Posted by: tsubaki | August 2, 2007

The V2.1.18 patch and other news

As quoted from Hrin’s latest entry:

Woot! The V2.1.18 patch is available for download now! There are two options of downloads for you over here – the full game client of V2.1.18 or the manual patch of V2.1.18. Just a quick reminder though, it has been password protected because the server side V2.1.18 patch has not yet been installed. Any attempts to install the patch to your current client will result in game client corruption and your current Granado Espada client will be unable to run. We will release the password on 16th August 2007, after we patch the servers during server maintenance.

Grab the file over here. Just make sure you don’t patch your client until the 16th of August (2 weeks more), or your client is screwed.

Also, a couple of quick pokes for everyone:

– Please update your levels and progress here as often as you can.

– The pictures thread is dying! We need more pictures of everyone here!

– The Yakisoba internal event is still on-going, you may start submitting your harvested items to Tsubaki and he will log them down and rank you accordingly. Details of the event can be found here.


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