Posted by: tsubaki | February 25, 2011

Can’t enter the RIFT

Here’s a major QQ-post about rift.

It’s 5 hours into the game, at the moment the highest level member in the guild is Lvl 2. Everyone else who woke up early to play the game is stuck on the incrediblely long queue. Massive QQ-ing on the forums, facebook and twitter. A lot of angry people. We’re also tired of people trying to defend Trion by saying it’s normal, because it isn’t. We have been playing a lot of head starts and this 2-4 hours queue just takes the cake. Period.

If Trion knew that there are 1 million subscriptions, they should have expected the numbers.

Sure, it’s nice gesture for them to open more servers now, but that’s just knee jerk reaction. And not to mention that in months to come, those newer servers will slowly die off one by one and then the whole “need to merge” shit happens and when you know it, the game is dead. Just like the other MMOs who have tried and failed. Most guilds/groups of friends have already decided on a server and to move everyone to a new server requires major communication, and more queuing. Good luck in retaining the guilds when they quit in mass numbers.

I guess the fact that most of us are just treating RIFT as a filler game to the other titles. It’s not gonna last unless by some magic patch the game is so soul sucking at the end.

TLDR: I am still patching.


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