Posted by: tsubaki | October 6, 2007

We are moving to Team Fortress 2


That’s right. A couple of us have moved/will be moving to the newly launched Team Fortress 2, which is incredibly fun and addictive. The gameplay is just pure insanity, lots of killings, capturing point or flags and a lot of laughter. The graphics are pretty awesome too, it’s like the original Team Fortress Classic meets Pixar Animation. Voice acting in this game is uber hilarious, especially when you taunt people.

We have also formed up Yakisoba on the Steamcommunity, membership is now open to those who want to join us over at Team Fortress 2.

For those who want to know more about Team Fortress 2, read on for screenies and commentary below! And go watch the game trailers here!


Two Engineers building Sentry Guns. Very deadly when upgraded to level 3 Sentries. The camping bastards of the game.


The Pyro, specializes in close distance flame throwing, very very deadly when used correctly. Currently my favorite and best character!


The most deadliest combo in TF2, The Heavy and Medic. Heavy’s gattling gun mows down people like nobody’s business and cope together with a medic healing him from behind, he is almost unstoppable.

The Medic also has a unique skill, being able to use Ubercharge, a skill that can make himself and the person he is healing invincible for a brief period of time. Thus medic + heavy + uber = WIN


A Demoman and Engineer defending the Intelligence room in 2fort. The Demoman launches grenades and sticky bombs which can be exploded at will, making him quite a gay ass defender together with the Engineer.


A Pyro in action. The Sniper and Soldier getting some heat.


One of the feature of Soldier is his ability to Rocket jump to high spots. By firing a rocket on his feet, he can jump quite a distance to places that are usually not accessible by others. The other character who can do such a jump is the Demoman with his bombs. Of course, these moves will injure you a little, around 40-50hp.


The Sniper needs little explanation. Except one feature he has is the longer he stays in scope mode, the more powerful his shots will get charged. This makes him quite the 1 hit killer, especially against slow moving targets like Heavy.

The Spy on the other hand, is the most fun character in TF2. He can cloak and disguise himself as the enemy and backstab them. 1 stab at the back is instant kill. Also, The Spy can place sappers on Sentry Guns to disable and slowly destroy them, clearing the way for your team to rush in.

There’s just so many ways to counter each other on Team Fortress 2 and we’re having a blast doing so. Granado Espada has gotten too serious for its own good, and it destroyed the meaning of what’s fun about games. Some of us will still be playing there, some half half, others just totally TF2.

I’ll be slowly updating this blog with more TF2 news to come.


  1. tf2 yakisoba ftw! just 5 more days!

  2. YYYYYYEAAAAAAAH. Have to wait for standalone. =x

  3. count me in lol

  4. anytime ^^ ftz(the cc i goes) had TF2 installed when it launches =x

  5. ahahahha
    expect me to use something that other ppl rarely use !

  6. Lulz, kuch using spectator. =D

  7. homofied

  8. dodo huhu, choco cake here. =D

  9. the graphics really look like they came out of an animation or something loll.

  10. Yes, it was made cartoonish cause back at TF1 you could jump/fly/blast your way high up with a bazooka which isnt even close to realistic feel.

    So they decided to go with the cartoonish look to match the game style.


  12. guys are you not comming back to Ge?

  13. guys are you not coming back to GE? (i just asked)

  14. i hope yakisoba will be back in GE, take care guys God Bless!

  15. GE is teh lose! TF2 for epic win!

  16. need buy ah or just download?

  17. Buy from Steam = download
    Buy DVD = install?

  18. glad to know that yakisoba is still active although not GE, anyways goodluck on TF2

  19. Hi, im not from Yakisoba, but i was kinda interested in this game, so if im were to play, can i join you all in TF2 ?? (i mean play together in TF2 since im a newbie so no friends)

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