Posted by: tsubaki | September 5, 2009

Yakisoba’s OBT status

Aion OBT will be up in just 1 day and 5 more hours time and here’s some detail for all Yakisoba members:

We will be rolling in Siel again as Asmodians. During this time, please take note of the latecy of the game and post feedbacks on our forums. We will be deciding whether to still stay in Siel or move to Israphel for the Live launch.

The ventrilo server is up and running so do make full use of it. Props to shade for lending us his server. Ventrilo IP – Port – 6414. There’s also a YakiRadio that we have thrown in, it will play various playlist from japanese to korean to electronic.

I wouldn’t be playing much for live, but I will be on the first day to create our legion. Once our legion is up, I will make a post on our forum and you can check out the necessary names to communicate to to be added into the legion. Also for easier communication you might want to post your MSN email here, so everyone can add each other up.

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