Posted by: tsubaki | July 16, 2007

Biggest Colony Conquest Achivement

IAH threw yet another surprise Colony War yesterday, something that everyone is starting to get tired about. We’ll get the annoucement for Colony War 30 minutes before the war starts and then have to start mobilizing everyone down for war. This war again, took us by surprise and I had to send a mass sms to all Yakisoba members to inform about the war. It’s practically like reservist call up and all members were summoned back from the real world back into Granado Espada.

We already had 8 colonies from the previous war, so we could choose to either defend, or expand. No guess to which path we chose. Presenting the Map of Cervantes:


17 Colonies. Could have been 19 Colonies if we didn’t lose Deserted Quay to Cloudnine’s Orb breakers and ran out of time at Old Port of Combria’s orb. OC’s orb was down to 2%, it was such a waste. But still, we had a lot of fun and we were really testing our limits, to see how far we can go.


It’s really awesome to see Yakisoba plastered almost all over the map and it certainly was thrilling for me. On top of that, it was my birthday and the timing couldn’t get any better. Contrary to what most people think, I did not wish for the entire map to belong to us. I just wanted to see how much we can push ourselves, aggressively attacking and defending at the same time. And it seems like we’re able to juggle them pretty well.

A couple of interesting points during the war- Dominion was surprisingly silent. They were nowhere to be seen, and the only time we established combat with them was at Tetra Hills. GoD and CARNAGE on the other hand, were very aggressive in defending their territory. It was definitely very fun to fight with them, and I would say CARNAGE certainly gave us a run for our money.

Also, I think it’s necessary to clear up the misconception that having 17 colonies do not give us a monstrous amount of HP. There’s a cap of 65% MHP, and that’s capped to 10 colonies. So to those people broad-ing that we have like 2142452895% HP boost, stop scaring people.

We’re… not that scary. I think.


  1. WEEEE!!! i was just in time for it… haha… 2 thumbs up for diego/jack/cath team!

  2. No……. thumbs up for overworked, underpaid dual Andres. =/

  3. Wow, 17 colonies~ the force is very strong in your faction~ hope my faction has the same amount of enthusiasm as yours~

    Gratz again for getting so many colonies~ and Happy Birthday~

  4. liar tsubaki he said get me 21 maps u slaves or be punished

  5. Nahahaaa~~ Tsubaki Sempaii crazy as usual! (in a good way) ^_^
    (Hype, actually …..that sounded like what he would say >.<) naha

    i was bored and i decided to drop by again.
    awww shucks, it makes me feel like playing GE. (no no resist the temptation)

    (he is bothered by school so much that he can’t breathe)

  6. gratz we done well in this colony war. more lvl 100 player to come up in our faction n more high lvl player from other faction to be ban. once we do it… we own the server. Yakisoba BANZAI!

  7. it’s ironic that an unknown soul uses our faction name to post in our site… well… the world is full of shit… and it’s just unfortunate that some of them actually found our site.

    i dont despise u… but rather pity u…

  8. Yikes!
    I realize that I’ve been surfing on sacred ground. I’ll stop appearing, cuz i ain’t no Yaki. Though, I’ll be fun if i was inside. Reminds me of a little something back then.

    If i was a Yakisobian. I wanna be a Taichou! XD
    i hope it comes with a BANKAI, hmmm do they even have bankais in GE? πŸ˜›

    right somethings been bothering me.
    The hits on your site is insanely high. >_<
    (and so he does a little research)

    I was reading through Your past entries and comments. I must say, i really enjoyed it. It’s more entertaining than any channel8 drama. XD It’s filled with hatred, grudges, fellowship and some rather comical events.

    I knew that you guys will bound to have some sort of “fan”, but didn’t realize that is was at such a magnitude. πŸ˜› *shocked*
    Poor “fans” don’t be bothered over useless things, carry on with your game. ^_^

    Awww~ i guess, the higher you go, the more people wants you down. Sad~~
    Reminds me of something when i was younger.

    [[You put so much hard work into it. You and your team mates help each other, and everyone struggled to the top with just pure hard work. You didn’t
    like cheating because it ain’t something earned with those two hands of yours. It will not feel like it belonged to you, so cheating was never an option. You struggled so hard to get to the top, but why?
    WHY? why do they hate us?? *sob sob* (kneels down and cries) ( 0_o?! getting emo??)]

    Well, i guess you can’t make the entire world love you. Well…….

    So be it.]

    Alright i’ll disappear because i don’t belong here. I’ve not earned my right to be a yakisobian. Yeap it’s SACRED ground. ^_^

    Yo yakis!! I’ll support you guys all the way!(cuz you guys remind me of something)
    Tsu-sempai Gambatte!!

    -ikuru disappears-

  9. You don’t need to leave Ikuru. We welcome you! Visit us in this site, I bet all of us don’t mind =D *hugs*

  10. gee~~~ that’s real sweet of you. Thanks Hera ! ^_^

  11. Ikuru, you blog troll!!

    Hahahah. =x

  12. kei kei u nurse troll

  13. =/

  14. err… wow
    is ikuru a guy or a girl

  15. Guy…………… who talks like a girl. >.>

  16. Err. Yea. That’s why I was wondering.
    oops. Sorry.

  17. huh? sorry for?

    oh yeah and since when was there a way to speak like a male or a female??
    Please enlighten me on that, Keitaro.

  18. ah well nevermind, don’t bother replying. πŸ˜›
    Got home from school and i’m real exhausted.

    And so you guys must have beliefs that tells you that a guy must speak a certain way and a girl must speak like what i’ve written above?
    Sorry, i just broke your beliefs.
    Oh well, the world such an interesting place and everyone view things differently.

    ah, by the way how’s everyone doing? ^_^

  19. Of course. Male & Female, they’re different afterall. You don’t expect them to be exactly the same right. = =

  20. To me, they are the same. Since I don’t mind at all being with anyone of them.. >.>

  21. @Elfin Well,what you said is true too. =]
    And nope i don’t want them to be the same either, that would be scary. >.<

    @Hera Cool! i like you. Nice and easy going. =}

    Have a nice day, Yakis!

  22. It’s really just the ^_^, >_<, and ~~ that makes him sound female. =x

  23. Hahahahaha.

  24. -_|||

    bahhh, fine so i’ll change my style of writing then.
    erm, but i like those emoticons. gaahhhh~ whatever.

    @Jaslyn Thank you for your feed back. next time we meet i’ll be a full fledge sounding boy. πŸ˜›

    @Peanut I’ll see you later.

  25. Good luck trying not to be a girl anymore. o.O

  26. you tease, Nee-chan. i’ve always been a boy. hmmm, maybe a little boy. >.<

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