Posted by: tsubaki | August 4, 2008

Atlantica Online Release Date Rumours

It’s 4 days into August and still no news from the GM team from Atlantica. This is by far the biggest stinker, comparatively to a certain company that kept promising and then pushing back the release of an important patch to one of the most over-hyped games, which eventually this particular game died on its on because everyone was shafted by the creator of the game. Including the company that owns the publishing rights to it.

But still, we have got sources pointing to a few dates. WarCry Network announces a August 7 release. And someone on the forums claims to have a “friend” working in nDoors saying that August 13 is the actual date.

Whatever the date is, the admins are still keeping tight lipped. Not exactly a good way to qwell fans of such an awesome game.



  1. simply becoz they dunno when they are ready haha

  2. Uguu, wish they would hurry up. =/

  3. hmm been waiting for the game to up too..

  4. I might be interested =x

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