Posted by: tsubaki | August 11, 2007

The politics of Cervantes

One of my long standing policies to my members is to maintain silence. No smack talk, no complaining or whining on broad, nothing verbal; Yakisoba should work solely on actions, not words. But lately, I believe most of my members are hitting their limits (including myself, sadly). Being constantly barraged by statements that are mostly untrue or unfair in nature, and be forced to be silent about it has finally reared it ugly heads on people, and this has quickly been used by our enemies against us, branding us as the Evil of Cervantes.

Apparently, words seem to have more value in this game, as opposed to actions. And thus, here are my words.

Since I’ve been asked a lot lately about what is going on between Yakisoba and Dominion, I’ll take this opportunity to explain the whole issue, strictly, from our point of view. I think it’s about that we started revealing matters like this to the public on our blog, instead of just posting achievements. And I’ll leave it up to the public to decide on what’s the truth and what isn’t. Do take in consideration that there are no 100% rights or wrongs. Matters like this have always have their goods and bads so intertwined together, it’s become a judgment of who’s the lesser evil.

History regarding the Dominon vs Yakisoba War
This started out a long time ago, even before the launch of the ppOBT. Dominion openly declared to be Yakisoba’s rivals, and have mentioned before that they intend to take us down. Naturally, we responded to their challenge, and regarded them as our very rivals since the beginning. It was an arms race to the top at when everyone started at Level 1. As each faction drew more members, the original healthy competition turned into an all out hate for each other. What I’ve learnt from some people is that the new members are brainwashed to hate Yakisoba. Likewise, it applies for my new generation of members, who have automatically assumed pure hatred for the other party. Since much of these hatred go uncheck, it has unfortunately spiraled the situation to what we see today.

However, this is not the case for myself. I used to have deep respect for Wussking, the former leader of Dominion, for taking us on. I’ve met him before during the Zouk PVP Raid Party, and he left me with a good impression. Now, why used to? It’s because he was caught botting and was banned. If you asked me, I was really disappointed.

On Dominion’s series of abuses.
What we have kept silent for a very long time is how Dominion gets to do illegal (subjective though) things and get away with it. Shortly after Wussking was banned, Lezard replaced him and became the leader of Dominion. It shocked me that day when I saw the Leadership aura floating around Lezard. How is that even possible? You cannot change faction leaders in Granado Espada, unless helped by a higher being, in which, the GMs of Granado Espada did. Now look at those people accusing us of using the GMs and ponder for a moment- whose actually that ones with the power to control the GMs? That, in my opinion, was something the GMs should never agreed to. Remember me jesting a while ago that there GMs are out to control us? This is actually one of those reasons why we feel inclined to believe it.

But instead of wasting time formulating Conspiracy Theories, we’ve stuck to controlling Dominion on our own, by issuing a war against them to allow us, as well as them, to kill on the spot anywhere outside town.

Dominion then discovered another bug, the ability to move members from one faction to another, without the 7 day penalty. That was how GoD members merged together with Dominion shortly after the 15 vs 15 GVG event. And by Colony war the next day, we were faced with an adversary that had the strength of two factions. But we succeeded in leaving them not a single colony for that Colony War.

They continued to abuse that bug, transferring members to a faction called “LOL faction”, where they cannot be warred. Apparently, warring outside town only works for factions that have chosen their political party. And that is why, we have open PKs on them, simply because these people have chosen to play dirty.

On Boss Raids against Dominion
We ride on a belief that factions should fight with each other for bosses. This is extremely exciting part about Granado Espada, to be half attacking bosses and half defending enemies coming to sweep off your raiders. It adds a really heart pumping element to raids, since there’s another major factor to include.

Currently, we’re in a war with Dominion and CARNAGE who have combined their forces against us in raids. Up against two factions with their sets of HP buffs to boot, we’re doing respectably well during our playing hours, but carnally dominated (lol, pun intended) when it’s during unearthly hours. Kudos to our Western timezone Yakisoba members for giving a good fight, even though it’s painfully difficult to kill big bosses with just 5-6 players, and at the same time handle our enemies.

