Posted by: tsubaki | October 13, 2007

More Team Fortress 2 details

Alright, quite a number of us have moved to Team Fortress 2, and we’re hoping more of you will pick up TF2 because it’s just mind blowing fun. Here’s more details for those who want to pick a copy up.

How to get it
You can purchase the Orange Box set from either Steam which you will immediately be allowed to download and play. You get 5 games (HL2, HL2 ep1, HL2 ep2, Portal and TF2 for the price of SGD$66.


Purchase just the standalone Team Fortress 2 game from Steam for SGD$44.


Buy the Orange box set from retail outlets. SGD$79 plus minus

In my opinion, buying the Orange Box is better even though you may not like to play HL2. However, Portal is amazingly fun and it’s pretty much worth getting. HL2 itself, is a pretty good game and when you want a different environment and pacing, that’s one game you can play.

Who has it
Yakisoba’s Steamcommunity site:

Tsubaki –
SilverCrimz –
Huang –
Testarossa –

And also, our RakiChanneru allies –
madman –
fullmetalneko –
Jayfactor –
Strifemare –

Recommended servers
SG servers have the best ping obviously, but the worst players. Me and testa always play on the JP servers because it’s much better there, and plus the ping for those in the West and Asia is acceptable (100ish ping). Here are some of the JP servers

Team Fortresss 2 Beginner’s Server [JP]:
[JP] 100Yen Server:
[JP] 200Yen Server:
[JP] Hanage Japan TF2:
[JP] W.K.T.K. TeamFortress2:


  1. How is the participation rate of TF2?

  2. I say what the hell…., make the next game the guild is moving to is “making yakisoba”

  3. hei, where zis my name ere not in da’ list?

  4. btw, my pc got struck by lightning and it has caused me sufficient damage to not play much games these few months until i get a new pc. pam pam pam….

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