Posted by: tsubaki | August 21, 2009

Yakisoba banner updated


And we finally update our banner after a long long time. About time we retired Grace from Granado Espada for an Asmodian Sorceress from Aion!

More updates to the blog and forum are in the pipeline. It’s time to start kicking up the Aion frenzy. 22nd Sept (SG Time) is only just a month away now! For those who still have not gotten their hands on a copy of the pre-order, head to this thread here on our forum for an FAQ on how to acquire one.

We are also starting up the roster list for Aion, pop by in here to let us know what character are you planning to roll. Yakisoba will not be taking the hardcore route we took for Granado Espada considering most of us now have big real world commitments, but that shouldn’t stop us from still playing together as a Legion.

Our forums are unfortunately only available to all Yakisoba members. We’ll be opening it up soon though, it’s about time we start adding new blood to our family. As for the rest of the members, you ghouls better start posting!


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