On the last Colony War
My post on the last war was not detailed and had a lot of loopholes, which were quickly blown into obscene proportions. But you have to understand, I was recovering from a very shocking defeat. Now the real blade through the heart was not the defeat, but the aftermath of the war- The disgusting personal attacks and insults on broadcast. And I will tell you the honest truth- my members were all deeply affected by it. Our female members were crying, some of our members were on the verge of quitting, I was unable to concentrate during work the entire Monday. The morale of the faction hit an all low, and we were struggling with just 20 members online. Yes, in case you’ve forgotten, despite being the so called “hardcore grinders”, we’re still real people with real feelings.

But we’re recovered. And now that I’m back to normal sanity, allow me to tell what really happened during that war. Seeing as how NineMoons has wondered what really happened (Sorry for not replying to your PM the other day, I was just too distressed to reply), here’s my assessment of the war.

For the first hour, we were constantly attacked by Dominion and its allies. We successfully fended all attacks with just 44 players, but at the cost of our Colony Pillars slowly depreciating in health. And soon it gave way, and we were suddenly left without our HP buffs. We lead an all out attack in the later half on the game, which was too late- the speed of a combine force hammering away our pillars was breathtaking.

The final battle at Lago, though not an all out attack by the 9 factions as claimed, was a major lag fest. The number of Dominion, CARNAGE and Vradical members were already a forced to reckon, not to mentioned that we only had 10% HP buff, while Dominion, CARNAGE and Vradical each had their own respective HP buffs of 30-60%. In our own merits, we did fairly well to retain our last mark on the map.

Another disturbing factor was that Dominion relied on the use of factionless players who focused on resurrecting their own members. It was disgusting tactic that doesn’t breach any rules, just ethics.

Before I conclude, I must stress that I am not out to go on a smear war. These incidents really happened, and we have pretty much tried to keep issues like these away from the airwaves or forums.

But since they have chosen to engage us in a verbal discourse, I’ll gladly oblige them by letting the cat out of the bag. We have always tried to stick to just playing our game and not dip our fingers in politics. But it’s time for me to walk the political battlefield. I’ve laid all the facts on the table, it’s now up to everyone to rethink about the current situation.

You’ll hear more of me sharing the insides of Yakisoba. Cheers.


  1. “That, in my opinion, was something the GMs should never agreed to. ”

    You have to take into account how will Dominion fare if the leader position does not give way to another member. Naturally, if the leader is gone, the vice-leader should be the one to take the throne.
    Perhaps it was a mistake to only allow the leader to declare war on other factions – a faction would be helpless if their leader was MIA.

  2. That’s the price u pay, when you are a leader and you are illegal, the whole faction should be brought down together. A new party should be made.
    But I guess GMs allow special cases like this and the one on GoD when illusion took over Nobility.
    As a leader, when you make mistake, your whole faction have to pay too.
    I believe Tsubaki will agree on this. Because even when a member make a mistake, their fellow members will have to pay.

    I too respected Wussking. When ppobt started, I wasnt in Dominion, GoD or Yakisoba.
    I got invited by Wussking to join domi. I almost did. But i owed yakisoba for the knowledge in GE they had provided me.

    But it’s just unbelievable that Wuss botted. </3

    I currently out of Yakisoba for personal reasons. But there is no doubt that those bug abuses exists. For them to create LOL faction to farm bosses without getting warred by us, and later rejoin Dominion in order for Colony War. Tactics or abuse? Im no judge here. just laying down facts.

    I would consider the war between Yakisoba and Dominion to be friendly war.
    But I guess when GoD and Dominion merged, they use hatred towards Yakisoba as the main element of alliance, not for equal power.
    same goes to Vrad and some other factions (not all)

    IMO, alliance just make it from war of factions, to war of alliances.
    It’s normal but that just spoils the whole cap for 100 family in a faction game system. They might as well uncap it and make it 1000. Make things easier eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wah. Looking at the story makes me (nearly) wonder if I’m fighting for a justified cause. Then again my faction was warred upon, so everyone responded accordingly. If i pulled out of the assault at Lago Celeste pillar, I’ll be in deep trouble(Lol). Crying over a defeat? One of the gals at my faction threw vulgarities loudly on chat when we were defeated by Carnage during the trail war period, stunning everyone online (she’s gonna kill me for this post -.-).

    @cara- But I guess when GoD and Dominion merged, they use hatred towards Yakisoba as the main element of alliance, not for equal power.
    same goes to Vrad and some other factions (not all).

