Posted by: tsubaki | October 24, 2009

Yakisoba’s Recruiting


Yakisoba is now open for recruitment! We have removed our inactives and those who will not returning for the next following month and will need new members to fill up these slots.

If you are looking for a SG-based legion that is semi-hardcore, fun, active and you use/will use ventrilo, then you might be who we are looking for.

Currently we are ONLY looking for Lvl 30+ players who are either

1. Assassins
2. Chanters
3. Rangers FULL
4. Sorcs FULL

Please post your application on our forums, which can be found here, and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you!



  1. im a templar..referred by sayaotonashi who is also in yakisoba

    • Fill out an application in the forums 🙂

  2. I grouped with Chohan this evening. Really liked her easy style, stellar healing and awesome attitude. Am a female who plays with husband and best friend and love the game. Just lonely on our own. Am sure Cho can attest to CC abilities as I note Sorc is FULL!!! I’m worth it!

  3. Well you can try applying in the forums, it would be worth a shot.

  4. don’t bother to join yaki. most of the time less than 15 players online. if have most of the higher level are too busy to help out anyway+they making fun of you when you asking for help/advise. already few members left and i’m the latest one. imagine asking for help and you get “ninja for dummies” and “gliding for dummies” replies. funny? already died few times trying to get to the npc at bakarma yet that is how they responsed. really pro legion!

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