Posted by: tsubaki | August 29, 2009

The Abyss

For those who have yet to visit the Abyss and want to get a feel of how it looks like, check out the video posted. It has got to be one of the best video of the Abyss and the production value for it is superb. The quality is fantastic, remember to watch it in HD because it really makes you want to dive right in.



  1. The Grave of Steel and Sulfur Tree was the best spot for incoming high level Elyos (to hunt low level Asmodians) in CN Aion.

    Just careful if you’re the late players who went into Abyss when there’re a lot of high level players around. They may not earn Abyss point for hunting too low leveled players but is doesn’t matter cause the whole point is to stop you from leveling high, annoy you and make you drop lots of Abyss point.

    Trust me, is a very useful tactic because players who spend lv25++ grinding outside Abyss doesn’t earn Abyss point to exchange Abyss equipment (Aka PvP Equipment). And another part is because if you’re in certain ranking in Abyss (Counted according to Abyss point), you get special Abyss skills to be used on PvPing.

    Just some of my experiences.

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