About Yakisoba

New to Yakisoba? Not sure how what this guild is about? Then you are at the right page to learn everything about the guild. If you have been sent here, it means you are a new member applying for Guild Wars 2.

Yakisoba’s Granado Espada faction emblem

(Will update once we have a new one in Guild Wars 2)

Yakisoba (ヤキソバ) is the name for Japanese fried noodles.

About Yakisoba

We are a SG/MY gaming guild that has been around since 2007. We have played various games together, from Granado Espada, Cabal Online (SEA), Atlantica Online (Global), Dragonica (SEA), Aion, Rift, Dragon Nest, etc  to even FPS games like Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 3. We have a very tight community of gamers, and we know each other like family. Most of us have met up in gatherings outside the internet. We are former hardcore gamers, but due to real life commitments, we no longer claim to be hardcore, though whatever free time we have we tend to go all out!

Our playing hours for Guild Wars 2 are probably after working hours on weekdays and the whole day on weekends, public holidays and whatever free time we can squeeze out from our real life commitments! But fret not, we do not have any strict rules on how many hours you must commit to the guild. Think of us as a collective of seasoned gamers, rather than a typical standard guild.

About Guild Wars 2

I think this thread here is enough to tell you everything you need to know about Guild Wars 2.

Attention: All new members, please fill up your IGN and game edition on our guild rollcall here!! 

What are the things you need to know and have when you join Yakisoba

Leader: Tsubaki

Tsubaki’s running Yakisoba since forever, and is incharge of running all the administration and PR on this blog. Ask him anything!

Vice Leaders: Shader and Testarossa

Shader is incharge of running the mumble server, and does a lot of hosting stuff like minecraft and whatever. He also provides tunnelling for members with poor pings.

Testarossa is… well we’re not quite sure why he’s a vice leader. He’s a useless rich guy who has been evading NS for a long time. hahahaha



Communication is key, and whether or not you are playing a game or just up for chatting, joining our Mumble server is a must! As a gamer, you should own a Mic and Headset at least. If you don’t and need recommendations on what to get, feel free to ask everyone!

There are plenty of rooms created for various games, feel free to use them.

Facebook Group


We no longer use a forum, because it’s an ancient way of communicating and sending out information. Instead, we have use a Facebook group to communicate on a daily basis, post new gaming news and pretty much anything and everything. Need to build a new rig? Having problems with your system? We’ve got lots of members who know their stuff and they can help you. Also using facebook puts a real face and name to our online avatar, and this helps break the ice when we have guild outings and gatherings.

And once you’re into the guild, makes friends and get to know everyone. Help, chat and have fun! That’s all we ask for.

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