Level: Nil
    3. Knowledge of GE: What is that?

  13. Hi there Hope i can be a part of your growing family..

  14. A Female Player here From Manila Philippines..

  15. oh lots of chixilog *ahem* Angela *ahem*

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