Posted by: tsubaki | August 24, 2007

Yakisoba Zoo + Superb Deals


And I’m not kidding.

We’ve got a zoo full of bears and crocs ever since the IAH allowed players to input their GP. A number of people went for the Pioneer Package and got the super addictive Andre Boxes. Did I mention how much money I blew on that crazy box? The items that it drops is just superb.

Oh and since we’ve got all of these animals, we’re in the process of making short 4komas. Probably a collab story between RavaNa “CrocVaNa” and Tsubaki “TsuBearKi”. Enjoy the the love making scene:


Also, we discovered a really awesome promotion that Singtel mobile users get to enjoy- Buying GP via SMS. Do note that this is only for Singaporeans. Details can be found here. It’s SGD$9.90 for 30 days and SGD$24.90 for 90 days. And there’s also a 20% extra bonus point to get if you buy it during this promotional period. I’ve personally tested it and it works, and it’s instantaneous. Definitely much faster (not to mention the extra 20% points) than buying GP from

Just make sure you control your spending, or you’ll be receiving a really hefty mobile phone bill at the end of the month. I’ve already added 42637 to my address book… god knows how much I’ll spending soon.



  1. eh, after i send the sms “TOPUP” to 42637, i got to wait for their reply in order to continute to choose the option which i wan to purchase?

  2. OMG!! Send me vids of the hot love scene please~

  3. argh.. not even a reply after sending topup stuff…

  4. Yes you do. They’ll ask you which option you would like to choose. Just follow the instructions.

  5. Yaki Zoo bar!
    bear and croc hunters galore.

    no wonder people are offering vis for the andre box.

    I dont think I can get the 20% bonus points if I’m an M1 subscriber… more admin fee i guess. T.T

  6. Your parents are going to have a shock when they receive your phone bill. =x

  7. Haxed bears and crocs!

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