    Don’t worry; not all of them. See the iah forum (post 28) for an explanation:

  4. You must admit, all this competition has made the game largely exciting and challenging to play. I think the comments that were made after last week’s colony wars were to be expected, the largest and most powerful faction in the game was fallen, and the excitement that the playing field has been leveled caused one too many testosterone level’s to pop.

    It all comes out tomorrow.

  5. “As a leader, when you make mistake, your whole faction have to pay too.”

    So true.

  6. Jas my dear. I agree with you. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Miss you!

  7. hihi i said that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    what happened to my credit sarah.

    DG, lol anything goes.
    like i said, alliance is better off taking off the caps and making 1 faction having 1000 families.

  8. I would love to response to your post. But i think it’s rightful that only lezard or wuss can answer to your post. Unfortunately both are knocked out from their trip overseas.

    I would only say this. Wuss did not bot. Whether you believe it or not it’s up to you. He got banned for a stupid reason that I do not wish to post here.

  9. @cara: lol. You come to singapore more often. I give u credit. ๐Ÿ˜›
    I’ll miss you, you peanut.

  10. well DG if you have spent time in here reading blogs i guess you have time reading this
    sadly some points of your post shows your naivtivity (sp) in all respect to all future poster don’t become a forum troll i got enough in technology / Lunix forum……

  11. Firstly, I would like to applaud Tsubaki once again for his superb ability to spin things around. To be honest, Tsubaki is really a rather decent person but its a great pity that he has to constantly seek to cover up the tracks of some of his otherwise unruly players that were the sole cause of Yakisoba’s smeared reputation. Allow me to paint another perspective.

    1) Yakisoba should work solely on actions, not words.

    Funny, I think the whole server remembered that Yakisoba members were the first to start proclaiming on broad all their achivements.

    2)Itโ€™s because he was caught botting and was banned.

    Then again, you are assuming that its a fact. Unfortunately, most of the people have evidence otherwise. This is one of the main reason why the rest are so convinced yakis have links with some GMs who are their rl friends (plz dun try to argue ur way out of this, for your own conscience’s sake). And for the record, not only Wussking was affected. Tons of lvl 100s all across the factions that were most capable of standin up against yakisoba were affected. Yakisoba? none. If u are suggesting all of them were botting, then i say the state of GE is horrendous and all should stop playing already by now. Even up till now, GMs have not provided ample evidence or anything to prove their sudden purgin of accounts. How would u feel if ur account, totally legit, had been banned for no reason apart from the fact that you were in a faction that was fighting against yaki’s tyranny?

    3)weโ€™ve stuck to controlling Dominion on our own, by issuing a war against them to allow us, as well as them, to kill on the spot anywhere outside town.

    This i wholeheartedly agree with. Reason? Yakis wanted sole monopoly of gerore, killing all other people who even came close. A really brilliant tactic to maintain their superiority. However, when Dominion came up with a counter tactic, they started to whine since their sole monopoly had to be broken up and now, they had to share bosses, something they were never used to. Only reason Dominion had to reform a new faction just to hunt bosses was that once you are lvl 100, equipment was all that mattered and the main source of good equipment was gerore. Which up till then, was monopolized by yakisoba. Do you see the new faction (LOL) warring all other newer factions from getting near Gerore? Just think bout it.

    4)Currently, weโ€™re in a war with Dominion and CARNAGE who have combined their forces against us in raids.

    And who made it so? Yakisoba who mantained the war status with Dominion and CARNAGE even after the CW is over. Do not make it sound as if Dominion and CARNAGE are ganging up on Yakisoba over gerore. We always believe in healthy competition for bosses. It has always been Yakisoba’s underhand ways that tried to kill off healthy competition, to the extent of griefing.

    5)The morale of the faction hit an all low, and we were struggling with just 20 members online.

