Posted by: tsubaki | July 28, 2007

War of the Factions: Champions

I’m proud to announce that Yakisoba emerged top in Cervantes’s 15 vs 15 War of the Faction event organized by the Philippines Granado Espada CMs.

And the prize that we all won: Angel Wings and 10,000 points for the item mall. Woot!


The following members took part in this event:
01. Tsubaki
02. RavaNa
03. Renji
04. Testarossa
05. Zin
06. Mina
07. Sedai
08. Grimmway
09. Kazel
10. cara
11. Nuub
12. Luciora
13. LoK
14. Lionheartz
15. Valkrice

Also I would like to thank the following 15 members who took time to practice over and over again, as well as the other Yakisoba members who generously allowed the 15 members to practice on them. And cara, for his very well drafted plan for this event.

And what really was cara’s secret?


Love. Seriously, lol.

Oh and on a side note anyone realized the acronom for War of The Factions? WTF. Brilliant way of naming things, CMs!



  1. Hey good to see yakisoba owning the server yet again. I guess you guys must be doing pretty well judging from the website. Hey wat happen to cage the undying.

  2. cage retired :/

    wow i think i can become strategist loh.
    my pvp and gvg tactic all end ppl in 1 minute lol

  3. ❤ cara.

  4. Congrats on winning and look forward to your future endeavors.

    -Tang Family

    Ex-member of theEMPIRE & GoD faction

  5. bunch of FAGs

  6. lol

  7. wad a show off cara try ending me in 1 minute!!! TRY!!!! pfttt 😦

  8. Gratz on the win~ ^^

  9. Congratulations on winning guys! 😀

  10. fags the biggest buch there is
    i am pretty sure they have 27 botters

  11. 27 botters? So few? I thought more Yaki are Manual Human Bot 😛

  12. Well, human bot owns -.-+

  13. im a botter im sorry.
    me and hype bot in compy
    we bot when we pvp ppl and pk
    we bot when we are playing gvg.

    our botting scripts are so real.

  14. Yea, our bot scripts let us hax and get 10 colonies! =.=”

  15. Gratz! Just goes to show this is the faction to beat. Well trained and organised killing machines. I would love to know cara’s draft, can share faction secret? lol.

  16. hehe if u share a secret… how can it be a secret anymore then?
    would KFC tell u their recipe for marinating chicken? =P

  17. Teehehe. Although I have not been to any sortie with cara. I would say his tactic was the same he used with nuub. Gratz cara on a well executed attack plan.

  18. the secret is in……..
    dear michelle
    : O
    just kidding.
    get on with life.

  19. I wonder who the “27 botters” 😀

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