Posted by: tsubaki | July 15, 2007

Yakisoba Updates


Lol, I want to thank everyone for your warm wishes. I really appreciate it. Thanks for making my 20th birthday so memorable. Heh, and thank you all for the nice gifts. Now down to the guild related news. Plenty of good news today, and I must say it’s totally awesome, it’s almost like a gift from everyone in Yakisoba to me.


Firstly, our emblem is finally up on the server. Press Alt-T and you will be able to see our hot Yakisoba Fairy of Death. Just in case some of you don’t know how this emblem came about, the stock image was provided by our dear Hera-chan and I photoshopped it to give it the color.

Unfortunately for some reason, the transparent 255 0 255 layer doesn’t seem to work in Granado Esapda and I’ve to use black instead. This has caused some of the details to be lost, which is rather unfortunate, but I’ll fix it in due time (once I’m not grinding, lol).


Click to view a larger version of the map

Next, IAH DID IT AGAIN. They sprung up another “Ad-Hoc Trial Colony War Test” again. I daresay they actually forgot to switch it off. This is the second time already, and this time we were totally not prepared for it. We only were able to recall 24 members for this war, but we did pretty well considering the situation.

I believe some other factions have it worst with their leaders not being online (a lot of people were out watching Harry Potter! Lol) so it was a crippled trial between all the factions. We managed to get 8 colonies with just 2 squads, and I think it’s fantastic job. Well done Yakisoba!


We’ve also been raiding the more big ass bosses in Granado Espada. We can nail a couple of them easily now because of our stockpile of guild raid weapons and equipments. We have over a 100 items worth of 92 equipments and above and members have full access to borrowing these equipments. But unfortunately, we’re still far from being able to raid this bastard here:


Vergo, otherwise more commonly known as Shiyapen. He’s minions are a complete pain in the ass and there are 3 minions that he has that can never be lured away from him. Bastard. We’ll be back as soon as we get better gears for everyone.

Guess that’s about it. Stay strong Yakisoba! BANZAI!



  1. WOah~~! This seems like one heck of a great faction.

    By the way, “YO Tsubaki sempaii!” >.<
    Man, you’ve gotten this popular even on the internet?!

    Seems like you been maintaining this huge faction really well. Now i understand why Keitaro left the the Frisbee team for GE. There wasn’t even bonding with the new comers on the team. If you can’t get get into their little cliques, you’re left to rot and die. Bet Keitaro’s having a great time with the Yakisobians. Awwww~~ *envy envy*

    Cool!~ yeah love the order you’ve brought into the faction. Also, i love the Hierarchy system you implemented. Reminds me of Bleach. XD
    What can i say, one bunch of closely knitted gamers striving for the goal of uberness, while they’re at it they enjoy every moment. It’s like an ideal place for a gamer to grow and still interact with other people. Awww~ so wanna start playing POBT but i’m pounded by the weight of design work.

    To all the Yakis. 🙂
    Though i know none of you guys, i hope that you guys are having a great time . i do hope that everyone’s getting along pretty well with each other. Being so close with everyone might cause tiny frictions, so do settle your personal disputes with the other Yaki member. Don’t wanna see such a good faction in ruins by personal issues. Oh yes, and please be patient with Tsubaki, sometimes he might say some unkind stuff but he’s really a nice guy. Please do take care of him and keitaro-kun.

    To the Flamers or haters,
    Please, if you’re jealous of this faction. Just show them that you can be better by creating a team that can rival their strenght and not by petty remarks or flames. It just shows how shallow you are. Still, it’s only a game afterall, don’t get so worked up by such things, it ain’t worth your time. ^_^

    right, enjoy your game peeps!

  2. lol this isnt a big faction
    and yes
    i’ll take “GOOD” care of kei kei :X ❤

  3. nahaha. well, please do. XD

  4. WHOS IKURU? o.o?

  5. oh, Yo Keitaro-kun! ^_^
    sheesh~ of all people you are the one that should know who i am. I don’t play GE though, at least not right now.

    It starts with a G and ends with a D.

    see ya around

  6. G and a D …


    Hahaha, nevermind traced your ip, you are Gerald.

  7. nyuuuuuu, it’s gaytaro ;s

  8. they never fixed the “Number of Factions” thingy? =.= i wonder why =.=

  9. vergo owes me something~

  10. kei, don’t drop your soap bar D:

  11. Dont worry, i am holding my soap really tightly. =x

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