    Its indeed very saddening that it affected your members in such an adverse way, im sure Dominion and all other factions did not mean for such a reaction. However, perhaps Yakisoba have finally experienced what all other factions have felt for countless Colony Wars where they have always aimed to crush their opponents. Remember the broad where Rav said, ” 0 Colonies for Domi?” Did it not have similar effect on Dominion’s morale? But then again, Dominion had a BBQ that day, so it was more or less expected. All i got to say, hope this was a really good wake up call for Yakisoba members to get off their high pedestral and start playing this game like respectable and honorable members so that everyone can have a healthy, gaming experience. Im sure if those Yakisoba people would rethink how they play their characters and start to be more friendly towards others, no one would intentionally seek to gang up to crush Yakisoba each CW.

    6)It was disgusting tactic that doesnโ€™t breach any rules, just ethics.

    Who are you to speak about ethics when Yakisoba was at the forefront of redefining what are ethics all the time? Would Rav’s infamous dlvlin of a domi member 10 lvls be considered ethics? I do remember Tsubaki raving about his achievements and calling him a baron king. So much for ethics. If I were to list out every redefinin moment in ethics by Yakisoba members, you wouldnt even be able to load this page. Please, before you say such things, think bout what your faction members have done first.


    The people should not think on the current outcome. They should rather think on why all this has happened? If Yakisoba had shown gaming ethics and not abused the responsibility that came with being one of the top factions in cerventes, certainly none of this would have happened. However, since Yakisoba had tried to continue their reign of tyranny against the free people of Cerventes, this CW result only shows that no matter how strong or active your members are, you will never succeed against the fight for freedom and the right for a healthy, fun, gaming experience for all.

    If Yakisoba would be so humble as to apologise for their previous ways and seek to play in a more respectable manner befittin of their faction strength, I am certain the rest of the server would gladly forgive them and start to play this game on a more healthy note.

    You can all see for yourself. Let ur hearts be the judge.

  12. i didnt read ur whole post u write too long
    but about wuss
    yeah he use a gaming keyboard.
    which is banned,
    and disabled by xtrap.

    to use it is to by pass xtrap
    to bypass xtrap is to hack.

  13. @Clarify or Confuse

    In this context, it’s a battle of my words against your words. It’s rather unjust to say that I put a spin on things. If you don’t realize, I’m almost on to see things from the start to today. I know the history and issues. Can you say you fully understand your own side to make a judgment call on us?

    1. And if you noticed, it’s always actions first before we broadcast anything. We achieve it, and then announced it. Surely announcing things like having the first 100s and being the first lvl 51 factions will annoy people. But it’s not easy getting there, and it’s a justifiable announcement.

    2. I daresay that none of my members have botted their way to the top. Even if we have GM friends, what do they gain by making a server full of paying Yakisoba members? The GMs are watching us, and one of them have confided in me by saying they are surprised during their sweeps that there aren’t a single Yakisoba member botting. Being a non-botting faction is a principle I uphold in Yakisoba.

    Even if a person has a slight inking to being a botter, I will not accept him or her in Yakisoba. Unfortunately, Dominion still recruits known botters, and have never ever declared to be a zero botting faction. That is a fact.

    3. I think you’re forgetting that in the past (before the war started) whenever Dominion accquired control of 1 Gerero, we have never attempted to KS it. It was somewhere later when a certain Dominion member constantly came to KS us and even lure our Gerero (while we are hitting) to kill our members. And that calls for the need to kill off such players, and thus we declared war. You started it, but you’re convinently forgetting the past.

    4. Actually, my intentions were not to paint a picture of us being ganged up. It’s just interesting to point out that 2 factions with their own set of HP buffs is needed to take down one faction who is busy attacking Diablo. Now that Norgard has been constantly helping us to kill Diablo while we ward off Dominion and CARNAGE, your people have even declare war on them.

    5. “hope this was a really good wake up call for Yakisoba members to get off their high pedestral and start playing this game like respectable and honorable members”

    This is one moral high ground I don’t think Dominion deserves to stand on. Are you guys any more respectable and honorable? Subjective. But nevertheless, I’m in the progress of taming down my members. If your goal is to wake us up, we sure did. The thing is, will you wake up too?

    6. We’ve chosen to apply retribution approach to delevelling. It is a very nasty thing, and the only reason why a Dominion member lost 10 levels was because RavaNa was delevelled by a Dominion member first. Who was the first in this game to discover people could lose levels by constantly ressing and pking a player? Dominion did.

