Posted by: tsubaki | August 8, 2008

Aion Beta Testing News

The one game that we here at Yakisoba have been waiting for a very very long time, is none other that Aion. Well sure Blade and Soul certainly stole our hearts a little from Aion, but we’re really looking forward to playing Aion.

And just recently, the official Aion webisite released a little tidbit regarding the Beta Tests for Aion.

When will beta testing begin?

In lieu of beta testing, Aion fans will be given opportunities to participate in a small number of Preview events before the game’s release. In addition to soliciting player feedback, the Preview events will help prepare for Aion’s release, as well as provide a great gaming experience on launch day and beyond.

As with Aion’s release date, the schedule of these Preview events will be announced in coming months.”

The first Aion preview event will be held at Penny Arcade Expo, which sadly we’ll never be able to attend. But if you can, do sign up for it.


  1. HOHOHO…
    i’ve been waiting for this game~~~ xD

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