Posted by: tsubaki | August 10, 2007

Putting the correct answers in place.

A stunning 170 (and still growing) comments, flames and whatnots on the previous entry.

Now that everyone has been given their own space to grief, it’s time to put accusations into it’s proper place. Interestingly, according to the IPs logged, the flaming comments come from the same group of people, who are the ones attempting to smear our name and paint a picture of nasty hate.

We’ve stay mumble on these accusations, and it’s time to give our side of the story.

Yakisoba members bots.
It’s a known fact out there that we do not tolerate bottings, and have kicked out members who have done so. We have never lost a single member to those major bot sweeps that the GM had, and that’s a fact. We’re clean on bots. Our human grinders are much more sophisticated against those program bots.

Yakisoba members have a lot of money because they bot multi accounts/buy vis.
Our money comes from selling our items to people. Apparently these people have a lot of money to pay for our items. I wonder who’s the real botters here, when people will just offer 20 million for 1 Lvl 96 pistol. And so, why do we need to buy/bot vis when we have those botters paying for our items?

Yakisoba members got GM connection to ban people who offend them.
If we really do, we would be submitting IPs of these flamers to our “GM friends” to get you banned for harassment.

Yakisoba members delevel those that PK them.
False, totally false. We never delevel people first. It’s only after when a member gets delevelled do we return it in 10 folds. Most of the time, we’ll simply return the delevel back to any member from the faction that started on us first.

Yakisoba members do not share bosses.
This we are guilty of, especially against our rivals. Simply because game rivalry is necessary to spurn competition. Apparently some people cannot take the heat of competition, they expect to have a nice queuing number for bosses. We only share bosses with our allies, including telling them the time of which the bosses spawns.

Yakisoba members have no life, no future, nothing. They are arrogant showoffs in this game.
One thing that we dislike a lot is personal attacks, especially coming from people who don’t even know us. Our members are mostly working individuals, or students in Universities having their long semester break. We’ve organized gatherings and meetups that are large in scale, and we know each other far more well to know that none of us deserve such a label.

Regarding the big shots comment, I think a lot of people have trouble differentiating achievements and arrogance. We work hard to get to where we are, legit even when the server population bot outnumbers normal players. We achieve them, and we display them like trophies in a cabinet. We didn’t win competitions like just like that. We’re all competitive players. By drawing accusations that we are showing off our achievements, it reveals the jealous nature of these flamers.

Yakisoba is going to fall. No colonies anymore for them.
It’s certainly a great fall for us, since it’s our first taste of defeat from our long standing accomplishments. But we’ll recover. The pain that we have all experience has excited our bloodlust. We’re very driven for a comeback shot, and we’ll hope to see it this week’s war. Colony war hasn’t never been more exciting now that lines are drawn and alliances are forged.

Norgard is being used by Yakisoba
This is a very very nasty accusation. Norgard is an official ally that we have sworn with. We’ve helped them achieve their Lvl 52 faction quest, even though we have never agreed to help any other factions with it. Miracle, once a sworn enemy of us, has shown us a side of his that we can trust with and I am willing to put my name down and say that he’s like a brother. He and his members are capable players and both factions have benefit from each other. Likewise, it can be said that Dominion is using its allies to achieve what they can’t do against us in a one on one battle.

Tsubaki is an evil tyrant and he sends RavaNa to pk people.
I think if you ask my members about me, I’m less of a tyrant than believed to be. I’m strict with rules and conduct with my members, but other than that, most of them are free to do whatever they wish. However, some of them may have had very unfavorable conducts against others, and people have drawn conclusions that I was behind those. Regarding the Ravana statement, here’s a newsflash: RavaNa disses me all the time for being too soft with declaring war on people.

Tsubaki is arrogant for telling Vradical he will reduce their colonies to zero.
I admit I said those exact words. However, what led me to saying these words was because a certain Vradical member chose to hit me with personal attacks, insulting everything from my character, to my looks after he was pked by me. It’s certainly wonderful to see how this has triggered such an incredible uproar, but nobody has approached me for the truth. I was definitely very pissed off at the point of time, but that I’ve looked at it, I’ve shrugged it off already. I’ve nothing against Vradical. Oh and I was told by a certain someone that….

Tsubaki will send RavaNa to PK you if you PM him about his players KS/PKing you.
I laughed at this. Really, this is the best joke I’ve heard in my entire life in Granado Espada. Let me assure you, I don’t. And neither will RavaNa bother listening to me on that, hahah. But the underlying fact is that, it’s a PK server. If my member PKs you, you’re entitled to PK him back. We’ll only step in when you decide to hit under the belt and start to delevel people.

