Posted by: tsubaki | July 23, 2007

Yakisoba Updates

Haven been updating news around the guild for a while, so let’s get the ball rolling again. A couple of news for all Yakisoba members to take note off.

Firstly, I’ve updated our Treaty page with our new alliance with Norgard. xXMiRaClEXx, the leader of Norgard used to be our biggest enemy in the past, but it’s all over now and I’m very proud to say that we will be able to work out a strong alliance between us. All members, please take note of our new ally and do not Baron their members. Should there be any conflict of interest, please inform Tsubaki immediately and we we will discuss with them.

Also, it seems the TheEmpire is no longer active and we will drop them from our list of allies. RakiChanneru, our buddy faction is still regarded as friendlies.

Next up, our guild bank has close to 300 items and each member is now entitled to borrow up to 6 items at a time. Also, each member is limited to only 1 elite weapon or armor at a time. We work on building up item bank so that everyone can get what they need, so please be active in our raid sessions.

Waker, a ForeverVN member was caught de-leveling RavaNa while he was AFK-ing his characters. RavaNa lost 2 levels from level 100 to 98, and…. we’re back in the business of returning favors. It’s been a while since we de-level people. The last time someone tried to mess around with us lost 15 levels in a night.

We’ll try to break this record again. But honestly, we don’t go around de-leveling people unless someone starts first.

And lastly, Yakisoba recruitment is now closed. We have enough members for now. It’s probably going to be a long while before we open up our recruitment again. To our applicants, we thank you for taking time to apply, but we are closed for now.



  1. xXMiRaClEXx is a noob whore who goes around a map to pk all the afkers, and so are the members in his pathetic faction who kills to steal spots. Wonder y he is added as ally.

  2. and who might u be? from the way u post this msg of urs… it doesn’t portray a good image of u neither…

  3. candyman, you’re not giving people a chance at all. How prejudiced.

  4. I slept with xXMiRaClEXx, he was awesome.

  5. lol… DAMN this wordpress site is so interesting =P

  6. And you’re a disgrace of all candies. Shut up now.

  7. bitch delvled my scout 😦 sob sob

  8. do u guys de-lvl people only if we de-lvl ur members
    or would u de-lvl us if we pk ur mmebers

  9. Absolute injustice… the dude that applied 2 days after me got in while the “door” closes on me. Wat an irresponsible leader. Tried to seek an audience by PMing him a couple of times and never got a reply.

  10. xXMiRaClEXx is quiet a good player. I recall him asking me nicely to res his cath in a dungeon once. And he rewarded me… by ksing with his turrets(I was grinding long before he arrived). Good thing i intended to leave anyway : )

  11. @wyldfyer
    i dont pk/de-level… but that’s just me.
    Anyway our guys won’t delevel u if u just pk us… i’m pretty fine if i find myself dead on the ground with -2% exp gone.
    unless of course u try to delevel us =P

    it was never about who applies first man… it’s always about the person who’s applying… so doesn’t matter if u applied on the first day of Pre-OBT or just yesterday…

    if we want u… ur in
    if not… then sorry mate

    i agree with u that miracle’s quite a bitch in the past… didn’t have a good impression of him neither.
    but people change… and we’ve decided to give him a chance =P
    By the way… who r u? i dont recall having a “DG” nick in cerventes server… mind using ur real one? (My apologies if it IS your real in-game nick)

  12. wyldfyer: To be safe, try neither.

    CCB™: Firstly, applying early doesn’t give you an immediate entrance to Yakisoba. We’re not the easiest faction to join. Secondly, I never reply to people with symbols in their names. And with an offensive family name like yours, you’ll never get to see the Yakisoba tag beside your name. Good day.

  13. Ah.. finally an answer.. thats all i need to know =]

  14. cheers =P

  15. lol poor ccb
    maybe it’s his initials!
    chin choo beng
    or smtg

  16. haha. Err. If that’s really his initials…
    No comment. > <
    cara.. Remind yourself never to name you future son that. If you ever have a son.
    Remember! chin char ming!


  17. @Lionheartz
    My server nick is actually Doomguard. Most of frens call me DG for convenience. Oh and I have no hard feelings towards xXMiRaClEXx; i even squad with the chap for a short while. My comments are purely from field observation so it can be interpreted differently.

  18. i see =P
    nice to meet u Doomguard… well just wanted to know what DG stood for =P

  19. Ohh Doomguard ^^~ Aloha~

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