Posted by: tsubaki | July 9, 2007

Yakisoba War Results and Lvl 52 faction status

Yesterday’s war was incredibly challenging. Since we weren’t unable to participate in the trial war on Saturday due to our BBQ gathering, we had start off with nothing and slowly conquer our way up.

Click on the picture for a larger image

And the result? 5 colonies.

I think we have done very well, considering how we had only 40 active members for the war, and zero allies. The Dominion-GoD-Carnage alliance certainly makes things very tricky for us. Nevertheless, it was a great experience for all of us and we certainly had a lot of fun. No hard feelings ya? =D

Inside the Lvl 52 faction mission

After the war, we also decided to try the Lvl 52 faction quest. With just an extra 40% hp boost, we completed the Lvl 52 faction quest in one take by ourselves. It was surprisingly easy- wished we did it earlier.

We blame Grimmway for telling us that it’s a super difficult quest to attempt. It’s his fault! Lol. The next time he tells us that something is difficult, we should take it with a pinch of salt.


Anyway, great job everyone! I’m very proud of each and everyone of you. Yakisoba is growing very well as a family, and I don’t think anyone can find a more bonded faction than us.


  1. hey. i am from Caravaggio. the 1 we met at the tourney. anyway. can i have info abt the lvl 52 quest? cause i am interested in doing it. TheBARON is like a mini Yakisoba at Caravaggio.. ehehe.. issit possible for me to get contact with you? it would be great.

    Thanks in advance

  2. were thelll do u yakis find such active people
    this is really good 40 to 50 at time
    it rreally nice
    i wish our faction had that many active

  3. also i really didnt know GOD-Dominion and CARNAGE were allies
    pretty strong


    please post ur result ahahahahaaa 5 colonies? LOL

  5. Link posted by yoshi is colony wars result for servers:

  6. The sat colony war changed some people’s view of yakis as the ultimate bad guys as the alliance of Dom/GoD/Carn proved too intimidating. The other factions had to make alliance as well. I see people cheering on yakis.

  7. well. it was a good fight. we had 0% hp bonus and we had to fend off carnage, god and dom at the same time. it wasnt easy. At least i believe we proved to the GM something they were afraid would happen. The monopoly of those with max hp bonus. We are still able to fight and take back 5 without any bonuses, with only 40 of us against the 3 allied factions. I dare to say they are one of the top 3 factions in Cervantes.

    Of course 5 colonies may seem little to some, but i guess we’re glad we’re able to take on the allied factions and also some other factions who were there to ks us( using us to fend off the 3 allied factions)

    Good job guys.

  8. theEMPIRE is pretty much dead. I would suggest cancelling your alliance with them. I can’t speak on behalf of the leadership of the theEMPIRE as it pretty much doesn’t exist anymore. I was one of the last active members that jumped ship last week. Hoping one day to be able to join up with you guys. I just need a few more lvls to reach your requirements. Its hard with gaming and having a full time job.

    I really don’t understand the hate for Yakisoba. Jealousy maybe? But all i do know is that i have a deep disdain for Dominion and willing to fight on any side who goes against them as i have a personal “beef” with them.

    Former theEMPIRE member

    Gratz on faction lvl 52


    cara emo isit?

    Also thanks to whoever spawned Sabel in Jezebel Glen. =o

  10. @ Tang

    Some of Yaki (like me) also have full time job.

  11. Gratz on hitting lv 52~

  12. Yay nice one Yaki, way to go! ( fans of yakisoba here D: )

  13. yuckyness 0 alliance, spankutralala is rubbish then, yucky can take carnage beacon because alot other faction declare on carnage as yucky start ,

  14. lol

  15. Sparta vs Persia

  16. yuckysoapbar stop making me being shy as a malaysian first of all..
    always trying to be troll in our blog.

    ya we are weak
    we need help from factions of all cervantes who declared on carnage too.
    we need factions that are not even lvl 50 faction yet
    im sorry we are weak.
    u strong 😀 pls show urself. show me ur “muscles” dont hide behind the name yuckysoapbar… unless u love to play soap… then i nothing to say..

  17. Woo nice comeback Yakis!

    And grats on faction level 52 as well!

  18. Damn yuckysoapbar, you just can’t make me stop laughing at your own stupidity… shit…

    Must… hold… it. Phew.

  19. what i can say i i pee in my pants n yuckysoabar sux… come stand up n show me who u r…

  20. @ RavaNa.HypE

    First of all, stop disgracing my Ken-chan. I bet your throw away your pride by the time you start typing the comment isn’t it? Do you know I personally hate people who doesn’t have pride? To me, they are worst than a piece of shit. No wait, call it chicken shit. If you seriously wanna flame Yakisoba, please show us your name, the true one. And no, I would not say please since your lack of pride had lost my respect for you. Not forgetting one most important thing, type proper English. Your teacher never taught you how or you’re always sleeping like a pig in the class? Like most would had agree, you’re the 2nd option^^~ I hope I won’t see you again, prideless one.


  21. When people have nothing better to do.
    They’ll start to plan something to get socall Attention =\
    No offence, but u do look so neanderthal dude. =x

  22. Lol, Troll.

  23. gratz to melty for starting the fire.


  25. I think we did well =) Bloody fun war, I was forced to spawn a Vlad ;D lmao. cute la i like ^^

  26. Verry well

    ar…. I Come From TGe
    (Thailand Granado espada)

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