Posted by: tsubaki | July 8, 2007

Yakisoba BBQ thanks!

I just want to thank all members who took time and the effort to come down for yesterday’s BBQ gathering. It was a truly enjoyable gathering and not to mention that it was held on a really special date- 070707. While it’s unfortunate that we had to forgo Colony War, I daresay on behalf on everyone that was there that our BBQ owned Colony War so much.

Every gathering we organize, the numbers get larger and the bonds grow stronger. I believe we’re already grown from a mere gaming faction, to a real family of gamers. I really hope everyone enjoyed yourself yesterday, because I sure did. Hopefully as Yakisoba grows, we will be able to draw more people into our very tight knitted family. If our members can travel all the way from Penang down to Singapore just for the BBQ, it really says a lot about us. I hope our malaysian Yakisoba members enjoyed themselves here.

And for those who couldn’t join us, it’s such a bloody waste! Cara brought such a hot girl to the BBQ today and you didn’t get to meet her! HAH. =p

Pictures of our BBQ will be out later when Tohsaka uploads them. I’ve created a thread here, so please post all pictures of the BBQ there. Thank you


  1. a post on how u guys pwn the rest in the colony war is coming right? although u all missed the 1st day, a comeback is sure to happen. xD

  2. dont need to comment bout that .. action speaks louder than words!

  3. lol ok sry ravana if i can i would sure to put that in actions but the prob is im not in yakisboba. =)) so sry if u dont like tt comment.

  4. Sry i never talk. Next time i talk more. SEVEN say i emo liao =(

  5. lyre looks emoish

  6. =(

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