In which, I just lost 14 levels to Baobao and Peacebringer yesterday. Do you see my broading about it? Of course not. It’s part of being in a PK server.

Tsubaki sends a massive number of Yakisoba players to gang up and pk one person.
Firstly, get the Baron system facts right. When you are in Baron mode, you’ve susceptible to attacks from everyone, including your faction mates. What is the point of baroning 1 person with so many members? That will only lead to more friendly fire. It’s an incredibly convincing accusation, but when you look at how the Baron system works, it’s a complete slander. It’s a shame there’s still so many people who don’t know how the Baron system works.

And that’s about it. I’m pretty sure there are more doubts about how Yakisoba and myself works, and I’m quite happy to clarify things, but as advised by some people, all comments will be moderated and screened from now on. I’m personally against limiting a person’s freedom of speech, but this freedom has been abused by too many.



  1. Here goes a really really long post =)

    I won’t mince words so please bear with the usage of some crass language while getting my point across. Firstly, I’ll tell you straight up. My opinion of yakisoba used to be that you guys were a bunch of arrogant, presumptious, elitist cocks who had nothing better to do than play GE all day and nurture your e-penis because of how ‘1337’ you were in it.

    But after following the whole chain of events, and with Tsubaki’s post, I’m obliged to take a step back and re-examine you guys once again. First off, Tsubaki. This entry is one of the most gracious, dignified gesture you could have ever made. I truly take off my e-hat in deference to this =) Might I go as far as to say that it was perhaps this post that resulted in the complete 180 of what I used to feel and think about Yakisoba. War is war, but the ability to detach yourself from the whole personal attacking phase, and staying above and beyond the shit-slinging contest that goes on, truly distinguishes you as a good leader.

    2ndly, to the members. I honestly think most of the negative sentiments that were posted out during that 171 whopper of a comment box was due to much of your unnessecary comments. I run an elite clan of gamers (not MMORPG, sadly), and the general consensus is, when an issue such as this blows way out of proportion, and the whole politicking and shit-slinging phase begins, a gag-order should be imposed on the members. Friendly banter and such is always fun to read from the other entries, but when the shit hits the fan, everyone should basically just stay aloof, and leave it to one spokesperson to craft a well-honed reply. (Again, kudos to Tsubaki, the damage-control work with this entry is simply excellent)

    And lastly, the whole ingame attitude thing is awesome, that’s what makes you united, bonded and oh-so-very strong. But the same attitude cannot be brought over into forums and the like. Venting your spleen on forums simply will result in people jeering at you. Showing off on forums simply result in more negative vibes. Take the whole baron/PK item discussion for instance. Its one thing to mildly push your point across that PK servers deserve the items more because of the risk/reward factor. But its another altogether to go out of your way and jeer at people who make the choice of playing in a non-PK server, telling them they don’t deserve it etc. I play in a non-PK server simply because I don’t see the fun in MMORPG PK like you guys do. I enjoy duelling and so, but it simply doesn’t get me my kicks like an FPS game does =) And yes, I’m a semi-professional fragmonkey.

    But I digress, my point was simply: Walk the walk and talk the talk in-game, but humilty outside the game will win you more fans and accolades than your achievements in it ever will.

    Now that’s been said, the post didn’t take that long did it 😉

    Cheers, and Yakisoba, Banzai =)

  2. Well, people sometimes reflect on the leader of major guilds whenever they are disturbed by the guild members. But all in all, its so natural in every game.

    There’s never been 1 game where these type of things dont happen and im glad you took the time to explain everything out properly. Now its up to the flamers to decide if they believe what you say or rather just go off as being an ass.

  3. The following articles are taken from Hera’ blogs (sorry Hera, I need your help)
    Kisuragi from LOL Faction decided to afk at the Prison5 Bridge. Renji found him and baroned 3 of his main characters. I was just beside him, Renji spammed my chat demanding me to resurrect Kisuragi. I didn’t know why Renji turned so kind to resurrect an enemy. After I see Renji’s shining red skull on the head, I changed my mind – Renji is NOT kind. -4th Aug 07

    RavaNa announced that he will pay that guy 10x more. He won’t ran the whole Granado Espada like a mad guy to search for Waker, he got a better idea~ We will search for ANY ForeverVN Faction member to kill until we used 2X00 Resurrective Potion. -23rd Jul 07

    I recall Hrin informing me that intentional deleveling of another player is viewed as harrassment. Submiting ingame evidence(ss or video) via ticket will result in GMs banning the player who commits the act. I personnally prefer that IMC will prevent abuse of this practice (even for reasons perceived as justice) by introducing a ‘Level Locking’ feature in future patches.

