Posted by: tsubaki | September 19, 2009

The Yakisoba Welcome!

Greetings to all new Yakisoba members,

First and foremost, welcome to Yakisoba. I am Tsubaki, leader of Yakisoba and I am glad you have chosen to bear the Yakisoba name. While it is simply exciting to be part of a guild and to play Aion together with a group of like-minded people, I would like to take this time to explain a little about our culture here and what it means to be a Yakisoba member.

It will be a long read, and if it’s too long for your attention span, then I’ll have to say that you’re definitely not the member for us.

Yakisoba was founded in 2003 by a group of online friends (myself, Crimz and Keitaro are the remaining few from that era) who started out playing Ragnarok Online. Slowly we moved from game to game (mostly f2p games) until we settled on Granado Espada in 2007, where we became the most powerful guild in Cervantes (You can read more about our escapades on our guild blog). We dominated the entire economy, bosses and even town colonies (our guild single-handedly controlled 18/22 colonies once) without maxing the total number of players.

We believe in quality over quantity, grinding our characters without cheats and yet, not entirely neglecting our social lives completely. The core members of Yakisoba have gathered on various occasions like BBQs or dinners and we know each other to the point where we have all become very good real-life friends.

Basically we are quite hardcore, but we have a few principal we stick to, and have never change in all of the MMOs we have played.

1. Never bot, never cheat
2. Absolute loyalty to the guild
3. Deep trust and respect for each member
4. Fun and lots of bullshit on guildchat

Right now, we don’t know how will the new Yakisoba in Aion will turn out. Our hardcore members (even myself) can no longer claim to be hardcore anymore, due to our commitment outside.

But I am certain, together with the rest of original Yakisoba members, that we will want this guild to be a home to all online. Our online refuge. And I will take whatever means necessary to build up this home for us, together with your help of course.

I am in the works of procuring a ventrilo server (it should be up by tomorrow) for the guild and we deeply encourage everyone who is online to be on it and be active. The more you talk, the more we will get to know you better.

Guild registration will be closed soon, and we will soon be vetting our new members. So count yourself lucky to be here. Do stay active on the forums even if you cannot commit much to the game.

Also, we hope you will live by our values, and to help us continue this culture we carry. With that, I will open the door now:

If you feel that you are not up to what we consider to be a Yakisoba member, you are free to leave us, no hard feeling attached. But if the prospect still attracts you, you are certainly welcomed here, and let’s have fun in Aion Online!


Leader of Yakisoba


  1. Tsubaki hi, is the forum down? Cant access it for the past few days,

    Btw, i created account in Nezekan. Asmod templar
    Lewis. Cya in game

  2. hey lewis, the forums are running fine. I guess it’s something something on your own, since there’s a furry of posts on our forums.

    And we’ll see you soon in game. =)

  3. I will be playing Aion this coming friday when the stock is available. and wish to join Yakisoba. 🙂

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