Posted by: tsubaki | August 13, 2007

Colony War Results

And here are the results for tonight’s Colony War.


After fighting with seems like an impossible war, Yakisoba has gained another colony, controlling a total of 2 colonies. We’ve lost Lago Celeste, but gained Rion Parie and Rio Aibi instead. We succeeded in taking El Canon and Ferrucio Junction, but lost them in the last leg of the war.

I would like to thank the 44 members who turned up for tonight’s war as well as our allies, Norgard and Cloudnine, and the other factions whom have come to our aid by keeping our rivals occupied. It was certainly an uphill battle, and while this war has yet to produce major results, it certainly has deepened our ties. Yakisoba owe our 2 colonies to our allies. Thank you.

And also, congratulations to all factions who fought in the war.


As a parting statement, I wish to announce that Yakisoba will soon be hanging up our boxing gloves. We’ve reached a point where we are functioning at 30% of our original strength due to members leaving Granado Esapda for commitments in the real world. Since we are not in favor of mass recruitment to repopulate the faction, we have decided to slow down on being a competitive faction. We’re going back to becoming noodles.

This being said, I sincerely wish to offer truce to Dominion and its allies on non-colony war days.

We will, in regards to Boss Raids no longer attempt to control any particular faction, and will now enforce a first come first serve basis. It was fun while it last, but dragging a war over a long period of time has put a toll on many people. Both side has suffered enough, and I feel it’s time for a server wide peace.

I look forwardly to a favorable response. Thank you very much.



  1. IMO you guys dug the hole you are in now yourselves. Who ask you close recruitment before getting maximum membership status last time and not actively seeking out new allies. Even now you guys still refuse to lower the min lvl requirement and actively seek our members. Members always came to you automatically, like a silver spoon in one’s mouth, sadly now they don’t anymore as there are other lvl 100 factions available. Try and actively recruit for once. A one-man island mentality will never succeed. Bad foresight on Yakisoba’s part. Nevertheless, good luck on yakisoba’s future endeavours.

  2. Remember sometime ago when Yaki had 10 colonies?

    It’s time for you guys to regroup and refocus. I’m pretty sure all the server wanted was more fun in regards to faction wars. It’s never nice to see a clan monopoly in an online game, and even in real life, people rebel to fight the big guys.

    Politics and small clashes aside, i think people need to put their emotions aside, its just a game 🙂

  3. And it’s a great game at that. Good job IAH. At least you’re doing a better job than K2.

    *sry for double post.

  4. @Rex

    To answer to your question, it’s simply because I always believe in quality over quantity. At the height of our best, we were able to achieve things like 10 colonies and such. And that was done by just 50 members.

    We are recruiting now, but it’s sad to say we no longer trust a lot of people and thus the slow number of people joining us. You will be suprised at the number of people trying to join us with rather different intentions.

    The secret to 10 colonies, is to be emotional about the game. Lol. We’ve always dreamed about achieving that, and we finally did so. While it’s no longer possible, we’re glad we did it.

  5. Tsubaki, you are a great leader.

    It’s alright, I would say just rest and enjoy the game for a while.
    Keep on selecting quality members and come back @ full force!

    I enjoy playing and fighting in cervantes but it saddens me to see that the politics gets out of hand.

    Everybody seems to be taking wars and raids too personally.
    Perhaps we should petition for a server vs server fight, that would reinforce the server ties :p

    Cheers, and good luck to all Yakisoba’s members for their commitment in the real world!

  6. Hi, I’m not from the same server but from what I read, I think Yakisoba is a very cool faction. I don’t care what others may say about you guys but from what I can see from this blog and all those comments wrote by whatever factions that are against Yakisoba, it’s so clear who are the real sensible ones.

    Domination and other whatever factions can go slap themselves now since their greatest motivation is gone. Seriously, you guys are lame. Oh and by the way, language, LANGUAGE.

  7. Tsubaki.

    I bet those intentions are to get a hold of those raid boss drops.

