Posted by: tsubaki | July 2, 2007

7th Lvl 100- SEVEN

News just got in. SEVEN just hit the lvl 100 mark.

I think SEVEN’s very very happy, since he’s the 7th member to hit lvl 100. He’s been forcing cara all week long to become the 6th so he can take the 7th spot. No guessing what’s his favorite number is, hahaha. Anyway, let’s congrats to our youngest member (chibi nana!) for hitting lvl 100! You’re an inspiration to everyone (especially those slow levelling old men).

And I think you can stop making that D: face. XD



  1. 15 year old lvl faster than most of us lol grats

  2. D:

  3. D: No la, I going to be 14 only.

  4. hihi seven is my kai chai ( god son in canto)

  5. gratz xD banzai to u

  6. Congratz!!!!! Weeee ur 7th! =P

  7. Congratz!!! ur 7th!!! Weeeee

  8. D:

    SEVEN wa seven!

    Zettai nana daro~

  9. D: LAI PLVL ME. D:

  10. lionheartz when isit ur turn? >

  11. my turn to wad? lol… katze katze… u should check out the previous entries

  12. D: Peanuts is who arh >.

  13. Peanut = Keitaro. D:

  14. D: kei kei

  15. LOL omg u 100 le so sry i forgotten =((

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