Posted by: tsubaki | February 23, 2011

Yakisoba @ RIFT

Jesus, this blog is so damn dusty.

Well hello people! Time for a major major update. It’s been a while since we carried the Yakisoba banner. After we quit Aion some of us went to play WoW, but instead we joined another guild.

But right now we have a new home to move into, and this time it is RIFT. It’s a crossbred between WOW and WAR, and thrown in rifts as an interesting dynamic gameplay. There’s also a very interesting soul system which you can mix up to 3 of 8 souls for your respective classes to form different builds. This game probably breaks the usual typeset: rouges have tanking souls, mages have healings souls, clerics have melee and range dps souls, etc etc. And they do their jobs pretty effectively.

Former Yakisoba members, if you are looking for a new game to play, you can join us in this. The core team will be playing (myself, testarossa, kongbakpao and niyol) and we hope to form a casual yet active afterwork guild that does PVP and Rift Raidings.

So do you homework, and quickly preorder now. The game starts 1st March, but headstart for preorders will start this Friday, 2am GMT +8 (SG/MY)


We will be rolling DEFIANT on Briarcliff PvP server.


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