Posted by: tsubaki | August 6, 2008

Atlantica Online CBT2 Confirmed

Fresh from the lion’s mouth:

The wait is over.  Atlantica Online will be back up and running on Aug. 7 at 6 p.m. PDT. (That’s 08/08/08 9am Singapore Time)

All players who participated in the first phase of the closed beta can return at that time to the Atlantica world, which has been updated and modified in order to test new elements in the game.  Your help in identifying problems has been greatly appreciated, and we hope you will continue your diligent efforts for this second round of the closed beta, which is expected to run until Aug. 18.  This schedule, however, is not final, and any changes will be announced on the Atlantica website.

For this new phase, two new features have been added for testing: 1) Stamina; and 2) Challenge, which is a means for more player-versus-player combat.

Plus, there will be additional events for players who participate in the second round ? that means more Atlantica Online 2GB USB Flash drives up for grabs.

More details on these features and events will be available on the website soon, as well as information on how those of you who weren’t a part of the first round can play the game this second time around.  So please return to the Atlantica website regularly for more updates.

We hope your second trip to Atlantis is better than the first!

And it’s back. Looks like the Warcry sauce was reliable. However, this piece of information is as vague as hell. Firstly we don’t know whether our characters has been wiped already and whether or not it will be wiped again. Then we don’t know if newer players can partake in this CBT2.

Whatever it is, I’m not going to rush so much. Shall wait for OBT to insanely grind. Meanwhile, I’ll get to test my builds.

Atlanticrack is back. Let the addiction kick in!


  1. hi hi~… newer player can take part in this 2nd OBT. There is OBT key giveaway out there. (well, i dont know if has it or not).

    Hmm yeah i wanna know if there is a wipe or not ~_~. Hmm i think i’ll go try out new class if there is a wipe. But i read somewhere before, if there IS a wipe, then it’ll be the last wipe. There’ll be only 1 wipe in this 2 CBT

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