Posted by: tsubaki | August 29, 2007

Leaving GE and Yakisoba’s disbanding

Good Bye, Yakisobans.

I am sad to announce that due to commitments in school, I will be unable to continue playing GE on a regular basis and will be taking a long break from it.

For all members, I’ve written more details regarding my departure from this game, and this fantastic faction on the forums, so please read about it here. I know this is a very sudden decision, but some of you are already aware of my situation and how it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with my final year diploma and GE at the same time.

Yakisoba will also be disbanding soon. The disbanding will be a slow process as we slowly iron out certain issue. I want to make sure everything is properly settled before I leave, and thus here is the future plan for all Yakisoba members who still wishes to stay together in contact.

I also want to thank the many Yakisoba supporters who have quietly come up to me and encourage us to continue achieving things. Thank you. While it is sad that things have to end up this way, I think it is the best for all since it is unfair for Yakisoba to go on without a leader.

3 Cheers to Yakisoba. Thank you for surviving the odds for 6 months, since the start of CBT till now.


  1. We’ll miss you. *salutes*


  2. uh oh… so sad… i din even get to join… T.T

    after clearing up my identity issue.. Yakisoba disband…. T.T

    Good Luck Tsubaki for ur diploma…


    p/s: By the way.. im also in my Final Year of my Diploma.. T.T

  3. While it is sad to see one of the big name factions go it is understandable, afterall real life comes first. Couldn’t you have handed down leadership to your vice-leader? Anyways i wish you the best of luck on all your future endeavors. Who knows you might even come back to the world of GE.

  4. Good Luck for ur journey…
    Hope can c u around soon maybe ? xD

  5. Mithril salutes your departure.

  6. huray no more yakisoba
    but sad to see it go
    always though yakis would be one of the everlasting factions
    and also good luck with ur diploma

  7. aww shit, i don’t even have the chance to join T.T

  8. […] well known faction is disbanding as the faction leader takes time off for […]

  9. I shall await for your return.

  10. wow… talk about sudden announcement… oh well guess the Republican Alliance will take over everything in Cervantes unless the Royalist band together and fight back. Lets hope they do, would be boring without any competition.

    that aside yay more gerero’s to hunt now ^^

    goodluck tsubaki, it was quite a journey

  11. All the best to you Tsubaki. I think you’ve shown yourself to be a fine leader.

  12. all the best. sudden and shocking news to hear. a good leader will always have his piece of the sky. go fly higher.

  13. Touched by your commitment to your school,
    but why must disband??
    i think it’ll be quite a loss without you for the rest,
    but i don’t think its necessary to disband,
    i was trying to say it doesn’t mean that you are gone for good from GE right,
    hopes to see you in the future =) ,
    Good luck for the diploma

  14. Dude, im sad to see you go, but as ive always been since before when we met, i wish you all the best in life and dont give up.

  15. R.I.P

  16. Adopting Free bear & Croc suits =x

  17. Sudden lost of plot in the game sia… Few moments ago.. i tot our leader’s account was hacked…with suddenly so many members expelled suddenly.. the future CWs seem bleak… Some sudden disarray… A new era is coming … Now is the time for smaller factions to struggle for power.. lol.. haiz sian

  18. Who is your leader CCB? don anyhow insult ppl by calling them your leader…and your grammar cmi “with suddenly so many members”

  19. I guess u’re right… my grammer is indeed cmi… i do admit i didn’t get a A for my GP. =]

  20. i just realised something
    wihout yakisoba there wont be anymore colony war if the republican alliance take over evrything they cant fight each other unless they break the allince or unless new stronger factions arise

  21. Please ignore any insults from CCB if possible – I think he is a still young. His latest post about ‘being hacked’ is actually about a very recent crisis that has befallen Vradical. I won’t bother to give more details about it as it is totally irrelevant to this topic.

    I notice a new faction called ChoroPoring (or something) has been formed already- so the I’m sure cervantes cw isn’t crippled. From my perspective, Yakisoba’s disbanding is isn’t major crisis- its not like a mass quiting of GE.
    I wish you guys all the best.

