Posted by: tsubaki | August 6, 2007

Colony War Results

And the results are in.

Yakisoba is left with 1 Colony after an extreme exhausting battle. We’re down from our original 10 losing to a vastly superior number of players. It’s certainly a very humbling experience, but it makes the last Colony that we hold, oh so much sweeter than having 10 colonies.


Even more so when you have the 9 factions on your toe, and 44 members to hold the line. For that I applaud all our members for a fantastic job well done.

The last 30 minutes of Colony War sparked the final and most intensive last standing battle at Lago Celeste. It was almost a scene recreated from 300, where the Spartans were zerged by the Persians (though I must admit I wasn’t really into playing the role of King Leonidas, lol). But it was sure as hell fun and not to mention, very laggy.

The war ended with us thawing an all out combined attack from 9 factions to leave our mark on the map, and not forgetting they all have more HP buffs over us.

But anyway, Congrats to the other factions for their victory! This war certainly has strengthen our resolve, and we certainly look forward to next week.


  1. That was a great fight.
    Unfortunatly most computer can t handle that many polygons :/

    I can’t wait next war ! 😀

  2. I dont like all this 300 talk!
    I’m RL Persian! lol 😦

    was fun thou..

  3. Yakisobians, what’s our profession?!

  4. 300 my ass, fucking weaklings

  5. wat do u mean hp buffs
    u guys had 10 colonies
    thats 65% +hp buff
    and u calling ur selves weak
    all memebrs had hp ranging from 6-8k

    but really i never though u guys would go down so easily

  6. well supposedly with so many factoin the last colony should have gone as well XD.

    wyldfyer you go to remember the nearly lost all their buffs in the last round.

  7. wyldfyer: We had 65% hp buff, not 400%. When you’re outnumbered 4-1, there’s only so much you can kill before you get outzerged. Not to mention how certain factions uses a non-faction person to ress their members up.

  8. HAHA. 300. COME ON. You guys were always the persians… now call yerself the 300?! Pitiful… and you almost didnt manage to defend the last colony. 2 more mins and it would have been gone. The colony was left 15% when the CW ended, and we were alrdy freely attacking it. The defense was simple terrible. You guys have always won just cuz u get the highest levels, now that everyone is getting 100, dun dream of getting colonies so easily. The “most powerful faction in the server” my ass!

  9. Yea you guys do need the humbling experience real bad. Getting way too cocky for my taste. =P

  10. Intense battles~~ i wish my server had them too~ last CW was another boring one…

    Although 1 colony, the amount of effort spent to keep it makes it all the more worth it~ Good luck in the next war.

    Declaration of war 200k Vis
    The best Valkyrie 1.6m Vis
    Battling 9 factions to defend a colony PRICELESS~


    **Hope you guys make a great comeback in the next war~

  11. Well, based on the last CW. Everybody wants a piece of the pie that yakis got. A lot of factions wants to erase yakis out of the map. Gratz on defending the last colony.

  12. I feel kinda sorry you folks took on so many factions. But considering this: Surely you guys must have done something wrong (long before this cw) to deserve the wrath of so many factions that are (by records) weaker than Yakisoba. Unless you guys can solve this ‘mystery’, you might soon have to use a scroll bar to view your enemy faction list…

  13. Wow..i love the movie 300. Unfortunately what happened to you yesterday wasn’t
    anything like it. Its really pathetic to proclaim yourselves to be the best in the server, make such a bad name for yourselves with your arrogance and then get pwned at the end of the day. Well i think you guys in yakisoba are too high up in the clouds to have heard of the saying ” Pride comes before a fall”. Fall and fall hard bitches. I hope to see a slaughter of yakisoba members this week and the next and the next. Cheers! Have a nice day. =)

  14. lol..
    zzzz: “HAHA. 300. COME ON. You guys were always the persians… now call yerself the 300?! Pitiful… and you almost didnt manage to defend the last colony. 2 more mins and it would have been gone. The colony was left 15% when the CW ended, and we were alrdy freely attacking it. The defense was simple terrible. You guys have always won just cuz u get the highest levels, now that everyone is getting 100, dun dream of getting colonies so easily. The “most powerful faction in the server” my ass!”

    nice 1 there zzzz lol
    yaki reli too cocky.. u tink ur the faction controlling all others..??
    dream on.. guys..
    ur days r over.. continue being proud of urself sooner or later..
    u get nthing 4 urself … HAHA

  15. btw.. to add on sumthing i rmb.. 1 of the yaki broad.. that vractical
    not going to get any colonies..
    coz yaki pk 1 of their member..
    juz to get rid him frm their spot.. LOL
    in the end ur the 1 getting lesser LOSER.. LOL
    don disgrace urself anymore.. too claim tt u guys r the best..

  16. If your enemy make an poweful alliance,you cant comeback.They will gather,atk or def each other(but i guess they will only attack,).In my server caravaggio,the unquie faction lvl 52,lumaine only have one colony,lol,they were attacked as soon as the war began.

  17. lol hey your faction leader chee bye kia xD
    with a faction leader like that all of you confirm lose clan war

    just leave the faction already ^-^

    good game

  18. Why cant I see name from flamers.
    Non of us claim that we’re the best in Cerventes.
    Why not you guys use IGN to post instead of using lame name to flame and run.
    Not saying you guys are some sort of scady kitty~ But you guys make yourself so lifeless for posting in with a lame name.

    A win come from a lose.
    People run when they lose.
    But, yaki stay when yaki lose.

    Zeny [yakisoba]

  19. and wake up, you all are not the god in this world but some pest in your house that won’t receive sunlight.
    don’t act gay in the singapore server or guai lan with people na bei cb =)

  20. and wake up, you all are not the god in this world but some pest in your house that won’t receive sunlight.
    don’t act gay in the singapore server or guai lan with people na bei cb =)

    and don’t protect your clan leader he like shit in game , shit personality , shit leader

    knn this kind of clan who want 2 join

    think u all got GM support big fuck meh, i also have. I’m the GM of singapore granado espada U all tiny little bugs. Theres a white wall go knock xD

  21. Not to mention how certain factions uses a non-faction person to ress their members up.

    Remember that in war all is fair. Being a great war tactician yourself, you would’ve recognized this as a great tactic. Yakisobans use Golden Spider ambers also, others summon high level spinelles to defend their maps. In war all tactic that’s not a hack/cheat is fine.

  22. don’t look forward in getting more colony in the future, and don’t even think people will join if U recruit, coz someone who betray and ill-treat your own faction members/ex-faction members will not receive support .

    slowly watch your faction collapse and i ensure you what you see in the end is only you yourself playing this game, selfish faction leader

  23. As an observer of the colony wars, I must say it is interesting to see how many factions band together to take down one faction. It adds a new favor to the otherwise stagnant war. Yakisoba’s finally pulled down to the ground.

    But it’s disgusting to read the broadcast from the other factions after the war ended. Instead of showing Yakisoba what real sportmanship is, those that won choose to diss Yakisoba. I am sorry to say this but that’s pure arrogance, and it makes you guys no better than the yakis. Trolling on their website only shows how arrogant the winners are.

    Good luck to the yakis in the next war. A real comeback would certain be entertaining to watch.