    And we have till date, never started unless provoked. If Dominion stopped delevelling our members, we wouldn’t even need to apply our “pay in 10 folds” policy. I’ll admit it’s a harsh approach, but it serves as to deter people from doing this. I did post about Ravana being a Baron King. My intentions were solely to serve as a warning to people that we take people who delevel others very seriously. But unfortunately, your people don’t care about it.

    And PS: This is nothing personal.

  14. After reading your post, I too am not sure of what this whole episode has done to all of us.

    Well, I guess that we did go overboard with the personal insults.
    I would like to apologise on behalf of my faction to those who were offended.
    After all, granado espada is just a game. We should be having fun together instead, we are taking this too seriously and hurting the feelings of other individuals.

    I’d like to propose a truce between ALL factions in the ceventes server. Not in the cw but in order to stop the personal insults.

    Games are ment for us to have fun so lets have some fun!
    Let’s try to control our pk-ing and not to delvl unless really you have no other choice. Yes, I admit pk-ing does bring one joy. Let us not go overboard and pk for spots or even de-level someone. Please note this does not refer to the members of Yakisoba but to all who practice such deeds.

  15. Hi .. just encourage your members not to be so sensative over the game.
    Dun nid to cry over ppl scolding u all in broadcast.
    You guys play the game hardcore to have fun and have the competition and just a challenge for yourself.. so “Its just a game”
    Dont cry over it or be hurt by some rude people sitting behind their computer scolding away.

    Btw..Chandi SUCKS =)

  16. I’ve been on break for a week from the game now. So I might have missed whatever things that may have occured in between yaki and other factions.

    Speaking from my point of view (I’m from Vradical), after reading everything Tsubaki has written, I’ve still ended up confused or without gaining anything at all. Yaki seems to be very confident that Wussking is botting, but as you have said, how can you say so if you aren’t even in faction? Says the GM? But that doesn’t explain why Dominion members says there was a huge off sight in considering the accounts of those Dominion members botting. After acid has been caught botting, my former faction leader (from a faction that has long been disbanded) claims that he knows a number of botters in Yakisoba (Just throwing this out and he didn’t provide me with any evidences, but I’ve known him good enough to trust his word, and seeing as he wasn’t involved previously in the mudslinging between Yaki/Domi/Carnage/GoD, I doubt he just said this to me just to smear Yaki, without really seeing so). Tsubaki writes very well, and I applaud him for it, but I’m sure one can easily be swayed by a similarly well written counter essay of the story from Domi’s point of view.

    But here’s the thing, if Dominion has always been the frontrunner of exploiting bugs, spreading harassment and PKing people, how can you explain the hatred that Yaki gets, even from non-factioned, common people? Ok, taking your word that Dominion was infact the greater evil between Yaki and Domi, can you say Yaki had been good towards non-Domi members? I’d have to say no. Amidst the rivalry between You and Domi, how come majority of the people geared towards developing a dislike towards Yaki? Think of it ~ I’m sure it’s because of you and your members’ actions. That’s why trying to come clean by posting the history of feud between you and Domi doesn’t have anything in it for the non-involved parties between the two.

  17. @Noriaga

    A lot of people have accused my members of botting. I’ve always asked them to provide me evidence, or even calling me to the scene of the crime so that I can personally baron those botters and expelling them, but none have been able to do so. You can mark my words when I say I won’t have a single botter in Yakisoba. I think it’s disgusting to bot in this game, when it has one of the most easiest grind compared to many other MMORPGS.

    Why should a non-botter like me defend botters? One of my greatest pride in building Yakisoba is that I have gathered a faction of hardworking grinders who puts effort in achieving things.

    To answer to your question regarding the hate around, it’s quite simple. Jealousy. Go to any MMORPG, you’ll realize that the overachieving factions are always the hated ones. But to be fair us, we have our own share of supporters. They have come up to me, and telling us that they really enjoy reading our achievements and wants us to keep up to it.

    Needless to say, in the defense of having bad attitudes, I have had some problematic members in the past, something I never knew until much later when I starting receiving complains about them. By then the damage has been done. Now every factions has their own set of problematic people. To brand an entire faction over one person’s deed is common, thus the general assumption that all Yakisoba members are naturally bad.

    To put it into context, it’s like how all it takes was one member from Vradical to attack me personally to pull the entire faction down. It is fortunate that I am friends with Lanif that I was able to understand that insults came from a younger member, and thus I’ve decide to forget about the whole incident.

