Posted by: tsubaki | August 27, 2009

Yakisoba Aion Updates!


Alright, just some general updates for all yakisoba members.

Our Aion division is growing nicely now, our number stands at 22. We have a good mix of hardcore and average gamers so this should provide enough parties to go around when we hit the grindy part of the game.

I’m also in discussion with a few upcoming SG/MY/AUS legions who are also planning to roll Asmo and we’ll probably be building up a strong alliance with them- this will help us when we start going on pvp ganktrips.

I’ll post more when we have finalize more details.

I’m also looking into which server we should roll on live. At the moment the oceanic community is hoping to find a West coast server (since the difference between East and West is actually a 100 ping difference), and NCsoft has been rather secretive about their server locations. But if nothing’s going to be finalized, then I think we should just roll in Siel. But don’t count on that yet.

Also I would like to remind all members who are playing Aion to kindly introduce themselves to the legion here, existing members, do re-introduce yourself as well. And please use this thread to let us know which character would be your main.

We’ve got sufficient dpsers already, so we’re gonna need a couple more Templars, Chanters and Spiritmasters to back us up. I know how most people feel about SMs, but in v1.5 they get a pretty niffy skill- increase drop rate of mobs.

Openbeta really needs to start soon. SRSLY!


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