Posted by: tsubaki | April 11, 2012

Yakisoba recruiting new members for Guild Wars 2

Yakisoba is recruiting new members to join our ranks in Guild Wars 2!

We are a SG/MY gaming guild that has been around since 2007. We have played various games together, from Granado Espada, Aion, Rift, Dragon Nest, etc  to even FPS games like Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 3. We have a very tight community of gamers, and we know each other like family. Most of us have met up in gatherings outside the internet. We are former hardcore gamers, but due to real life commitments, we no longer claim to be hardcore, though whatever free time we have we tend to go all out!

Guild Wars 2 is our next MMO that we will call home, and this game looks like a keeper. So we’re looking for players who are interested to be a part of our family of gamers. We only have 2 simple request from all our members, be part of our facebook group (we no longer use our forums; social networking ftw) and also use our VOIP, mumble (click link to download).

We also understand that in Guild Wars 2 players are allowed to join multiple guilds. We do not mind if our members are part of multiple guilds, but as long as you are contributing actively (ie influence points) to the guild, you will be part of the core team.

Do apply by requesting to join our Facebook group and also fill up your IGN/game edition on our rollcall here!

Tsubaki, Leader of Yakisoba



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