Posted by: tsubaki | July 29, 2008


Hi all. It’s been an awfully long time since I posted here, and well I’m finally back to breath life into this blog. We will be updating this blog more frequently, so do check back often. Just for the outside community as well as former members information, Yakisoba is still very much alive and kicking. We are all holed up in our private forums, slowly plotting to dominate another game. Haha, okay maybe not. Most of us have pretty much moved on to higher education, work and such. Myself for example have been very fortunately to graduate and work for Eric Khoo, a local filmmaker.

A handful of us are still keeping the yakisoba forums alive with updates on the latest games and personal lives with occassional ghosts returning to drop a link to another game before disappearing. Just to show how deep the yakisoba bond runs among us, two of our members recently got attached and we all wish them the very best in their relationship.

Currently myself and a few other members are playing Atlantica Online, a turn-based MMO where you can control up to 9 players. If you think Granado Espada was already hard with 3, then this game will blow you away. Hahah. Atlantica Online also comes with a very complex economical system and we love it a lot here. It’s currently in CBT now, and they are wiping soon. But we’ll definitely be returning to this game.

I’ll stop here for now, don’t want to burn out by starting with a TLDR post.



  1. Hail Yakisoba!!!


  3. lolz

  4. Yakisoba BANZAI~!!! Lol~ *hugs everyone*

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