    Btw, who’s that Vradical member who threw personal attacks attacks at Tsubaki? I’m sure Cass will put a stop to it if he knew the culprit’s name.

  4. well said tsubaki, i support yaki as a fan always =)

  5. @DG

    Kisuragi incident was an issue that is strictly isolated to how we respond to LOL faction members. I’ll be explaining more about this soon, perhaps tonight when I get back home from work to openly come clean regarding the politics going on.

    Waker was responsible for delevelling RavaNa’s secondary characters. Each of his character lost 2 levels, and thus our choice of returning the favor in 10 folds.

    And yes, I have been advised to submit a ticket and I have done so already. Previously, our revenge delevellings were done because we were not aware that such a rule was considered as harassment.

    The Vradical member I mentioned is Leecher, who apparently have seen my picture and has openly attacked me on personal grounds on broadcast. I’ve spoken to Lanif and told her about this already, if Cass still doesn’t know about this then I guess I’ll just leave it as there.

  6. DG, I think you misunderstand something. =.=; RavaNa wanted to pay him 10x more because he was delvled 2lvls on his scout. Kisuragi himself is one of the bug abuser that happen in the faction. ~>_<~

  7. Oh hi polarbearz. I suppose you are the same polarbearz as the one playing BF competitively.

    How’s it going with your BattleField and stuff? I see that your temper might still be the same as when I was still playing BF2. Lol.

  8. @Tsubaki & Hera
    Omg, Leecher. -.- I hope the younger players out there will learn to follow proper etiquette ingame and at forum/blogs after your comment on the personnal attack issue.
    About the deleveling issue, I can sympathize with your motivation. Your method of dealing with it might need review though: players who suffer for the actions of a culprit might take it for wrong reasons.
    Thanks for your attention and good luck to the next colony war : )

  9. @polarbearz

    I thank you for your critical assessment of our faction. It is certainly very humbling for me to hear that, and I believe my members will benefit from such an assessment.

    Regarding the thread regarding the Baron items, I must admit that I was feeling troll-ish that day (actually, I’ve always been trollish on the forums). I should have come up with a more proper explanations and on the risk that the people on the PK servers take. It’s more than just words. Losing 14 levels on my part meant many days of grinding lost. RavaNa once lost his level 72 LoE after dying with 100,000 baron points. Do keep in mind that back then, LoEs were a precious commodity.

    That is why, many of the PK server players feel that having the Baron items solely for the PK servers would justify the risk that they have taken.

  10. well, i do agree that baron items should be a PK-server exclusive item.

  11. well said tsubaki your such a great leader.

    i didnt know that an intentional deleveling can be viewed as harassment.

  12. Well, we can see that your words carries more sincerity about the things going on now. We are not to judge Yakisoba based on your personal level and lets just see how things goes after the P2P. And just one more thing, actions speak louder than words.

  13. good job tsubaki i hope people will stop flaming on this one were looking forward for the next colony war good luck to us…..

  14. maybe u shld jus entitle to guild ppl to comment to prevent faggots flamming. but tt will also stop fans like me

  15. @ sinistra:

    Yes I am 😉 I’m retired now though, after APAC ’06. Care to share IGNs? (P.S. Yes, the temper is still as bad, Yes, I still troll forums :P)

    @ Tsubaki / Archon.

    Actually, so do I =) The amount of ‘pimp’ factor one should enjoy ingame should be directly co-related to the risk factor involved. No risk, No glory. My aforementioned point was simply the way you put it across =) Anyway, since this sunday’s war’s going to be a very boring one, I’ll be on Cervantes watching the show 😉 Save me a front row seat!

    Like my saying goes: I’ll bring the popcorn, you bring the pwn.

  16. @polarbearz

    Forgotten my BF nick already, but you can find me in GameAxis’s forum with the same name. Of course, I have not been to GA’s forum for a long long time though.

  17. LOL..

    come to say sry..
    for those comments @ the previous post..
    but seriously..
    i nvr make up any story..
    i simply juz stat the things i know..

    anyway goodluck at ur nxt cw..
    n certainly hope u guys get back more colonies..
    if not..sumthing like the previous post will happen

    but.. of coz is not tt easy..coz i will b joinning n.. hopefully
    hav a great fite again..

  18. anyway it quite amazing to actually take the effort..
    to post tis..

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