    And yeah. 10 colonies is really hard now since the growing number of strong factions.

    If ever there will be a quarrel over geroro(like 2 factions camping etc.) Do what we do use the fireworks.

  8. Well…

    I only read this blog once in a while, and yeah, looks like many things happened. But since they are (hopefully) of a thing in the past already and what should be said probably has been already said, let’s not harp on them anymore.

    Congrats on making progress to recover yet another of your colony. =)

    Things in the past being in the past, let’s look forward to a brighter future.

    Friendship, Unity, Freedom- Cheers to the Granado Espada spirit. =)

  9. It’s really hard to stay on top. The pressure is so intense not only physically but emotionally as well. Each one trying to get an upperhand, and it has taken it’s toll. I hope peace will return back to cervantes. Gratz on getting two colonies.

  10. Hi there,

    I think you guys have learned from the last 2 CWs. I would like to commend tsubaki for learning humility. Yaki may have been arrogant and gloatful in the past which resulted on the alliances to take them down but apologies always work and for that I give you my respect.

    Good luck to your future endeavors and I’m sure you guys will come out strong after the colony wipe and commercial phase.

    On a side note I agree that personal attacks are inappropriate and that qualms over a game should not go to a point as low as that.

    Peace everyone ^____^,


  11. All I can say is Cervates would not be complete when Yakisoba is gone.

    Tsubaki you have my utmost respect, please do on all your power to restore the old Yakisoba. People really respect Yakisoba during CBT days.. I bet you can do that one more time.


  12. 🙂 good to hear so many of you supporting yakisoba.

    good luck yaki. make balance of everything. 🙂

    too much of anything is nvr good.

  13. no ones yaki to be gone or anything at least i dont
    you guys are the one help keep a good sense of competion and fun un cervantes
    without yakis cervantes wouldnt be complete
    it would all be dominion/carnage and other factions who are allies
    that why dont dominon and carnage dont lose many colonies both beign allies dont attk each other
    the only wat they lose colonies is when yakis take over or some other good factions take
    anywyas goodluck with your conquest

  14. Good to see that everything is calm now. Congratulations to Yaki for claiming another piece of land in the new world. However it is very saddening to hear that any faction is quitting/slowing down their activities. Please do take some time out to have some sufficient rest. After that you can always come back to build on and do what we all GE pioneers are best;

    – Freedom – Unity – Friendship –

    nuff said

  15. Come on, I know you are more than that Tsu.

    Maybe it’s about time for you to rework out your recruitment strategies and alliances.

    Look at Caracci. Look at GodLike (warred 16 v 1), and lost 2 colonies only (retaining 6). The secret is a strong alliance.

  16. Don’t ever let a game affect your real life commitments negatively. After all, you still have a long long long way to go after GE/ ceases to exist. You cannot dump your real life as desire just like GE life, no?

    It’s difficult to bring a faction to become one of the top, and even more difficult to maintain such position. You guys did a great job in making Cervantes competitive. Anyway, all the best to Tsubaki and the Yakisoba. Hope to see you guys back in full force soon.


  17. hi izumi ^^

  18. Hi,

    since the start of me knowing Yakisoba, i utterly respected their system and their competitiveness. but however do not lose heart Yakis, gogo all the way. you have my support =), hope to hear more soon.


  19. Alliances are good, i love mine~


  20. Hi Izumi ^^

  21. I told u u guys can do it hehe

    ganbatte again and to everyone

  22. hi yakisoba..hi tsubaki..hi all..hehe..just wanna says to all of u goodluck of what u are doing..yeahh..i love peace too..alwayz be smart tsubaki and dont be a noodle back..i want to see yakisoba name on the world map..go yaki go..what i got to do to make u love me..what i got to do to make u sadd..wahahaha..

  23. Certainly delightful CW results for the past 2 weeks, Can’t help but danced around with glee. How this all started:

    Initially I was really keen to join Yakisoba, I was factionless even at lvl 86. Made a couple of online friends from Yakisoba too. However someone decided to reject me based on personal biasness against my nick.

