Posted by: tsubaki | September 20, 2009


Announcing our newest member to the guild…

Shader and I have worked out a little something and we now have our very own 40 slot Ventrilo Server! The vent server is being hosted by Right now I’ll be footing the bill, but if you wish to help chip in a couple of bucks, do let me know. We will scale the number of slots based on the usage, so please make use of it!

Port: 6414

All members are expected to be on the vent server when you are online, and we will shortly be enforcing this. For those who don’t have a mic, it’s high time you invest in one! Let’s make the vent server really happening!



  1. hi there
    Wanan ask u if u noe where and how to Dl the trial and the full game set it self. i tried many game shop, all dun have for walk in.

  2. as above

  3. Ermmm alland if you have not get your game yet.
    Make sure you hunt on friday ! Stock will be flooding in this coming friday. hope this help 🙂

  4. I Myself will be buying this friday as well 🙂
    At Serangoon Center. If you dont live near there.
    Go to FunzSquare at Fareast (

  5. i love vin… i cannot control my sanity… GAY 4 LIFE OMG (HUG )

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