Posted by: tsubaki | July 22, 2007

The 22nd, 23rd & 24th 100s – Mois, Crimzama & Isaya

Another chain of level 100s to join the ranking table- Mois (22nd), Crimzama (23rd) and Isaya (24th). Congrats to the 3 of them!

All members, when you have hit level 100, please make sure you inform Tsubaki asap so we can add you to our table of level 100s!


  1. yay my rankin fall on my register number in skool . =)

  2. 24 lv 100s huh.. sounds like claymore !!

  3. Wow, 24 lv 100s~~ impressive achievement. Your faction is really interesting to follow in terms of achievements~

    -> Claymore has 47 areas~ and i don;t think you guys will stop at47~ XP

    Gratz in getting 24 lv 100s~ =)

  4. *WOOT*
    i’ll be looking forward to your further achievements. XD

    @xian Yeap they won’t stop, cuz these Spartanized Yakis can’t be stop.

  5. I went moist for Mois and creamed for Crimz.

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