  22. On behalf of Vradical, I wish to declare the doors of my faction open to any Yakisoban who wishes to a change of of environment and willing to help us.
    A very recent and terrible incident has occured on 10.30pm last night that has severely crippled our faction’s ability to participate in cw. We are in need of members who not only can help us, but also take commanding positions. The only good result is the bad relations you had with some of our members has been nearly wiped clean…in a horrible manner for us.

    Should any Yakisobans be so kind as to help us in our darkest hour, please pm Cassase, Maximus or Lanif (if she isnt still crying) in game.

    Thanks for your attention.

  23. gl tsu despite all the crap outside faction; we were a really warm family inside ~~

    zomg too corny ok gl anyways keep in touch 🙂

  24. Good Luck In Your Studies.. =)
    Our Royalist Side Is in Trouble Now…

  25. Farewell, and good luck in your studies~

    A great loss for all Royalists in Granado Espada~

  26. goodluck out there man! my family will always remeber you as the original levitating angel-bear wizard of cervantes 😀

  27. gd like gona be no more fiting le =/

  28. Vrad kena the same thing like Dom too? O_O

  29. @RavaNa.HypE
    You are an uber fan of Ken-chan. Cheers for you =.=

    *Hugs papa* I love you. You should know that.

    Having a new faction doesn’t mean we are going to rise or anything.

  30. o.O lol i do not have any intention of accusing anyone of hacking into our leader’s account sia.. i just thought tt was wat happened.. but apparently….. something else happened instead..

  31. I’m sorry to hear that the Yakisoba will be disabandoning… All the best to Tsubaki on his exams too.
    All the best to the remaining yakis out there… Have fun Ge-ing…

    Yours Sincerely

  32. Ohman, i thought you were a great leader! All the best for your diploma! 😉

  33. damn…i just joined like 2 weeks plus and Tsubaki is leaving already. Wat the heck i tried and tried so hard to join yakisoba becoz of the good leadership and all and suddenly this is happening. O well…hope the “latest” plans will be even better and improved.

    as for u tsubaki…good luck to you. the faction was lead by u and it was very well organized. despite it always being againts all the oughts u still manage to pull it through(of course with the help of some other old yaki members) guess u have that organized attitude in real life too and chose studies over gaming…u made the best choice and chose the right priority. Good luck to u and hope u be back once again with us.

  34. Too bad my faction is closed for recruitment right from the moment it was established (OneManArmy faction)… If not can absorb these veterans hahaha

  35. Mardias, OneManArmy should only have 1 char though. =D

  36. anime and now yaki deadsho? bleh. I suppose the rest of the yakis will be creating a new royalist faction. Just in time for sGE commercialisation and SOTNW becoming f2p. Good Luck on your school and hope you come back to GE soon.

  37. My faction have officially joined the Royalists as of 1st Sept 12pm =)

    Need more support pls for the cute princess Gab.

  38. From what ive seen, some/most have gone to ChronoPoring faction. Well, just a speculation anyways.

  39. Yes, we need your help.

  40. Vrad faster choose side wor..dun make it care bear server..hide behind ks and backstab

  41. Cervantes has gone to hell after Yakisoba disbanded.

  42. I’ll miss joo!!!! ~_~”

    =”3 i’ve posted my pictures >.>

  43. CARNAGE has returned, Vradical and Halcyon is getting stronger.
    But if Tsubaki returns many may fall, if your old members are still loyal to Yakisoba

  44. of course we’re still loyal to Yakisoba… but it’s not easy for all of us to return to GE… we’ve all set foot on different paths in life. Gatherings, maybe. But fighting face to face with youngsters with more time and less social pressure… ain’t gonna be an easy feat

    nice to know that ur here thou =P

  45. guess, i’m the oldest yaki member who still GE-ing? lulz

  46. And Sabre has forgot my birthday.. WHAT A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE!

  47. wat bd… u nv even show up at ge anymore~

  48. My mum took my cpu, what can I do? Unless you’re willing to lend me your cpu? =3

    Urgh, that bitch =.=..

  49. ok i lend u a cpu from some 1 in KL sNAIL PC
    ah neh also can , or better yet Isa 1

  50. Really?! Yay! Ask them add me in msn and deliver it to me!

  51. tsubaki’s back?

  52. duh =P

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