  24. You go ask what your guild leader do to his own member, and to other people.
    He’s just second to those japanese suicide bombers in world war 2 in his act

    Yakisoba clan leader’s deeds:
    1.plundering resources and items from faction members who donate willingly
    2.PK anyone in a map just for great fun xD
    3.Interfere and disrupts raids other people/faction is doing
    4.Use bots as sub-account to gain a bit amount of money in game to control the 5.economy, and corrupt GM to let the yakisoba faction
    6.Force enemies of the faction to quit game/else call GM to hack into their accounts or ban them
    7.Any yakisoba who kills someone is considered pro, any yakisoba who get killed is considered injustice and might be revenged by killing everyone related to that person who killed yakisoba.

    8. Whatever yakisoba faction leader says is right, whatever you and I say is wrong.


  25. @Noriaga

    I suppose you don’t see in a real-world war medics fixing up soldiers before enemy lines, no? Yes, ressing is legit, but the means of using it to ress your faction members, while you are not affiliated with any factions so no people can touch you, is not. And to see people exploiting it is plain disgusting, just because it is possible to do that.


    You sure talk a lot when you don’t know Yakisoba’s internal structure. Thanks for making us laugh with your self-thought points.

  26. A win come from a lose.
    People run when they lose.
    But, yaki stay when yaki lose.

    Yaki cant accept defeat duh~~~ that’s all.

  27. @Zeny

    Well it doesn’t really matter what our names are, what are you going to do even if we use our in game names here? Put me on your KOS list? Give me a break. I in turn think that you guys should use lame names, in case you turn up on our KOS list. =) Zeny..tick.


    I seriously do not give a flying fuck nor care what yakisoba’s internal structure is. What ever it may be it can’t counter the wrath of your arrogance from the other factions. And if you are laughing at our self-thoughts, my thoughts are that yakisoba is going to fall and its members KOS by every single faction out there. Laugh at that. =) hehe.

    If Tsubaki and his members wouldn’t so arrogant at the start, i think non of this would have happened and yakisoba would have been a much respected faction. Too Bad.
    Oh another point, Miracle if you are reading this i seriously advice u to reconsider your alliance with yakisoba. Quit being an ass-licker.

    Cheers! Have nice day. =)

  28. Although I am not in Cervantes, I can see that there are many who dislike Yakisoba. However, the amount of arrogance contained in your insulting posts after gang-banging one faction is disgusting. To go against 44 players with 9 factions and then dissing them in their own forum just shows how callow you people are. Sure, everyone is entitled to their own comments, but there must be a fine line between commenting and posting insults. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it~

    Pachelbel – Destroth Faction

  29. but their internal structure is like lan jiao de
    nothing but talk big only, i tio kick out of yakisoba because the guild master ask me donate a lv84 elite leather armor and i don’t have the money to do so,
    and they they accuse me of using 3rd party programs and kick me out
    and even say will report gm
    so they totally like sh1t i tell you

    people like this don’t even deserve this blog, or even deserve to be living.

  30. @Silentweaver – if yakisoba was as nice and humble as u think it might be, then ppl wont be mocking them as much. The reason why everyone is mocking them is the way the faction leader boasts abt his faction as being the “most powerful in server” every turn he gets. Even going so far as to say he is like the “lulu of the server” (i.e. central of all attention). Just read his personal blog and u will find all these stuff. With such a cocky faction leader, u cant blame everyone for being hostile when they finally manage to get a piece of yakisoba. Im not condeming every member of yakisoba but with such a faction leader, all i can say is they got wad they deserve.

    I have also personally encountered some members that pk ppl when they come to grind in the same map, hence my distaste for them. (Yakisobians think they own everything) Note a pk server doesnt mean a no-ethics server. Do some self reflection yakisoba, if u were as humble and frenly as u think u are, this will not have happened. ppl wont be mocking you.

  31. Xian, go fly a kite back at your own server. You know nothing.

  32. I got another friend who accidentally offended a yakisoba member because he didn’t let that yakisoba member KILL-STEAL his mob everytime yakisoba member see him THEY KILL HIM ON-SIGHT

    and at old coimbra port there YAKISOBA MEMBER BOT EVERYDAY WITH SUB ACCOUNTS . EVERYTIME SOMEBODY KILLS A BOT IN OLD COIMBRA yakisoba members will soon ensemble and hunt down the guy who killed their bot OR EVERYONE IN THE MAP

  33. LOL another BULLSHIT article…
    9 againts 1…. another bullshit, excuse statement.U guys also have allies like NORGARD. or u guys not consider NORGARD as an ally? poor NORGARD. after being used to get the colony, they don’t even consider NORGARD as an ally ……..
    Some advice for NORGARD, do not ally with a faction that don’t consider u as an ally 🙂

  34. Oh come on, you werent exactly against 9 factions. most factions are too weak to even touch u. Most just declare war to show their distaste for you. Plus GoD has alrdy disbanded and merged into Dominion. Essentially there are only 3 factions against u, Domi, Carnage and Vradical. And in the last map only 50% of Carnage and Vradical were there. Considering you guys are supposedly the “best” im sure u can fend off a few factions, or so i thought.

    Oh and who was the one that said in the offical forum last week regarding dominion losing the war…i quote – “GoD merged into Dominion, and Dominion’s map control was reduced to zero by Yakisoba by the end of the war.” I guess the tables are turned now.

    My advice? Dun so cocky after u win a war, or one day your enemies will band together to wipe u off the face of the map. And getting more colonies more than the maximum needed for the max hp buff is just being too greedy, and will create widespread discontent.

  35. YOU GUYS DON’T BLOODYHELL stick on to the BOTTING real-money-trading shit in this server or gradually we will hunt you down one by one

    die,yakisoba , die!!

  36. though i no long i no longer in yakisoba or in cervantes, u have my support guys. wish you well next cw


  37. needless to say, tsubaki you reap what you sow someday your guild confirm down.

    and after that you will quit this game , alone

    you never did any good things for us as a guild leader, and you can jolly-well WE RETURN YOU YOUR BAD FAVOR.

    good luck, and don’t choke~

  38. @KrystellaFiasse: Evidence please, that Yakisoba bots. If not your words are worthless. Good luck on finding it though.

  39. Best faction simply means that the faction is better than any other faction, if you compare them one to one.

    It doesn’t give a clear picture in showing how that faction would compare to an alliance consisting of several factions.

  40. Good job on those who dared to go against yaki, the tyrants of cervantes. Its certainly heartwarming to see. And shame on those who bootlicked yaki to become their ally out of fear. The yakis have always been a 1-man island and thought they needed no one and that they alone could rule the world. Change sides while there is still time!

  41. @Jaslyn

    Quote – “Best faction simply means that the faction is better than any other faction, if you compare them one to one.”

    Agreed. However no one asked you guys to constantly claim that you are the “best in server” right? If you are the best ppl can see, no need to keep claiming. A little humilty will go a long way.

  42. Sierra, show me proof of Yakisoba (either as a whole, or the leader, not just one or two members) claiming to be the best.

    Most of the hype about “Yakisoba being the best” was generated by non-yaki members.

