Posted by: tsubaki | August 16, 2008

GM’s stance on Stamina and Scrolls

Dear Atlantica Players:

We have heard your comments and feedback on the Stamina system, with many of you expressing the question: why was Stamina introduced into Atlantica? Please allow us this opportunity to explain our motivation behind adding this feature into the game.

Why we incorporated Stamina was a desire to emphasize the multiplayer qualities of Atlantica. We truly appreciate the fact that many of you enjoy going into battles using turn-based combat system, which is one of the features developed to help the game stand out among all the other MMORPGs out there. But with some players’ zeal to just hunt monsters and complete quests to level up, the community side of Atlantica ? interacting with other players for guilds or even player-versus-player combat ? was being overlooked. And we believe that this will hurt the long-term relationship we hope to have with all of you. By incorporating new features like Stamina, it will open up more opportunities for you to get involved in the world of Atlantica, especially when you start reaching the upper levels of 90 and above.

It would have been easier for us just to adapt the Korean version for you and players in North and South America and Europe, but we wanted to take what we learned from our past experiences and put more work into the game, making it better. The direction we want to go is to include features that we believe will make the game better over the long haul.

Stamina, we believe, is one of these features. The Stamina points you are given each day provides some amount of play time for you to fight player-versus-enemy battles. And you can recharge Stamina points by participating in various community activities, so you can still go back to PvE combat and further your quest for Atlantis. Plus, we are developing new ways for players to regenerate Stamina points in the future as well.

The addition of Stamina, we believe, will benefit the Atlantica experience in these three ways:

1) Strengthening the Atlantica community by encouraging players to interact with each other more.

2) Allowing players to discover the excitement of player-versus-player combat in Atlantica. In some instances, we have heard people’s attitude go from “I hate PvP” to “PvP is actually fun.”

3) With the benefits of (1) and (2), there will be a better balance between the systems and contents within the game and they will help each other so in the long-term, we can create a better gaming experience for players. We’ve already seen it in this second round of the closed beta, as more players hit higher records than the first round. Plus, you and other players are taking part in the community aspects of the game more.

And we would also like to stress that the Stamina Pill many of you are curious about will not be sold as a cash item for you to buy. We do not intend to sell this or any other items that will recharge Stamina. The reason why we introduced Stamina is not a quick-and-easy way for us to make money. It truly is to make this game better for all of you over the long term.

This long-term approach also applies to the Scroll used in PvP. The Scrolls we are developing will not be a cash item as well. We like adding an element of chance, which should enhance the game’s variety and excitement. In the near future, Scrolls for PvP can be easily crafted by you or you can purchase them in low price in markets within the game. And since the Scrolls will be equally available to all players, we hope that players will be able to explore using Scrolls in PvP as a valid and fair strategy.

We understand that this game cannot exist without your support. We hope to continue on this journey to make Atlantica better, and we want you along with us on this trek for a long time. Our goal is to make Atlantica one of the best MMORPGs. Thank you for your support.



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