Posted by: tsubaki | August 21, 2007

Yakisoba Updates: Colony War, New Understandings, Bears!


I apologize for the lack of updates. The new 2.1.18 patch has brought in plenty of new content to keep us busy, even reviving some of dead members back into the game. The new offerings of Veteran modes and stances have wet our appetites for this game, and we are a all set to race to the top once again. Looks like we won’t be step down competitively any time soon.

And now that I’ve managed to steal some time of Granado Espada, here’s a couple of updates.

The last Colony War saw the revival of the Yakisoba spirit, going all out with our attacks and securing 5 colonies after a 2 hour grueling battle against the Republican alliance. We’ll slowly shift the face of the map back into the hands into the Royalists, and we welcome factions to join us in this battle. We also like to thank our allies who have lend their arms with us.

Also, after having a series of discussion with Dominion’s leader Lezard, we have come to a common understanding that the war between Yakisoba and Dominion must go on, in order to constantly keep the competition going in the server. Without this competition, it makes this game boring.

Matters regarding bosses, locations, etc will be fought for, all in the name of healthy competition. We’ve both agreed to keeping this competition clean and free from underhand moves. However, we’ll draw the lines of sending members to attack lower level members while they train. With this in place, we hope it will end the unnecessary politics that is going on.

I expect all Yakisoba members to uphold this new understanding we have with Dominion. You’re still free to decide whether you want to attack them on sight or not, retaliate when killed or not, and likewise it will be the same for themselves. But however, please refrain from smacktalks.

This starts effectively from now. Please do not take past feuds into account. Thank you.


And, most people should have noticed by now that Yakisoba has a mascot bear running around the streets of Auch! This bear is otherwise known as the “Flying Angel Bear” or sometimes transformed into the “Ressing Angel Bear”. It pretty much reflects how awesome bears are.

Support the Angel Bear. Buy a Bear Costume. Did I mention how funny it looks when your Scouts wears it and runs around in dual dagger stance? Hahaha. It’s completely hilarious.

And no, IAHgames has not paid me in any way to promote this awesome bear.


  1. More like carebear..

  2. Wait till you see RavaNa pking with that bear suit on!

  3. Papa, sit down and let me hugs ❤ You’re my teddy bear!

  4. lamo the last line

  5. (i smell IAH silencing tsu while promoting it!!) lol jk

  6. Referring to your first picture~
    What are you killing~?

    ~looking forward to first CW of v2.1~

  7. “However, we’ll draw the lines of sending members to attack lower level members while they train”

    Rerenge likes to go around Rion Praire to pk people and prevent them from afk leveling. Would appreciate if Yakisoba members could refrain from pking non-botters without reason. Thx.

  8. Kuma Tsubaki xD

  9. @Maximus

    I don’t think I have to point out to you that this is a PK server after all. Stopping them from pking people is like telling them to go play in the carebear server. But, if he constant repeats his attacks, please let me know.

    As for the line that you quoted me, it’s between us and Dominion.


  10. tsubaki is that from the first picture rafflesia?

  11. Is there then no possibility of ethics on a pk server?

  12. Anyone got a crocodile suit?

  13. Congrats on the comeback. =)

    Maybe I’ll ally you one day… with my OneManArmy faction ahahahaha XD

  14. Empire Strikes Back… err… I mean makes a come back. (woot! even dead members got revived) Nice to see yakis going back to being competitive again else would be boring as a carebear server. Gratz on the 5 colonies.

    I wonder when the white polar bear costume will be out, I got 1 from castor in jGE.

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