Posted by: tsubaki | August 29, 2009

Yakisoba’s Recruiting!

Greetings, we are a closely-knitted Singapore based legion with members from SG/MY/AUS and we opening up for recruitment. We have years of MMO experiences and our members have moved from game to game together. We have played Granado Esapda (SEA), Cabal Online (SEA), Atlantica Online (Global), Dragonica (SEA) and Team Fortress 2. Some of our newly recruited members have years of experiencing playing World of Warcraft as well.

We plan to make Aion our next home and we have decided to go Asmodian but have yet to decide on a server for live. Yakisoba is a semi-hardcore guild for mature players with jobs. We used to be really hardcore in Granado Espada, but that’s the past, most of us are working/serving army now. But still, we love endgame pvp and raids so we’ll definitely get there, abeit slower than your usual hardcore legion.

Our current strength for Aion stands at 24 players and we’re looking to get a couple more players who are planning to roll:
– Templars
– Chanters
– Spiritmasters

For the upcoming OBT, we will be playing on Siel server.

If you’re interested, do drop by our forum or blog and let us know abit about yourself:

Yakisoba! (blog)
Yakisoba (forums)



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