Posted by: tsubaki | July 5, 2007

Double 100s! RavaNa and Zin

Yakisoba’s Baron King RavaNa and our oldest (but no wisest,lol) member Zin has become the 8th and 9th member to hit level 100. A double whammy for today.

It’s going to be a crazy week since everyone’s already in the 9x region. It’s a matter of time everyone’s going to hit Level 100 too. Anyway, a big congratulation to the both of them. Now it’s time to grind more new characters! Muhahaha.



  1. time to pk~ beware to the low lvls. i wont let u get to my lvls.

  2. Hi, stop pretending to be hype. There’s this thing call IP trace.

  3. The way it speaks doesn’t even sound close to the real RavaNa.

  4. Dear so called RavaNa.HypE:
    I’m not going with the Yakisobas, Neither am I against them, but you, the one who acted as Ravana is really despicably low. If you wanna post a comment on any blog, use ur own ID, unless you really don’t have a name of your own. Afterall, as Tsubaki said, there’s your IP add…
    and I believe that doesnt sounds like Ravana.


  5. zomg why am i getting posed in carnage/dom and even our own blog lol

  6. LOL.

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