Posted by: tsubaki | August 27, 2008

Atlantica Online CB3 patch details

Atlantica Online CB3 starts today, and here are the new patch details. Things are looking better.

1. Free Leagues
* Players’ previous Free Leagues information has been wiped.This is an opportunity for players to start anew in the Free Leagues.
* There will be 8 Free Leagues per day, one occurring every 3 hours (all times are Pacific Daylight Saving Time):
* 7-Character Leagues (4 times per day): 12 a.m., 6 a.m., 12 p.m., 6 p.m.
* 9-Character Leagues (4 times per day): 3 a.m., 9 a.m., 3 p.m., 9 p.m.
* In Free League competition, players’ attributes like physical strength and magic powers will be enhanced even if they are at a lower level, as compared to fighting monsters.
* A player can obtain three times more Experience points fighting in the Free Leagues than what he/she can earn fighting monsters.
* There are no capacity limits.
* The minimum level to participate in the Free Leagues has been changed to Level 20.
* Players cannot exchange mercenaries in the 7-Character league.
* The method in determining a player’s ranking in the Free Leagues has changed. It is now based on the following, in descending order of importance: Division, League points, win/loss percentage, total number of matches fought, Level, and Experience points. Example: If two players are in the same division and have the same number of League points, the player with the better win/loss percentage is ranked higher.
* If a player doesn’t participate in the Free Leagues for more than 3 days, he/she will fall back to the next lower division.
* The method in determining the initial division a player is placed in when he/she first starts in the Free Leagues has been adjusted. See the table below:

* Division 18 – Level 20 and above;
* Division 17 – Level 35 and above;
* Division 16 – Level 50 and above;
* Division 15 – Level 65 and above;
* Division 14 – Level 80 and above.

* There will be a new button displaying the Free Leagues’ starting times.
* Instead of declining at 7 minutes after a battle starts, player’s physical strength will start to decline after the 15th turn.
* The division of a player will be displayed next to the player’s character name.
* The effect of enchanted equipment will be less in Free League competition.

2. Stamina
* Stamina points will not be deducted when players are in a tutorial region.
* A player can still obtain items and Experience points in battle even if his/her Stamina score is 0.
* When fighting in a party, all party members’ Stamina points will reduce.
* If fighting in a party of 2, each player will recover 1 Stamina point after every 2 battles. If fighting in a party of 3, each player will recover 2 Stamina points after every 3 battles. (This only applies to party members actually engaged in the battle.)
* If battling with a party, a player with no Stamina points can still obtain Experience points and loot.

3. Challenges
* The minimum level for a player to register or accept a Challenge has been changed to Level 20.

4. Items
* If a player at Level 50 and above fails to loot anything during a battle, he/she will obtain a gold coin bundle instead.
* The NPCs Jang Gun, Kim Han Duck, Mitsui, and Yim Sang Ok will purchase the gold coin bundle for its original price.
* The required materials for Savior’s Charm have been reduced.
* Players can purchase the Scroll of Mana Piercing, which reduces the Mana defense level of your opponent, from the market for a set price.
* A new category of items has been created called Energy.And previous energy-similar items now fall under the Energy category.
* Against the boss in the Shogun Castle dungeon (which requires a key to enter), the drop ratio of equipment boxes has been increased. (This is applicable only to North American players.)
* Quests that once gave Scroll Boxes as a reward now give out a Scroll of Vortex.In addition, the Scrolls of Silence, Nike, Confusion, and Darkness have been replaced by the Scroll of Vortex. The Scrolls of Reinforcement and Bewitching still remain.

5. Monsters
* The defense ability and the physical power of Admirer of Shiba, a monster in Bran Castle, have been decreased.
* The vitality of the Guardians of Sea King’s Palace has been increased.
* Some monsters from the Forest of Spirits, Yellow River, the Sea King’s Palace, and Angkor Wat have had their physical strength increased.

6. Magic
* The damage caused by magic skills Chaos Wind, Break Down, and Evanescent Scud has been increased.
* The Mana consumption level for the Monk’s magic skills of Protect and Shield of Protection has been reduced.
* The accuracy of Wild Shot has been increased and the damage caused by this magic skill has been increased by a small amount.

7. Battles
* A player can obtain bonus Scrolls from a character not only from just Free League battles, but also other battles, Challenges, arenas, and the Training Center.

8. General Information
* The Friends Referral system is now active in the game.

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