    The reason why I’ve chosen to come clean with everything is because of how people are taking certain negative aspects of Yakisoba and blowing them into unproportionally big and unfair statements. Smear wars are deadly. It takes just 3-4 comments to give people the impression that that opinion belongs to an entire world.

    But as of today, if you noticed my latest entry, I’ve had enough of all of the battles going on. I’m opting for peace.

  18. @Tsubaki

    After all these fighting and bickering, at least we are starting to see Yakisoba loosening up their otherwise tough stand and paving the way for a peace to be brokered. This should have been the way all along, with healthy competition ( first come first serve basis ) and no dlvling or personal insults being thrown about.

    I totally agree with the statement that all it takes is just a few misguided members in the faction’s ranks to pull down the entire faction. Hopefully some of those misguided members in Yakisoba and all the other factions would realise the foolishness of their ways and start upholding values.

    Cerventes is a PK server, yes. But if members choose to behave like pking is their god-given right and can kill off people for no reason .. remember … there are tons of other lvl 100s out there that can seek revenge in one way or another. Unless you are willing to face up to the music, go ahead and be a baron king.

    Now that its all being said and done, hopefully things wouls start to look better for everyone in cerventes. It can only get better from here.

  19. @Noriaga
    I am currently a non-faction member and have yet encountered any problems with Yaki members in the past and currently since the start of OBT. Even for the short time i was in GoD faction i didn’t encounter any problems personally with Yaki members. All i hear is a lot of whining from certain factions about Yaki’s actions which i think the public has taken for fact as these certain faction love to post their whining.

    People (especially little kiddies) need to make their own opinions about Yaki instead of just hearing how bad a faction is. This “smear war” against Yaki i think unfortunately has worked and that is why Yaki is the most hated faction out there.

    Personally i have had more problems with the Old Dominion faction before wussking got banned and currently have problems with Carnage Faction members and other factions of the so-called “alliance”. Yeah i know its a pk server and such so be it…but to be constantly stalked and pk by some of these members of these various factions who whine about Yaki’s “bullying” is a bit irritating especially when one can’t really retaliate back and never even spoke to them except when i got pked. But i don’t let that bother me too much as it strengthen my resolves to pay them back eventually. Or better yet see them gone with P2P.

  20. On one last note it is usually said that the most powerful people are usually the most hated and envied by others. Now with what it appears that yaki is stepping down and it can be argued that Dominion is the most powerful faction around will people start “hating” them? Who knows, only time will tell. Anyways good luck to all when a new order will come in when GE starts p2p and all this will all be a distant memory.

  21. @Tang
    Hi. Well… I agree that usually the most powerful is the most hated. However, I believe and hope that everyone can still have fun while be humble.

    That said I’m now casting my eyes on Norgard. ๐Ÿ˜€ They sure seem to be having fun clearing my faction mates in skull dungeon and rion hollow maps.

    Personally, I’ve noticed that Yakisoba has toned down. I hope that you guys do not bow out of the competition and participate still in wars and events.


  23. This might be a game, but its no different from real life;

    You work hard, you reap your hard earned efforts,
    ppl get jealous, hits you when you least expects it;
    You fall down, you cry, you whine, you complain,
    and then, you pick up from where you fall,
    You work your way up again…..

    B4 any1 thinks that I’m a yaki-supporter, let me get this straight, I’m neutral with all this ‘politics'(or whatever u wanna call it) and what I wanna say is that ALL factions will go through it one way or another. Its just yaki’s turn now.
    ๆ—ฅๆœฌใซไฝใ‚“ใงใ‚‹ใ‹ใ‚‰่‹ฑ่ชžใŒใ ใ‚“ใ ใ‚“ๆ‚ชใใชใ‚‹ใ€้–“้•ใ„ใŒใ‚ใฃใŸใ‚‰ใ€ใ”ใ‚ใ‚“ใชใ•ใ„๏ผ

  24. @VaNDrEaD


  25. Dominion has voiced their side of the politics.
    Check out their blog.

  26. Wow. Ge Cervantes Politics long way ago was so cool… Unlike now, GE Cervantes is dying fast like it was being drag by something evil to hell. =(

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