Posted by: tsubaki | July 31, 2008


We here at Yakisoba’s very excited about resurecting our blog once again to fill it up with more posts about ourselves and the games that have caught our eyes. A couple of members will join me in writing articles, while the rest will churn out ideas and news on our forums.

I took a trip down memory lane, reading our old Granado Espada posts, and I have to admit, we are pretty damn awesome. Hahaha. But what’s more awesome is how this guild has bonded us like no other experience. A plate of fried Japanese noodles is all it took.

Today, our active members stands at around 15. A far cry from the original 100-ish members, but nevertheless continuing to keep the flames alive, and moving from one game to another game whenever time permits. Sadly, we no longer are able to keep up to our “insane hardcore grinding” title.

But we’ve decided for now to move to Altantica Online to play. As soon as the next OB starts, we’ll be there and we hope people out there will join us. I’ll talk more about the game in post to come.


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