Posted by: tsubaki | August 23, 2009

Getting the best out of your Aion purchase

Let’s face it. Not everyone is loaded. It’s either you have a lot of free time and no money, or earning money and not a lot of free time. Aion, as we all know by now, is a must buy game where you would probably sell your left testicle for it. But fret not, there are a few ways to shave of a few savings.

Brick & Mortar:
SE – SGD$72/76 (Funzcenter AMK Hub)  SGD$79 (Comic Connection)
CE – SGD$114 (Funzcenter)

Going digital:
SE – USD$49.99 (~SGD$72)
CE – USD$59.99 (~SGD$86)

As of now, digital CE is worth getting because of the extra in-game items. Black Cloud Wings (Lvl 30) which gives you +40 flight time, Black Cloud Earring, +hp/mp stats, and an exclusive title with stats. Also thrown in are 2 emotes (1, 2) and dye.

The boxset CE, is far costlier and has an ugly figurine + OST cd (worth torrenting, lulz). If you don’t feel the need to collect more dust in your room, then go digital. Plus you will never have to worry about not getting the game on time because of delivery delays unlike the retail boxsets.

However, if you already bought the SE boxset and suddenly have a deep craving for the CE items, NCsoft has released a special upgrade feature- Upgrade your SE account to CE for only USD$10. A few of us here have done it already, and it’s much cheaper than getting the CE boxset with the useless figurine and all.



  1. hello tsubaki,

    i can’t access Yakisoba forums for some reason it just won’t load..

    is there any way i can add u to msn or something?

  2. Hi,

    Sorry, but who are you? Lol. What do you mean by doesn’t load? Only registered members who have been validated would have access to the forums.

    You can contact me via email at gmail dot com

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