  43. Well my first thought, guys cut Yakisoba some slack and don’t go defaming people so carelessly. Although I dislike Yakisoba’s being overly powerful, I wouldn’t go around saying they bot and stuff. You have to give credit where credit is due and I while we declared war and won a colony of Yakisoba it was an intense battle and I have to admit they did pretty well in the first half of the war (They somehow managed to take a colony even while nearly all their colonies were under attack). Not sure what happened during the last half though it seemed you guys we’re getting overpowered.

    That aside Yakisoba is deemed to be a very strong faction, although not the best they come pretty close. This just comes to show that when one major power comes up in a game there will always be opposing forces to cut them down.

    In regards to the 300 movie. Yes Yakisoba, you guys definately are the Persians. The movie goes that Persians overtook the whole continent (Sound familiar ummm 10 COLONIES??*) only having to be defeated in the end by a United Greek country ( Factions banded together and overthrew you guys).

    Once again congratz to all those who won a faction, and good job on keeping your last colony Yaki’s.

    Oh and please don’t go around saying I suckup to Yakisoba’s I just think it’s rude to say all that stuff to a faction, I mean you guys say “that’s what you get for beign cocky” but aren’t you being cocky for saying so?… like i said Im not siding with yaki… just saying what I think is right

  44. you don’t believe? …then maybe you old coimbra there go kill a bot, their members cfm login to kill you back

    I even heard them mentioning about lamers who killed their bots while i was in this guild

  45. I am from Yakisoba, KrystellaFiasse.

    Quit making up slanderous rumors. You’re just bitter because you were kicked out.

  46. @KrystellaFiasse

    Hi, did you realise something? When you replace ‘bot’, with ‘character’, your sentences actually make perfect sense.

    For example, “you don’t believe? …then maybe you old coimbra there go kill a ‘character’, their members cfm login to kill you back”


  47. aww don’t be silly, you guys create bots with random nick and try to pretend to be innocent
    and now everyone’s trying to cover up , well , not like I can give evidence either but I ensure you guys if you all continue to mass-bot in high-level areas like that I would catch those bots and report them. You guys won’t be banned anyway that’s sad but all your bots will definitely be banned .

    Regards TOO.

  48. erm. we are the BEST faction in the server at the moment its true isnt it

    if not name me A faction that is better than us?

    and besides 6-8k hp.. per char? thats like 44 people if u add up the total hp its still lesser than those of 9 factions

    well count 8 since GoD is inactive thats like [ 44 people versus AT LEAST 200 people? ] ( assuming there are at least 25 ppl online per 8 factions *definetly more*)

  49. Thanks a lot, RavaNa…. = =

    @Krystella: Anyone can make up lies. Would you like to make your claim more credible, and post your actual in-game nick? If not, your claims are worthless without evidence.

  50. this is our webpage so it doesnt matter jas 😛 we dont go around shouting the exact words ” WE R THE BEST ” and i think thats all that matters ;P

  51. oops double post * but that statement kinda reminds me of vradical’s broad :p


  52. oh and while im at it i might as well expose what the other factions are doing ; they bypass the 7 days penalty ; leave the faction and ress those in War

    meaning we cannot hit the people who are ressing the enemy

    after war ; they just rejoin their respective faction 🙂

    and after reading allt he comments.. it seems alot of people think we’re invincible ; note * we have never made any claims bout that

    so what the heck is wrong i mean.. i died in war yesterday and i see people going ” ahha ravana u died ” … wtf!! im no god!!

  53. no your not god lol
    and if they said that ” ahha ravana u died ”
    that must only meant one thing “you must have suck.”

  54. Don’t dare reply to me huh, Krystella?

  55. My family name’s Krystella , come find me if you have a problem.

    I can ensure you I’m not afraid of any of the methods all of you might used against me.

  56. So you think I’m scared ? xD

    Wait till you seen my barracks, full of catherines/lord of elementals and it’s too late to spell R.E.G.R.E.T before that you might have already R.I.P

  57. @KrystellaFiasse

    Thanks for being a troll, because clearly we did not have any ‘Krystella’ family before in Yakisoba. Try harder, or maybe, provide us your true IGN if you do have that tiny bit of guts.


  58. Sorry, no such family as Krystella in Cervantes.

    More lies = less credibility

    You give us less and less reason to believe your claims of Yakisoba.

  59. wow, yakisoba members have already reached a stage of “denying the existance of other players”

    well maybe you already got a GM down there waiting to delete my family? hard to say xD

    LOL, the only thing I could do now is to clap for you guys… good jobs!

  60. Hi KrystellaFiasse

    Please do report any botters from Yakisoba ^^

  61. And the impostor of my beloved RavaNa, stop that. ^^ I stay beside him everyday and I know that’s not his typing.

    Yes I mean you IMPOSTER – RavaNa.HypE


  62. Well even if i report botters from yakisoba your dear guild leader has already bribed the GM in cervantes , to release insider’s info. and etc…whatever anything xD
    but ill do my best yakisoba bots gets banned. ty

  63. I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.

    @ Yakisoba members please dont reply to idiots, when people see they will think theres two

  64. wow all you people just plain spamming at our yakisoba blog. i ain’t got much to say. we never said we were the best. maybe others say that because of the level requirements. we don’t just take anyone out there into the faction like some others do. sure, other factions have people who are level 100 as well, so be it. again, we never said that we were the best. but let other people in the server claim for themselves who they think is the best. not you who tell others who is good and who isn’t.

    so you’re not happy with yakisoba taking 10 colonies from before? single-handedly? come on us 1 faction at a time. alliance? 9v1? i think not. we’re fell this time around but we will be back.


  65. walaueh, this topic it hot.

  66. Whoa whoa whoa. I’m still at work and there’s already so many comments.

    Firstly, I like to thank KrystellaFiasse for being such a creative liar. You might want to consider a job in my company, we need creative people. We never had any members by the name of KrystellaFiasse. As of date, Yakisoba has expelled 2 members who had major issues with us- acid and chii. The rest are due to inactivity. So if you’re neither one of them, then I think you’re on the wrong faction here.

    It’s a little hard to address to all the comments here, but I’ll give a general response. Firstly, I thank everyone for taking time to leave their grinding (2x exp!) to read our faction blog and get offended by the little 300 reference I made. I admit it’s a bit of a hindside to paint us as the Spartans, since our strength is comparable to the Persians. But I was just looking it at the numbers of how we were overwhelmed by so many players.

    Regarding accusations of us being arrogant, I must apologize if we have offended you. I must admit we were, only because we worked to achieving our goals. But strangely, whenever we pat ourselves on the back for achieving the impossible, it becomes magnified as an attempt to gloat.

    On a personal level, I’m aware I have snubbed out and offended a few players on the server. Everyone has their days, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up playing the warm and friendly leader. I sincerely apologize for that. I must admit that the 2x exp event has drawn the evil side of myself by Pking people for space, but there’s no excuse for it. I’m fully prepared to be pk-ed back for a space, and that’s how it will work.

    We’ve learnt quite a lot from this war, and we are tweaking out our gameplay and tactics. Since there’s still quite a bit of time before commercial’s colony wipe, I think it’s a fairly good fall for us. Good to make mistakes now before the real stuff.

    I value everyone’s criticisms and feedbacks. There’s still a lot for Yakisoba to grow, and we’re listening. Thank you all.

