Posted by: tsubaki | July 31, 2007

The 27th, 28th & 29th 100s – Tsubaki, Vinch & Defrance

I apologize for being a little late, for here’s the newest addition to our list of 100s- Tsubaki (27th), Vinch (28th) and Defrance (29th). I’m finally Lvl 100 after such a long time -.-” Work sucks. Also congrats to Vinch, our first girl with a set of Lvl 100 characters. She’s not the first girl to hit Lvl 100 though; that award goes to Salty, but she’s not ranked since only her Catherine is Lvl 100.

Anyway, congrats to all of our new 100s!


  1. this tragedy wont end

  2. Aww…one short for 30 members~~ XD

  3. Lol, everyone must work hard =P

  4. there is an error in the ranking !!!!

    Gratz btw :p

  5. it’s ok
    i know the conspiracy

  6. Conspiracy -.-” Lol..

  7. Jojo: There’s not error, you were late in posting your details on the forum! Lol.

  8. Thank god I get the lucky number 28 xD!

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