Posted by: tsubaki | March 20, 2012

Yakisoba’s next MMO home: Guild Wars 2

The game that we have been waiting for years is finally coming soon.

And we are very very very impressed with what Guild Wars 2 has to offer us- personal stories, dynamic events, no holy trinity, skill-based combat, WvWvW, Competitive PVP, and a whole bunch of innovation that no MMORPG can rival. We are definitely set to make Guild Wars 2 our next home, and hopefully it will hold us as long as we can. We’ve been hopping around from MMORPGs to MMORPGs simply because they just aren’t that fun, not since our golden days in Granado Espada. But I guess the hoping around is a good thing too, since we’ve picked up new players along the way to join our family of gamers.

So if you’re looking for a SG/MY Guild Wars 2 guild that has a core team of seasoned players (we don’t dare to call ourselves hardcore players anymore, now that most of us are working/uni/etc) that has been playing together for 8 years and counting, join us! We plan to do a lot of PVE, WvWvW and PvP! We are most active on our facebook group, where it’s updated daily with all kind of gaming related talk.


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