    Leader of Yakisoba

  67. lol what a dumb article this is so pathetic yakisoba accept your defeat no excuses or whatsoever remeber when 7 faction declare war on CARNAGE come to think of it………..

    and i bet 90% of the time your busy spending time to bribe GM or something
    since the gM in your server is so happy in the first place earning extra pocket money , lol

  69. lol. please, if you dont know shit, dont keep spamming here cause you really look retarded talking about the GMs.

  70. Well I’m just worried about you guys using the term 9vs1. 9 when 1 was inactive and have merged, and 4 were, almost not up to your level yet (They will grow in time, my regards to them). And when you say versus 1(only Yaki), you do know that you are probably intentionally or unintentionally DISMISSING Norgard as an ally right? If I am aware, they were there in the war, fighting those that opposed Yakisoban. Learn how to respect if that’s what you’ll need to stay alive. Discounting an ally who has full-flegedly fought alongside you is a very disgusting and disrespectful thing to do, I hope you all realize that.

    @Ravana (impostor or not)

    No one disagrees about Yakisoba having her high time and being the dominant faction at the moment. But please, don’t turn a blind eye in saying that you or any sobans didn’t boast that you are the best. No one has the time to collage and collect everything that leads to it, but the contempt you guys receive from other factions and even ex-members is evidence enough. Honestly, I haven’t seen any ex-members hate their previous faction so much than former yakisobans. Even in our guild, those who left, left us in friendly accord, on the otherhand, ex-yakisobans usually are angry. You may want to look into that.

    I’m sure you’ll garner alot of sympathy esp. since you are now TEMPORARILY shifted as an underdog. But I assure those clueless about cervantes server, our battle cheers last night were shorter and even calmer, than those that we have witnessed of Yakisoba. It’s also normal for people to develop a hatred for anyone dominant, be them nice, kind, arrogant etc. But I think majority of the contempt doesn’t come from just being dominant alone. Whatever that is, I can’t say it, neither can anyone.

    Anyway, grats to Yakisoba, defending 1 is still a feat. More drama builds excitement, and it’s good it’s happening in Cervantes, where we all belong. 🙂

  71. But in all seriousness, this CW was fun lol.

    I’ve never encounter a situation where my immunity time expired before the map finished loading, another thing off my checklist of ‘Things i havent seen’.

    Looking forward to next week.

  72. Next week the whole yakisoba will get caught for botting *insider’s news*
    Stay Tuned!

  73. good job guys. good job to the yakisoba. you manage to fend out from 10 to 1. with such amazing “over-zergish” 8-9 v 1 situation.

    i must admit your fighting spirit is 120%.

    similar things happened to caravaggio side.

    luminaire with 1 faciton was facing 3 large factions.
    TheCore with 8colonies alreadi
    ReBorn with 7 colonies alreadi
    Symphony with 1 colony

    fightning a small luminaire that holds only 1. wadeva we claim they claim back. simply over powered. anyway still good job.

    i awaits next week much much intense battle, dont lose heart yakis~! GANBATTE!!

  74. lol gan-batte
    more like gun on your head (press trigger here) yakisobanians

  75. Everyone keeps saying 9v1 9v1 9v1. Out of 9, 6 of the factions u probably didn’t even see in the battlefield. Those are either inactive or very small factions. In reality u only did encounter a 3v1. I need not state who were those 3, i think everyone in cervantes knows.

    However i also believe that KrystellaFiasse is a disgruntled ex member of yakisoba and is more interested in creating anger than giving constructive comments. I urge members of yakisoba not to continue on the endless debate with him.

    On a side note, i had intended to continue rebutting ppl defending yakisoba in this page until i read Tsubaki’s post. It is heartwarming to know that Tsubaki finally knows his mistakes and instead of defending himself, has apologised. This is the kind of humility i am talking about. Even faction leaders make mistakes, its better to admit and learn from it that stubbornly defend yourself. In which case yer enemies will just continue to grow. A large portion of my hatred for yakisoba has already melted away.

    I look forward to seeing a brand new yakisoba, and henceforth rest my case.

  76. If you look carefully at the official blog post, there was no usage of the term ‘9vs1’. It simply said that we had 9 factions after our blood, and that we managed to endure the attacks from all 9 factions and held 1 colony.

    Also, due to the merger, while GoD and Dominion members are technically considered as one faction, in reality, it doesn’t change a single thing because it’s the members that make up the faction. The members are still there, the attack strength is still there, the only difference is that now they’re under one roof.

    And while many of the other factions would be less of a threat due to their lower levels, it doesn’t matter when it comes to breaking orbs, seeing how everyone hits 1 damage on it anyway.

    You may argue with the “up against 9 factions” thing to be exagerated, and while it’s true to an extent, it still leaves Yakisoba to fight against a very, very, very large force. Also, Yakisoba isn’t as active anymore. We had less than 2/3rds of our faction members online.

    Regarding Norgard…I must admit that I too, am upset that we failed to include our thanks to Norgad as our allies. Could we please do something about that? I think that it was honourable of those who fight alongside us, despite them being up against impossible odds.

    However, regarding the part about our ex-faction members hating us so much, I’m afraid I’m going to have to argue with you on that point. There is only ONE ex-member here complaining, and besides him, the only other ex-member who’s bitter with us is acid. However, he refuses to give his real family name, so in reality, he’s not a reliable source.

    We do have many other members who have left us, but we’re still on good terms with them. Just to name a few: Yuki, Lockhearte, Takeshi, Sagitis, JaniceWong, Mirage, Catti and Elfin.

    It’s inevitable that some ex-members will no doubt be bitter at us, but they only make up a small fraction of the members who left.

    One thing I’d like to add in. I believe that many people believe that Yakisoba is made up of a bunch of arrogant, elitist people, that treat their fellow members poorly, and only care about gaining items.

    2½ months ago I applied for Yakisoba, not because I wanted to be in a powerful guild, not because I wanted to leech items or levels, but I joined because I needed to join a community in GE, and Yakisoba was the only Singaporean-based faction in Cervantes prior to the POBT launch.

    My main concern at that time was the attitude of the players. I was worried that they would be just a couple of grind-freaks, and not give a damn about their fellow faction-mates. However after just talking to them for several days, many proved to be very loving and caring. If majority of the people here had a bad attitude, there’s no way I would still be in Yakisoba.

    And lastly…Grow up KrystellaFiasse. You’re only making a fool of yourself.

  77. this is wad u get for underestimating others

  78. oh yah tsubaki.

    diu lei lou mou la. fuckhead.

  79. use your brain please.

    even if we didn’t fight some of the “9′” head on you realize we had 10 colonies for them to beat on?

  80. Funny how it seems alright for everyone to flame Yakisoba, but if we flame others we’re considered as arrogant, elitist, jerks, etc.

    Your are all no better. Please do some reflection yourself.

  81. I would like to gently remind all Vradican members who have (or intend) to post on this website to act as civil and honest as possible. We must not throw threats/taunts back at Tsubaki and his members, just because he did so first.
    The Yakisobans are human beings, not a group of high level raid quest bosses; some of them are decent and innocent of any evil actions- do not equate the actions of individuals to a whole organisation (or vice versa).

