Posted by: tsubaki | February 26, 2008

Yakisoba @ Cabal Online (SEA)


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since this dead blog has been updated, but fret not. It will be updated more often now, since that we have decided to move to Cabal Online (SEA). That’s right, the Yakisoba that you see in Cabal Online is the official Yakisoba guild. As usual, we’re moving towards competitive gameplay once again and interestingly, the early stages of this game have seem to already spark to rival factions (reminding me of the good ol’ Dominion vs Yakisoba saga).

Just a couple of changes in the leadership, Tsubaki will not be the leader in Cabal, instead, Lun4r aka Testarossa (GE) aka Feito (TF2) (omfg, you should just stick to one damn nick bitch) will be helming the guild. Tsubaki will be incharge of recruitments and updates of the blog as usual.

Our recruitment notice can be found here on the community forum (which Tsubaki can’t post because his account hasn’t been accepted by moderators).

And here’s our list of members

I daresay we have quite a large number of the high level players around. While this is just the CBT, we believe it’s always good to grab your people when it’s early =)

We’ll see you guys in OBT.



  1. Woah whats with the lvl 40+.u guys dint just join in huh. how long has this game been launch?

  2. it’s easy to hit lvl 40+… but cabal isn’t just about ur base level… you have to train your skill levels too. well for cbt we just rushed lvl all the way… but for obt we’ve got to train both skill and base level =P

    anyway cbt lasted from 22nd feb to 28th feb =P

  3. Hey you if any of you remember me =P

    Hows everyone doing? Is everyone from Yakis moving to cabal?
    If its so den its gonna be cool xD

  4. hi o.o

  5. fail. typed my name wrongly

  6. Lyre failed in typing! HAH!

  7. i dun think everyone is going over to cabal la… when cabal cbt ended… the guild consisted of lots of new members and probably a handful old ones =P

  8. Hey anyone remember me? =]
    I’m gonna play Cabal after my exams finish, 7th March when I have 3 weeks break from my school.
    Cya ingame.

  9. epic phail =(

    Wow. People are coming back. lol

  10. hello~ testa~ invite me okie =)

  11. Wow, all the ghouls are returning. Epic.

  12. Me me! Count me in! Though I need to make sure this crap laptop can manage Cable.. T_T;;

  13. Cabal. Not cable >.>

  14. lol! daughter kena scolding from ur papa! classic

  15. Tsubaki,may i know which server ur guys playing?ASAP plz

  16. Mercury. Chn 5

  17. oh damn..i play at venus..nvm i’ll start to play my char again..XD

  18. Uguh, typo @.@ Gomenasai papa T_T;;

    I will murder you~

  19. hehe… =P

  20. Hey guys! How can I join this guild? It looks very interesting… 🙂

  21. lv126 FA on thai’s cabal >.<

  22. i wan join u guys… juz started… can i..

    previous game : Granado Espada n Supreme Destiny

  23. i wan join u guys…

    previous game : GE n SD

  24. new force shielder >..>

    worn full osmium set at lv67 ^^

  25. Fuck u kau

  26. Cabal Private servers are out :O

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