Posted by: tsubaki | August 15, 2007

Loads of Yakisoba Updates

A couple of updates for all Yakisoba members, firstly if you haven read about what will be happening to me in the next few weeks to come, please read all about it here.

Next up, I’m sad to announce that Miracle has informed me that he will be taking a break from Granado Espada. For whatever reason, I’m still unclear at the moment, but he has kindly offered 20 of his best members to join us, in which I have accepted. To our new Norgard members, welcome to Yakisoba! We do hope you’ll be able to quickly fit in and be a part of our family here.

Random picture. Don’t ask why, Lol.

There’s a couple of watering holes that the Yakisoba members gather whenever the server goes down, and it’s our IRC Channel and our forum. Kindly register yourself on our forums with your family nickname, and telling me about it.

Also, I’ve finally finally, found out the problem with our Teamspeak server and it’s finally up and running again! Yes! After what happened during last Colony War (chats were lagging so bad, communication was reduced to zero on faction and squad), I’ve made it a priority to get my ass on fixing it, and it’s done. Our TS IP can be found here for here for all members only. Oh and do check out the little niffy tool that Aelesia has posted for TS.

A little bit of update on the progress of trucing- We’ve been able to truce all but Dominion and CARNAGE, who have rejected my offer to do so. I’ve spoken to Lezard and according to him, he says it will take some time for them to recover from it. He has given me his word that his members will not attack on sight, and we’ll oblige and do the same. I don’t quite understand why he would have the war on-going while setting up a temp peace treaty, but we’ll leave it as it is for now. I think I approached him at a wrong time- Dominion apparently had a hacking incident of one of their leaders and a number large members were booted out.

I’m still not too clear on the details at the moment, but there are suspects, and Lezard has assured me it isn’t anyone from Yakisoba. I think it’s a real punch below the belt to attempt to do something like this. All the best in Dominion’s speedy recovery.

And I don’t think I’ll need to point this out, but I’ll say it anyway- Remember to download the new 2.1.18 patch (it feels more like an entirely new client if you were to ask me), otherwise you will not be able to log into the server when the server goes live again on the 16th of August, 10am.

I’ll see everyone on 2.1.18! Cheers.



  1. Haha that’s really a random picture.

  2. It’s a really pretty picture though. =)

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