Posted by: tsubaki | March 6, 2008

Yakisoba’s up in Cabal


Aye, I must admit we are a little slow this time round, only because everyone’s not exactly very free (with the exception of our dear PES E Jiren aka Renji (GE), who is now the leader.

But it’s great in the sense that 17 former members (and more to come) have all returned together to play Cabal. That itself is quite a feat since the former yakisoba spirit already exist within the guild. We’re still deciding whether we should go active competitively, so we aren’t exactly going to mass recruit people.

But if you’re still interested to join us, and is quite a grinder, pm Tsuu. And I can’t believe someone actually stole the Tsubaki name and made it into a mule character. Sonofabitch.

Oh, we are all now playing on Chan 24. Catch us there.



  1. Yay for first response! I won’t be here for aroudn 4 days~ And gotta redownload Cabal to my cpu to play. Meow that’s right! Hera got her cpu back!~ BWAHAHAHA! IMA BRING ALL THE NICKNAMES TO CABAL!!

  2. I wanna play. Can I join?

  3. I am playing cabal too…but i cant find channel 24 lol

  4. er which server are u playing

  5. Server: Mercury

    Sorry, wrong info. I will be back on Tuesday night haha~~

  6. Sarah, you’re alive! =O

  7. ya. my laptop spoiled, just got a new desktop recently. i intend to try this game. lol.

  8. dunno why i cannot post comments

  9. @chia yi: huh? Like didn’t you just post a comment?

  10. Aww…..haha. I’m getting a new lappie soon. ^^

  11. Oh, and come to the forum! =(

  12. I’m having problems with the forum. When someone posts a picture that’s too bit, the reply button gets pushed to the right, and I can’t even see it, much less click it. And I can’t scroll to the right.
    So… I can’t reply!
    Argh! It’s so hard to do combos on cabal. Still not used to it.

  13. ops yeah suddenly can post comment.
    dont think i’ll play cabal anyway, way too busy with school work nowadays. hehe.

  14. Elfin use your arrow key to move to the right. Then u can reply. =O

  15. Why don’t you make a feature that resizes the pictures that people post. >.<
    Can’t see the full pic. Gotta keep scrolling up & down…

  16. i wanna join yakisoba !
    i cannt make it into yakisoba tt time in GE so im gonna join yakisoba in CABAL !
    muahaha ! =x

  17. hey guys! any requirements to join this interesting guild? tnx… 🙂

  18. #$%# ! im at VENUS ! Didnt knew u guys were playing also…

    Am Lv 53 FB Master/Expert… Started a week ago…zzz

  19. lawl. come over rar

  20. Grimm. what’s you ID. Can I add you?
    I’m on venus too. 46 now, str blader. =]

  21. AH BENG~~~!!!!! since u play cabal, gip me ur GE acct, kthxbai. Then i merc all ur chars to mine, thanks again. lol lol lol

  22. NEVER !

    Anyways i’ll be back in GE soon. Just casually playing cabal atm. GE kinda stress =.= raid raid raid.. Ravana also in cabal now.. hit lv 100 cap already =.=

  23. grimm go daiiii~~~~~~~~~~~
    see HOT quickly go join ! don tink i dunoo huh !

  24. o.0 Is cabal good?

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