    Nogard deserves some credit in spilling their blood for you, sir. While their leader is largely hated for being a bully, they fought hard to keep us occupied. And they have the decency to truce us after the war, knowing GE isn’t made for the benefit of a single powerful faction.

  82. Like i said… less defensive… more humility…. the post wasn’t even aimed at Yakisoba, i said “everyone”. which includes comment posters too… zzzz.

  83. lmao at JustSweet aka ex-gunblakes.
    After a few of us got u banned, u came back and trying to act like a girl and bot all over again. fag imo. pathetic kid.
    Small luminaire haha gd one. 3/4 of ur clan (ex-theBarons) bot. and We only got a few banned coz of inefficient gms. Compare urself to yaki that doesnt condone botting. u’re a joke. And now that u’ve combined with EpicSyns gd for u, since epics were anti botters too and told us where some of u were botting. oh well, i guess they switched to the darkside.
    Yes Core n Reborn arnt too small. but those Symphony don’t even look like they hav more than 10 everytime i pass by them.
    Oh well at least their leaders don’t support botting and let everyone bots. Hope u get more respect in life than ingame.
    But i hav to admit. U guys are ‘honourable’ because everytime some other clans do a boss. u ppl come over and start doing everything u can to disturb n stop it.
    Guess ur mom died too early to teach u manners =)

  84. You’re a fine one to speak about someone elses’ manners, seeing how you’re cursing someone else’s parents. Do you know that’s just about the rudest thing you could ever do to a person?

    And no, Yakisoba does not bot. We have not had a single member banned for botting up to today.

  85. Peace =.=V

  86. Jaslyn yes we do know yaki doesnt since CBT.
    The last statement was to return the favor in their own lang.
    U gotta be in cara to see their way of actions.
    Anyway, sry for spaming ur boards. Just agitated to see a fag botting faction comparing themselves to a non-botting one, hence the reply.
    Thats all. Peace out.

  87. nothing else.


  88. WOW, thanks for giving us that much importance !

  89. Honestly Birth, I couldn’t tell whose side you’re on. First it sounds like you’re on Yakisoba’s side, then you say “at least their leaders don’t support botting and let everyone bots”, implying that Yakisoba does bot, followed by the sacarstic remark at the end.

  90. Let’s cut the flaming shall we? War’s over, let’s just look forward to the next CW and see what reveals ^_^

  91. @Jaslyn
    If this is no reference to a 9vs1, I dunno what is.
    “Even more so when you have the 9 factions on your toe, and 44 members to hold the line – Tsubaki”

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter, it’s great to see what Tsubaki has said, and the argument can end there. 🙂

    …. err wrong blog? lol. This is yaki’s blog, don’t go off-topic. 😛

  92. i don’t even know any of you down here
    and actually i dont even play ge , maybe that’s why you can’t find me in your server haha

    I’m off to come out on another imaginery story again , thanks for being my audiences


    (last comment)

    have fun

  93. Woohoo, 92 comments on a single post. Come on, 8 more comments to 3 digits!! My my, if we’re not the most powerful guild in cervantes we most certainly must be the most popular.

  94. it just goes to show that, lies dont account for anything. good riddance, krystella. (:

  95. @Renji

    Your are seriously mixing up “popular” with “unpopular”. Better get your assumptions right lol.

  96. current strongest factions are
    not in order!!
    sad to see GOD is not there anymore
    this war is going to get muchh worse

    also we could have taken ur last colony tsubaki with our combined alliance
    but we failed to do so due a inc number of factions attending colony wars
    defending is getting real hard

  97. wow… the comments are long..

    wow.. hi chii…

    wow.. sorry im inactive nowadays.
    huge crap eh.. lol.. they like so much they actually come here to talk

    doesnt matter win or lose, everyone wins and everyone lose sometimes.

    stop making assumptions.. just do what u can.
    ban yakis. kill yakis. break yakis.
    do it please i beg you.
    kill this mutha farking faction!
    ban our bots!
    we are arrogant!
    come on.

    prove yourself darlings, dont just make assumptions and statements.

    as usual..

  98. Birth (21:02:25) :

    Jaslyn yes we do know yaki doesnt since CBT.
    The last statement was to return the favor in their own lang.
    U gotta be in cara to see their way of actions.

    be in me?

  99. wow. cara and Birth’s dirty lil secret! =x


  100. I hate to join in in this meme that I despise but…

    peace =.=V

    Lets meet on the battlefield next week.

    Promising to be an interesting time.

  101. peace -_^
    there is no peace in cervantes
    its hell

  102. muhahaha
    i love it so much

  103. as far as the war goes…
    someone has to die
    hoping that the war stays forever
    to the 9 factions:
    please dont make any truce

  104. This is quite interesting to read. Especially those who think that Yakisoba needs a humbling experience and think we’re arrogant.
    No words can convince you otherwise. But, wow, I finally see what jealous people thinks. I might not have much of a say in this. But I think many people out there have a wrong perception of Yakisoba.

    And just so people know, I do NOT think Yaki underestimates any other factions. More so, they believe in each others strengths. Also, it ain’t as easy when you’re fighting off several factions and you’re on your own.

    Come to think of it, I know how Tsubaki feels. It’s tiring trying to explain things to kids.

  105. I’m very sad to see so many immature people on Granado. Does spamming rude comments on someone’s website really make you guys seem like good people?

    To people complaining bout how Yakisoba PKs people:
    I want to remind everyone on Cervantes that it is labeled as a PK Mode server. It was your choice from the beginning to sign up for a PK server. If you did not expect to be PKed, why are you on Cervantes? ANYONE can PK you if they wished to do so. Also, when factions are at war, it is bound that they will fight each other on the field. Please don’t complain if you were PKed because you were in a faction that’s at war. I personally do not PK anyone unless it is for self defense if they’re PKing me. When someone does do that, I can’t be angry at them because it is afterall a PK server.

    We indeed saw the factions that warred us on the battlefield. However, Vradical, I believe, had 60 people online at that time. Dominion I am not sure but, if we totally all 8 factions that were there, we were probably at 44 people against 200 at the least. I believe we fought well. This loss is a stepping stone to make us even stronger.

    With that being said, I hope everyone would be more mature and think before they insult another person/faction.

  106. LoL u still said that u only 44…….. still no thanks for norgard?
    btw i u guys can stop KSing boss or killing the ppl that trying to kill boss, u guys won’t have this kind of flame 🙂

  107. poorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr norgard
    no love for them from yaki
    maybe they just a tool for yaki

  108. IMO a PK server allows ppl to show what their character is really like. Note a pk server doesnt mean that it is a server without proper playing eitiquette. Even in a pk server you should not go around pking ppl fer space and claiming the whole map is yours. If you do, its fine, but it shows your arrogance and selfishness to the GE community. In other words, in a pk server your true identity and character is not masked like in a non-pk server. So if you do happen to be criticised for some inconsiderate act, you cant blame the critics. You have the right to pk they have the right to criticise.

