Posted by: tsubaki | August 25, 2007

Baron King and his Baron Toys


Angel Bear hereby presents RavaNa with his new Baron toys: The Revanants, the Wheel of Destiny and the Coffin.

Number of people killed: Unknown. Well, he’ll definitely piss off some players for baroning them, but hey, it’s for a quest. Blame the creators of Granado Espada for coming with such a idea. I’m not sure whether he went around baroning people in his croc suit, but it would be really funny if he did so.

But anway, congrats to RavaNa. And the big pocket hole too. Those plate mails and fanatic costumes must have cost a bomb. To know more about Baron items, check out RCM Hrin’s blog for details.


  1. Awesome items. The revenant looks so cool 😮

  2. The revenant looks coolest for me, the wheel looks boring unless it will have those ghosts. ;P

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