Posted by: tsubaki | July 30, 2007

First Official Colony War Results: Yakisoba 10

Finally, the day of reckoning has arrived. After the numerous number of trial (and suprise) Colony War that IAHgames has thrown at us, the first official Colony War started at 8pm on Sunday. Around 45 Yakisoba members turned up for this war, and despite being heavily outnumbered, we managed to conquer and hold 10 colonies.


For the benefit of some of our members who were unable to turn up for the war, here’s a recount of what happened.

As soon as the war started at 8pm, we took down El Tierra Blanco in a record time of 5 minutes and went on collecting another 4 more maps (Scorching Plateau, Zona Uno, Zona Dos and Ferrucio Junction) before the clock hit 8.30pm. Those maps were met with zero resistance, until we arrived at Lago Celeste, where a huge battle between Dominion occurred. After some initial resistance, Lago fell to us and we proceeded to Rio Aibi.

At this point, it was a battle between defending an onslaught of Dominion and continuing our hell march for more colonies.

We managed to grab El Canon de Diablolica while resisting attacks from Dominion on all our maps. We then attacked Dominion’s control of Tetra Hills together with our ally, Norgard. We lowered the pillar on Tetra Hills to about 50%, and left it to Norgard to take it, but shortly after we left for Topolo Durga, another Dominion controlled colony, Norgard fell to Dominion.

Somewhere at this point Vradical declared war on us and we returned them the favor by conquering one of their colony, Rion Parie. We took an undefended Topolo Durga and went straight for Tetra Hills again. Dominion gathered all her forces there and it was a total blood bath. Vradical then launched and all out attack on our Topolo Durga colony which we succeeded in fending off, while handling the Dominions in Tetra, and yet another zerg rush at Lago Celeste.

Dominion concentrated most of her strength on Lago Celeste and that allowed us to attack and lower the pillar further for Norgard. With 15 minutes left on the clock, Tetra Hills, Dominion’s last colony fell to Norgard. Vradical launched another Topolo attack on us, and Dominion attacked Lago Celeste again. The sheer magnitude of enemies attacking us was amazing. We were clearly outnumbered, but we fended off all attacks again.

The Colony War ended at 10pm and not a single Yakisoba colony fell. It is something we are all very proud about, considering how our biggest rivals have merged under one faction.

All members, I am very very proud of all of you today, today’s victory was certain the biggest and sweetest victory ever. It was the most electrifying and intense war that I have ever experienced, and I’m certainly proud to have all of you here in Yakisoba.

Yakisoba Banzai! Let’s enjoy our week’s worth of colony benefits! =D

Note: This is not a 100% accurate recount, since there were other minor skirmishes not mentioned, but most of the intensive battles that we encountered has been mentioned.


  1. Congrats Yakisoba.. job well done =)

  2. I am sure all the other servers met heavy resistance during this CW as its the first real war. My server had many factions running around conquering colonies. The amount of resistance during the 2nd hour was intense and a lot of wars were declared. Managed to get 10 as well~ XP

    Gratz on getting max bonus for a week~ ^^
    I’ll be waiting to read your CW report next week~ XD

  3. Congrats guys (and girls). All the best for your future CWs.

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