    Well… what to do what to do… was talking to Stalwart bout it… then it struck my mind.. If u can’t join them… why not beat them… LOLX. Stalwart told me bout the Trinity (Carnage, Dominions, GOD).. then I thought to myself.. Why only those 3 factions? Lets get the whole GE world to go against them. That would bring SOOOOO much fun to the GE world. I really never thought I could manage to convince so many ppl to go against the Yakis… I went around talking to various ppl from different factions.

    It all makes sense. Perhaps at that moment of time the Yakis were having the most lvl 100 players in their faction. However, the limit is capped at lvl 100… and everyday the number of lvl 100s are growing… so what makes them so “godlike”… It’s their Gosu items (Armours, Weapons..etc) which come from the hogging of various lvl 90++ Bosses. Eventually the whole GE population will reach lvl 100 but without Gosu items, they will be just as weak. It then dawned on me that the Yakis were holding the monopoly of the high lvl bosses which drops gosu items. Yakis pking the Dominions for the Great spiders, Diablos and Gerreros and such.

    It’s just as bad as Microsoft dominating the world’s OS in computers. I mean this will leave us(non-Yakisoba factions) with no bosses to farm and no Gosu items to obtain. Are we just gonna sit back and watch them grow stronger each day? I say we fight for our right to be able to kill such bosses to obtain gosu items. I say we break them down. Why should there be pricks to prevent us from killing the bosses >.<. I believe that everyone has the right to kill it. Everyone deserves the right to share it. If u have to bring 100 lvl 100 jacks/caths just to pk/ks it, by all means, go ahead… I wouldn’t even whine. But to restrict and threaten to open baron just because we touched it, I really feel its absolute rubbish. E.g ( Izumi told me, hey u guys take channel 1, let me take channel 2 & 3. What is this bossing around and giving orders all about? I may have made friends with u earlier Izumi but if u’re gonna be selfish and disrespectful of the freedom that every player in GE has, I’m afraid I ain’t giving in to ur demands.

    To Ricky of Norgard( A.K.A xXMiracleXx) and Darkwood of Cloudnine (Some nice intelligent dude from NZ): Perhaps the Yakis are sharing with you guys the Bosses and elite items (This I cant be sure of) However… Don’t you guys feel that u’re being used? During the Cws, has it always been for Norgard or Cloudnine? I really don’t think so… It has always been for the Yakisobas themselves. Have they ever bothered about helping u guys obtain even 1 colony? From the results of the Cws, I’m afraid even you guys know the answers. Can 100 lvl100s Yakisoba members with elite items overcome the hardworking fighting force of the other factions in the GE world? This I’m not sure but all I wanna say is this. “If you’re not with us, then u’re against us.”

    Enough said. I’ve no intention of hurting any specific members of Yakisoba (except one). Friends that I’ve made online, Izumi, Stalwart, Vinch, Blitz, DThirteen, SEVEN, Luciora, Grimmway, Nuub, Sedai and a few more which I’ve left out. If I did in anyway offend u personally, I sincerely apologise. Chill out.

  24. @CCB

    I have a problem with people having symbols in their family nicknames. This itself is already an infraction of IAHgames terms of agreement. Much more so someone who carries the initial CCB. And I don’t care if you call it Cute Cute Boy or whatever. I’ll probably have a hard time introducing your as a member to my parents when we have guild gatherings.

    But still, I’m glad we didn’t take you in. You exhibit high levels of the inability to handle rejection. The night we lost would probably be the night you left us. Among all of the players that I have rejected, you’re the worst. I find it even harder to believe that you’re older than me as well.

    But thank you for coming here to roll out your words of advice. I’m quite sure it’s fun to dance at someone’s falling.

    You made it sounded like it was our fault for grinding fast to the top, our fault for having the ability to farm bosses early, and our fault for getting good items long before the server did. I apologize for that. It must have been hard on you.