    As fer the 44 against 200, it would be accurate if you changed the claim from at least to at most. You will notice many factions did not send anyone to even attack yakis, as most of them do not have even sufficient AR to touch you. Mainly 3 factions were responsible for the onslaught of yakisoba – Domi, Carn and Vrad. Assuming each has an attendance rate of 50+, that makes you up againts about 150+ ppl. In which you have to note many are not as well equipped as yakis or have the capability to do real damage in terms of levels. With yaki’s equipment, i feel you have the capability to take on maybe 100. 150+ probably not, but then again you have your allies too, which somehow or rather you guys always forget to mention. I would not say it is that much of a power imbalance.

  109. Haha now, I see some people trying breaking up Norgard & Yakisoba relationship.

  110. Yakisoba has another record! 🙂

    the longest flame war

    Good or bad its still publicity…

  111. Breaking up….no. Stating the fact… yes. You cant deny they always conveniently take Nogard out of the equation when stating their numbers, but when stating the opponents numbers they will mass all the factions together to give a big figure. Whether its consciously or unconsciously, it goes to prove they give little thought and credit to Nogard. I have heard Nogard has a small but highly levelled pool of players. They will no doubt have made a significant impact on the defense/attack led by yakisoba.

  112. @Lok

    I believe its all bottled up feelings by the general population that has waited until Yakisoba has fallen before having a chance to express themselves. Not all publicity is beneficial to the faction though. Furthermore yakisoba does not need any additional publicity already, almost everyone in sGE would have already heard of the famous or infamous Yakisoba one way or another.

  113. peace to the people of granado espada =)

    ganbatte to the yakisobans =)
    ganbatte to the other factions =)

    have fun and enjoy the game =)

  114. I have no intention nor the care in the world to defend what the general public says/thinks about Yakisoba, when i decided to join i already fully prepared for occasions like this
    I have my own brain i can think/judge for myself, i do not need others filling it for me

    1.Our leader has already apologize to Nogard personally way before these silly comments were said here, and frankly our relations with Nogard is in very good terms therefore you’d need not interfere with other alliance’s problems.

    2.Yakisoba is a strict anti-botting faction, But i don’t see why Yakisoba as a faction need to take full responsibity over each and every member’s decision to bot with another account

    a) how are we to monitor them 24/7?, it is already hard to monitor a member in faction let alone monitor their alternate accounts

    b) any member(s) whom are caught botting/macroing will be kick on the spot IF the evident is sufficient, we have done so in the past and have no plans to change this

    c) I don’t see anyone commenting other factions who had quit e afew banned members after the last major breakdown on botting, we know who and which factions, and yet Yakisoba up to date had 2 members botting, both had been banned from the faction, and yet Yakisoba is brand a botting faction?

    3. Yakisoba won the zouk pvp , we also won the 15 vs 15 gvg recently, can you tell me where we as a faction boasting about this? If anything it is the general publics perceptions
    if you got a problem with it go reason with them

    4. Cervantes is a PK server no matter what reason nor words you put, it is still a PK server
    PK servers are introduced in mmorpg for a reason
    You are allowed to PK anyone you see the need to PK, whether it be, someone pissing you off or fighting for a good spot or even testing your pvp skills
    they are all legit reasons to PK in a “PK server”
    if you believe otherwise you should consider if your in the right server or not

    5. Yakisoba bribing GMs, for what? items? levels? helps? infomations?
    GMs i believe do not have the power to create items, also they are logged if you got evident we bribe GMs feel free to send in a ticket

  115. Quit flaming on them bad or not its all done. u guys arent any better by flaming them.
    And not all yakis are hateful and arrogant there are still some nice peeps in there,
    On this im not helping yakis or wat jus my fair opinion
    instead of saying all this uselss stuff, might as well prepare for the next war

    peace out

  116. @LoK
    You guys won the 15 vs 15? oh my, what kind of equipments are you guys using? talk about fair play.. Obviously you all were using better weapons/armor compared to the other factions.
    And the only reason you guys managed to get those equipment was because you monopolised boss huntings/disturb other factions while they were hunting their boss.ALL these while exploiting your gay 65%hp boost. Trying to own the server huh? Well, EAT shit and die now bitches.

    Talk about being in a PK server, yakisoba is the only faction i know that have members that PK others while they have a 65%hp boost and still get owned. They only dare to gang up 3v1 before they can PK you. And the most pathetic thing is that they think they are good. Stop kidding yourselves. This colony war is a bloody wake up call for all of you. Stop giving the lame “this is a Pk-server” shit excuse again.

    yakisoba will continue to be hammered by the other factions as long as it exist. i suggest you all go organise another BBQ this sunday, so you can have another shit excuse when you get owned again.

    Have a nice day =)

  117. god you guys are disgusting. i believe yaki members have already been raiding way before the mhp that was given in the last war. seriously, do get your facts right before even flaming, cause you look really retarded not knowing what you’re saying.

    once again, its always been mentioned that other factions like dom god and carnage have their own 100s. they have been to raids, so in what ways do they not have eqs as well? i cant believe anyone who can camp at a boss ground for 24/7. so why the big bullshit about “dom-god-carnage-vrad going against yakisoba isnt that big a deal”? you wanna win, do it in a fair fight.

    and btw. people trying to break the ties yakisoba has with norgard, give it up already. the relationship shared is peaceful and mutual.

  118. ok. jus to sae something.

    what exactly are u guys trying to prove?
    and so wat will happen after u guys proved anything?
    does it changed anything after saeing all this things? (Anti-Yakis)
    does it even bother u to argue with people not knowning any facts bout ur guild? ( yakis)

    after all this argument wat what u all come to?
    what is the main things u guys wanna clarify?
    so what after u clarify stuff?
    will u misunderstand/anger/hatred go away jus like this?
    by disliking yakis, will it change anything?
    by scolding tsubaki, does it change anything?
    he apologised. be satisfied.
    if stil not satisfied, go somewhere else vent ur anger.
    stop being a nuisance over here.

    theres jus no point in arguing anymore if nothing is going to be change.

  119. I agree with Neutral 118 (119 now ^^) comments all about nothing? lolz maybe you guys should close the comment box for now.

    About the raids, I haven’t personally been raiding much, but out of the past 10 or so bosses, I would see yaki’s on about 6 occasions. Out of the 6 times, 4 times I was KS’d (and yes I was there first waiting, even had a yaki once ks me midway through killing a boss, and yeh i kno its a pk server n u can do whatever you like, but being one of the top factions shouldn’t u guys have some sort of etiquette??

    On the other hand of the other 2 times out of 6, a yaki just stood by and watched nicely and another time I had a yaki EVEN res me while my scout was down (thanks to those two, kinda forgot ur IGN’s). But well that’s life… All factions have idiots who go around doing stupid things, in the end though that’s life, report it to their leaders. i know if someone from my faction did something and someone pm’d me I’d tell them off and apologize.

    just wanna say a few things to

    delphi – relax girl hahah just ignore the comments, what happened to the pm’s don’t see u talking to me no more =\

    ravanna – yeh I meant to say are one of the strongest if not the strongest, everyone knows this cause you guys have what 30 lv 10x’s now probably all with leet gear…. Damn i want some =[

    stormbringer – hahaha see I told ya to watch ur back during this colony war =P

    aelesia – hahah thanks for the pm, I was only saying what I felt was right ^^

  120. The competition is getting more intense now in Cervantes. Hopefully every faction can contest each other sportingly and healthily. Don’t continue flaming on what is already history. Build on history to create the future.

