Posted by: tsubaki | July 5, 2007

Colony War’s back, but we’re screwed!

IAH just announced that they would be reinstating Colony War again, and the new dates are as followed:

7 July 2007, Saturday, 2000hrs-2200hrs (GMT+8)
8 July 2007, Sunday, 2000hrs-2200hrs (GMT+8)
The colonies will be reset on 9 July 2007, Monday, 1000hrs (GMT+8)

However, we have come to realized that the war clashes with our guild’s BBQ gathering on the 7th of July. This is a major blow to us (another IAH conspiracy! Lol, just kidding) since we won’t be able to attend this upcoming war. Trial or not, we always take our wars seriously.

While I do know that we will lose quite an edge if we start only on the 8th, we will proceed as usual for our BBQ gathering- the place has been booked and much things have been prepared. I will be updating details on the location and pit on our forums soon, so do check it later when I get home from work tonight.

On a side note, do prepare some additional cash. I might be able to draw something out of my sleeves. Cheers.

EDIT: I’ve updated the BBQ thread on the forum with the details on how to get there. Kindly check it out!



  1. It’s a trial war?

  2. BBQ BBQ Waaai~~~~

    Arre..hold up..I’m not in =P

  3. hehe i finally get to see yakisoba not attending a war

  4. I’m sure alot of other factions are delighted that yakis will miss sat’s cw. The lion’s share is up for grabs. It will be interesting what happens on sunday.

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