    I think you don’t know what happened to Miracle and his friends before they left Dominion eh? Let me tell you. Despite constantly being there to hunt Gerero for Dominion and even killing Yakisoba members for it, they were never given a single item. In terms of understanding what being used is about, they know it better than you do.

    Darkwood and I have been friends, long before this whole thing started. If your objective is to sow discord among us, it’s not working because he tells me about the things people say about me in order to lure him to the other side. We spend hours laughing about it too.

    Oh but, I like how you go around bashing then apologizing at the end. Really smooth.

  25. Oh and before you misinterprete me, this is not a personal attack. It’ just my assessment of your character based on what you have written, as well as broadcasted to me before.

    But since I’m no human psychologist, my assessment could be inaccurate, so do seek a second opinion.

    Nevertheless, happy gaming.

  26. drama oh drama, when will u end? haha guess it’s part of mmorpg, no drama no game?

  27. @ CCB™

    Imo, i feel you gotta respect the Leader of a faction, and his decision, as well as the decision of the entire faction in their take, for you or against you, and take whatever the verdict may be, with a big heart.. Out in the world, you wont always meet people that is always accepting of you as an individual. That you gotta admit, bianess is everywhere, but not always negative. And in this case, i guess you’ve already seen Tsubaki’s reply; he justified himself very well.

    If your entire intention of this, was to reduce Yakis’s jurisdiction of the entire server, then very well, well justified.. but the entire comment you posted and the broadcast you broaded soon after the colonywar of 05/08/07 (:”Tsubaki, remember my name from now on..blah”) just shows your eagerness to get back at them prior to your rejection. Pettiness i say.

    From someone who inspire to be part of Yakis, to someone bashing about here, about boss hogging and the bads of Yakis and presuading all the other faction to unite against Yakis; that’s indeed a fast U-turn.

    At the end of the day, you gotten youself in a new faction, somewhere you belong, somewhere you are welcomed, a dominant faction as what you would have suggest. I guess this chapter should really close now.. in your favour.

    @ Miracle and Norgard Alliance w Yakis

    I have been killed by Miracle a few times back then as my previous faction was under KOS by Dom. We talked. To me, he is the real royalist i ever seen. By royalist, i dont mean his faction status, but his loyalty to his faction. His willingliness to baron enemies, whether they are higher lvl than him, or whether he is running the risk of losing items, never bothers him. He perform and acts for the best of his faction, that’s what i can see and evident enough for those who knew him. For someone who is that loyal to his faction .. to be creating a new faction i was surprised in the beginning. Then i thought he made one so that he would assume power, new authority, new power. However, i was wrong. Soon after he allied with Yakis. Why did someone who had so much bad blood with Yakis, want build on an alliance with Yakis against the flows of his ex-faction? That is a point valid for much pondering. In normal circumstances, if one were to be happy in his harbour, why would he wanna sail out, and what’s more, join up with a old foe, and fighting against his ex-faction, one who he would die for.. What we can assume, is that his harbour hasnt been really nice to him, would also be various reasons. Whichever case, we can only ask him irl for his opinions i guess.

    In every history extract, we learnt: Power give you authority, authority to rule, to make decisions.. and to abuse. A wise ruler is one that never abuses, but that’s a HQ gem. Assuming Yakis was really a tyrant like what been suggested by CCB™, then they really sowed what they reaped. Likewise, if the clock reverses and this time Dom is the dominant faction not Yakis, what could possible happen..Will Dom be a tyrant or wise ruler? I guess only time will tell..

    On a neutralist side, i’m really excited on the progress of the current situation, mainly the drama, the hype and intensity of the Colony Wars. The introduction of the Alliance has ended Yakis’s sovereignty, and the once, one-sidedness. The unity of Alliance and their strength is applausable while Yakis should not let this series of setbacks hold you guys back. With the introduction of new patch, new items, stances etc, new transition may well be on the way. Be it Dom, Yakis, or whichever faction/alliance it may be, may the best man wins.

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