    To every faction out there,

    “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
    George Eliot

  121. This is pretty off topic but

    CARA! get your ass in game and pass me kuch’s ice brace

  122. thats seriously off topic LOL!

    calli, i’ll msg you soon. sometimes, other people get cocky as well. not just the ‘best’, whoever it may be.

  123. my my…. what a long long e-drama.


    wah…so many comments ah? why meh? jealous? =P

    sigh…i play sGE start from the 1st day. i wish to join Cervantes but, its a PK server. and i know, i cant lvling in peace ^^. and Yakisoba, what a nice, big name in Cervantes. congratz guys.

    9vs1 or 3vs1. its not that easy. sigh…i wish i can transfer my account to Cervantes and join Yakisoba if possible ^^. so sad, after 10+ war, i got 3 times the most boring war. but yeah, 9vs1 or 3vs1, man…thats good. cfm fun.

    quote: “as most of them do not have even sufficient AR to touch you”

    yo yo yo. wake up. if u guys dont have enough AR to hit yakisoba’s members, stay in town. know ur enemy before u try to hit it. dont simpy go attack anyone u see. do so if u r ready to die.

    not much to say, congratzX10000 to yakisoba. im sure u guys gonna seek for revenge in the next week CW.

    T_T gm…transfer my account to Cervantes. hhehhee. if can, ROFL! i wanna join Yakisoba!!!

  124. 300? mi arse, you are the more like the persians. till you stop ur arrogant shit behavior, yaki will soon need a scroll bar for his enemy list. and every1 are getting to 100, you are quickly losing ur advantage 😛

  125. all yakis ham ka chan!

  126. well, i think its too late for u to say sorry.

    u guys will pay for what u have done in the old days and CBT.

    good luck. have fun.

  127. Childish kids…

  128. Sheesh. I agree with Grimmway. Lots of them here.

    o. And it’s never too late to say sorry.

  129. yaki will soon lick the balls of domin, carn, and vrad

  130. Alot of ppl says that Yakis bot, but I don’t believe shit what they say.
    And TRUTHFULLY, Yaki is the strongest faction in cervantes in terms of members/items. Tsubaki, u need not apologize, u did your best for your faction. Look, its now strong and united. Hell, thats 1 hell of a fac u made. Anyway, for some reasons, your member’s arrogance/stupidity made ppl hate u guys….
    And for me? Well, I’m still a lowbie, can’t even hurt u guys no matter how much I tried….good job, good luck…

  131. cut the fcking pk-server excuse

  132. Cut your fcking whining then.

  133. ha! as if ppl will be intimidated by all those insults.

    comon guys, i noe its maintainence now. but do something useful out there instead of trying to spam some crap shit over here.
    ur loads of crap will not affecting anyone here and it really affects ur personal attitude. but who really cares for ur attitude.

    so jus talk bout other stuff here or scram else where. no point if jus insulting like
    oh botter noob faction!
    using excuses for pk server!
    too late to sae sry??
    all yakis ham ka chan!

    huh? u guys seriously think tat wif such comments u gona break off yaki faction jus like this?
    and if u really hate tis faction so much why even bother to read their blog?
    so jus stop all this nonsense and jus do other more meaninful stuff.


  134. “well, i think its too late for u to say sorry.

    u guys will pay for what u have done in the old days and CBT.

    good luck. have fun.”

    That’s okay. I’m sure no one here would want to apologize to you anyway.

  135. Stop the flaming and insults. It’s childish and doesn’t prove anything.
    Want to make a statement, do it in the game. Pk yakisoba members on sight if you dare. i doubt you guys even dare to try it. So quit the insults here, take it to the game.

  136. Side note: My message was directed at Anonymous. I just realized my quotation marks arn’t very prominent.

  137. lmao nvr claim ur self powerful faction..
    GUYS sum prove i get after reading tsubaki blog..

    “I’ve been extremely busy late, juggling a hectic life of running the most power faction in Granado Espada”

    so don say sumthing like we nvr say we r the best.. or sumthing like tt..

    bye bye~~ losers

  138. and to add on they proclaim they r the best in granado espade NOT oni cervertes server..

  139. oh really? what is the website for his blog?


    I’ve been extremely busy late, juggling a hectic life of running the most power faction in Granado Espada, Yakisoba and working part-time at one of Asia top Post Production house. duh~

  141. i think that guy who went to read tsubaki’s blog to get proof really needs something better to do.

    firstly, if u dont like that person, why even bother reading his blog and get agitated by when u see something he doesnt like.

    secondly, its his blog and he can do whatever he wants. PERIOD

    now about the crap about the response to the 300 spartan vs persian issue, again its THEIR blog they can write whatever they want. if u choose to snoop around their blog and again get to see what u dont want to see, its just plain childishness to start flaming about it.

    just in case anyone thinks i am on yakisoba’s side, no i am not. the reason why i’m even taking this time to post this is cuz i really cant stand the insinuating comments by these anti-yakis. most of these insults are not backed up with proof and nobody knows it they’re for real.

  142. Hey, thanks for pimping my anime blog.

    Anyway, in regards to how many of you pointed out that I’ve failed to managed Norgard’s assistance in this war, and how I’m simply using them, thank you.

    I’ve definitely forgotten about mentioning it here, but I’ve done my share of thanking Miracle and his members for defending for our cause. Much of my communication with him lies in PM because he doesn’t read our blog.

    As for my members who’s busy fighting fire with the trolls, just let them be. Especially Jas, Hera, Sarah, Michelle, you girls shouldn’t be getting your nailed tainted. If they’re just here to leave destructive comments, nothing will stop them. I won’t even bother deleting them.

    And I should apply for Google adsense too. Yakisoba’s blog is getting more lucrative, Lol.

  143. tsu i totally agree with you on adsense lol. although my nails arent painted and i really wanna get them metallic blue again next time. =p

    its too many posts to scroll up but whoever said the thing about pking yakisoba members on sight, i’d like to say, dont do it when we afk cause thats the most ‘hum’ thing pkers in a pk server would do. (:

  144. Well, based on the last CW. Everybody wants a piece of the pie that yakis got. A lot of factions wants to erase yakis out of the map.

    well me and our faction doesnt want to wipe out yakisoba completely. we just dont want them to hold all the territories.
    you know after all we are human beigns people can cant stand when others have more its kinda like a rule of nature.

  145. Metallic blue~~ <333

  146. come and go:
    most of these insults are not backed up with proof and nobody knows it they’re for real.

    hey if u not in yaki den shut ur gap ok…
    incase u dono the thing i pointed out is truth..

    anyway ppl hate yaki so much hav their own reason to do so..
    if u r not happy fuk off … don’t come here n say crap i not yaki.. but
    bla bla bla..

    summore pls see the whole slots of comment mostly ppl come to laugh at them.. if they r not tt guai lan in the game..
    no1 will come n kp.. get it fucker…

    for ur information.. i was pked in the game ..becase 1 of the yaki feel like pking on tt certain day n he even admit it tt he kill me for fun..

    if u guys tink pk svr is for pk mah..
    wtf is me unhappy abt..
    wat if ur the 1 to get pk again n again.. for no reason..
    r u going to b happy..
    pls lah..

    be more sensible leh..
    if u guys still can get back at least 5 colonies in the next cw
    i swear i wont come n fuck up things here…

  147. yawnz. still so free to come here.
    sounds like a loser already.

