Posted by: tsubaki | October 7, 2009

Intense Abyss Raid!


Today we had one of our longest and largest raid in the abyss. A 24-men (and not forgetting our girls!) alliance that fought against the Elyos zerg near the Siel Western Fortress. We pushed them back all the way till their tower on the other island (Twilight Battlefield), and this went on back and forth.

Even though we were heavily outnumbered, we outmaneuver the enemy a few times and broke thru their ranks with very well coordinated attacks. To be honest, for such a big group we were very efficient, attacking as one and we held our ground well.

Our templars kept the heat on by pulling critical players on the other side to their death before our DPSers. Targets that were marked were quickly killed. Members that went down were quickly brought back into the fray.


After more than 2 hours of fighting, everyone got tired and it gradually died off. We then went on to control 3 artifacts before ending off with a group photo-


And these are the Yakisoba members that participated in today’s raid. We scored at least 400 kills today in just this raid. This also pushed our total AP and allowed us to return back to 5th place in the server.

Wished I have more time to report all the little events that our guild organizes… but grinding takes precendence!


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