  148. “Especially Jas, Hera, Sarah, Michelle, you girls shouldn’t be getting your nailed tainted.”
    lol. xD Naw, my nails are still very clean & neat. =P
    Ya tsu. Make some money out of the blog. Good idea. =D

    “its THEIR blog they can write whatever they want. if u choose to snoop around their blog and again get to see what u dont want to see, its just plain childishness to start flaming about it.” – come n go
    Though it’s also readers rights to post what they want as comments? lol. It’s the internet anyway. Anything goes, in a way.

    But the annoying thing is they barely know the individuals in the faction and are already judging them.

  149. sigh. just everyone stop flaming. how many comments does the blog have now? 100+++. server is up already, just stop coming here to tag and we’ll see what happens in the next war. stop biting everyone’s heads off.

  150. “Especially Jas, Hera, Sarah, Michelle, you girls shouldn’t be getting your nailed tainted.” -Tsubaki

    Papa, my nails are as clean as ever. =.=v Students are not allowed to paint their nails, even they do, I won’t do it to my precious nails. Ima be quiet and enjoy all the comments here. ^^


  152. It’s amazing how when you have no other insults to throw at tsubaki, that you insult his appearance.

    And I bet you’re the best looking in the world.

  153. Regarding my looks, what else can I say? Sorry that my parents gave birth to me this way? Last I remembered, Granado Espada wasn’t a beauty contest. Wasn’t it about skills?

    Elfin, it’s okay lah. If I was that bad looking, your hot cousin wouldn’t have accepted me in the past =D

  154. er.. I read half the comments, then bloody lazy to read liao. too much crap. who’s Krysella? chii izit?

  155. Yawn yawn~ why all the fame and talks go to tsubaki~ not fair o0o
    LoL, tsu, they’re researching u as if you’re an alien~LAWL~

  156. Probably chii. I don’t think acid’s capable of writing in local slang.

    @Tsu tsu: <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  157. wow… i didn’t know Yakisoba was that hated by ppl…. so much hatred, wonder why ppl take it so seriously…but yeah, I wish you guys luck! and hope I can get a piece of the action soon enough >_> still too low level to do anything since I just started for two weeks and a bit…

    it kinda really reminds me of my days when i used to play RO on a private server, I was pretty much the vice leader / acting leader (the leader rarely gave out any orders or whatnot, so I ended up w/ most of the battle coordinations and instructions) of this guild that was pretty powerful at one time, taking 7 castles for one of the WoE ( =P probably isn’t very impressive, but that was at my guild’s best), and we always won a lot of contests and whatnot, which built up a lot of tension between my guild and the other major guilds. The big difference with my guild and their guild was, my guild lacked numbers and a lot of the veteran players were retiring and leaving, so the other guilds took this time to form a lot of alliances and teamed on my guild. Pretty much crushed us, we were mostly on the defensive, rarely went on the offensive for WoEs and usually left with 2 castles or sometimes 1, went on the kill list of those guilds, so pretty much everytime I went in pvp town, I’d see 10 people ganging w/ asura strike and whatnot on me….. ah sure missed those days =P I retired for almost a year, and the server closed pretty much soon after I retired, and I guess I finally found a replacement for the battlefield that I longed for after I retired, tho I’m still too low level to experience any of the fights yet… (lol a lot of bullcrap that doesn’t really tie in w/ the topic nor anyone would give a damn about! XD)

    not sure if its sorta similar to your colony wars…. just reading this and all the comments sure reminds me of those ro days that I had =P I have a feeling that this tension between these factions won’t go away for awhile, probably end up being vicious cycle of aggression. (ie. people from yakisoba will get targetted + pk-ed whenever sighted, and vise versa, leading to even worse relations)

    I haven’t been around long enough to give any opinions, but I chose to believe Yakisoba is a friendly guild (just a gut feeling from playing a lot of different mmorpg and interacting with people + reading all the comments and whatnot), as for the arrogant thing…no idea, haven’t talked to anybody from the guild yet…ah well, I’m sure you guys will do better for the next colony war! o.o maybe look out for other potential allies/ friendly factions since there’s a lot of new factions going around?? Anywho, best wishes and good luck!

  158. just because a bunch of trolls started to flame yakisoba doesnt mean that the whole server hates them.

    yawnzzz, it’s disgusting to think that trolls are attempting to represent the entire server’s opinion just because they got pked by yakisoba people. GG NOOBS. can’t handle pk, go play somewhere else.

    you guys just won only 1 war and u’re bragging like you been winning a long time.

    all the best yaki. you have my support.

  159. Action speak louder than words. All these defense/trolling, the apologies, do you really mean it? Mean it enough for you to act upon it? Do you believe the truth in what you are saying? This is a game, not real life, people say right when they often go left. Words too tender, are they real? Kind words aren’t the language of guns and daggers. Find shame in deceit, for honor is the sword you carry, the language true men understand.

    Guess this game truly is roleplaying, some needs to play villain, some the good guys.

  160. What are you implying Noriaga.
    Please elaborate what you’re trying to voice out. Or who your message is trying to reach

  161. noriaga are u a preacher?
    u came from indian?
    ok ur english is good but pls dun use such bombastic words here.
    who u expect to understand?

  162. Wow, pretty impressive comments list if i must say so myself.

    I dont see whats the big deal that people get pked by yaki members though. If your gonna cry and hate over a few rounds of getting pked., go play on a non pk server. Dont go all QQ just cause you died.

    About the 9v1, i dont have much to say on that. After all its a personal choice for the leaders to do so and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Accusations regarding bots, hacks and corrupt gm without proof is the same as saying your a millionaire when you prolly know that you cant prove it in anyway what-so-ever. If you have proof that they did anything evil or cheated in anyways, i suggest having some proof of the action before actually saying it out like some idiot who thinks he knows everything about everything.

  163. come on la whn u guys are actually at their stage thn come here talk big. to have an 8v1 yet have 1 colony left is quite a feat alr. Bet most of u out thr cant even survive a 1v1

  164. @ tshitbaki

    Wei wei wei…dont hit below the belt

  165. Barking Dogs Won’t Bite. Agree?

  166. =O

  167. I am going to disband yakisoba due to overwhelming pressure, sorry guys

  168. ehh ask tsu check ip and post here plz, Elfin dont anyhow malign people if you dont have proof, thz
    i wouldnt waste my time flaming you guyz, when you guyz have tonnes of it

    if you galz wanna speak up for you guild, it’s your problems. dont point fingers at others. anyway this my first comment in this blog.
    im not a guy who hold grudges and flame people, i have better stuffs to do then any of you guyz here by flaming each other.

    Anyway tsu, …… this guild blog is tonnes way better then watching 300 and i liked the intense CW. be it winners or losers, fukers or suckers, bastards or bitches, it’s just a damn game

    best wishes,
    have a nice day

  169. hmmm opppz, sorie Elfin …….. xD -> jaslyn

  170. Interesting, the spam eater is starting to work.

  171. ha! to the fake tsubaki.
    are u a plane idiot who thinks tat by doin tat will trick anyone?
    get a life dude!

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